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2 days ago

Everyone needs a @bd_koons in their life 👯‍♀️ Our Sunday excursions always make for the best start to the week. Yous a bomb friend gurl ❤️ at Hyde Park, Boise, Idaho

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18 days ago

Friday and International Ladies’ Day all in one 🎉👯‍♀️ Shoutout to all the kind, courageous, and beautiful women in my life - and those all over the world - who refuse to settle for less or diminish their worth, and are unafraid to choose strength on the daily. Keep spreading your amazing souls around 💗 #internationalwomensday

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22 days ago

Safe to say the denim shirt/jacket addiction is goin strong ✌🏼 #happymonday

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2 months ago

“Let me take a cute pic of you drinking coffee. I’ll tell you a joke to make you laugh candidly.” But @bd_koons forgets that I’m awkward and can’t hold back my obnoxiously loud laugh so I just end up spitting my drink out like the classy lady that I am #dayinthelife at Push And Pour

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2 months ago

Boise got big sky views ⛅️ at Boise, Idaho

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2 months ago

The “10 year challenge” is everywhere and I usually don’t pay much attention to this kind of stuff on the internet. But looking back to my own photos, I realized it’s been 10 years since the year my eating disorder set in, and finding out my mom had brain cancer not long after. I’ve talked about it before in detail so I won’t dig into it too much again, but reflecting on it initially makes me so sad for that girl. I threw away my basketball dreams and shrunk myself as much as I could just to see the number on the scale creep down. And even at my lightest – and dangerously unhealthiest – I still felt “big.” But I am so grateful because of where it led me to. That struggle brought me to the point where I wanted to end my own life. I can’t describe how relieved I feel to be out of that all-consuming darkness. I’m thankful beyond words for the strength I found through the Lord to take that sickness down and take life head-on every day. I’m healthy and living fully. And watching myself get physically stronger over time has been mind-blowing. Never thought I’d see the day where I would deadlift over 300 pounds with the same body that I once starved and hated. The grace He gave me then instills a hope in any situation I come against now, and I hope it does for anyone currently struggling with the same thoughts and behaviors. The next 10 years ahead will be good ones, whether a silly challenge on the internet will recognize them or not 💚 at Boise, Idaho

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2 months ago

My two favorite blondes 👯‍♀️ Y’all make me better and brighter and more caffeinated and I wouldn’t have it any other way. at Fort Boise Miltary Reserve

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3 months ago

My New Years goals definitely don’t include cutting my caffeine consumption 😂☕️ Maybe you set goals for 2019. Or maybe you didn’t. Our society is really good at making you feel like you should and feel guilty if you don’t. But honestly, January 1st is arbitrary. There’s no rule book that says you HAVE to know what you want and where you’re heading by the first day of the calendar year. You could start February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, or any day in-between or the rest of the year. Give yourself some grace, take the pressure off, and spend the time that you need to mull things over and pray about it. There’s no reason to rush yourself into certain pursuits that may not even be what’s meant for you. If you don’t have big, audacious goals, start small. Try something new. Talk to someone you see every day but don’t know super well. Pick up a new book and read 5-10 pages a day. Find a new recipe to try. There are no rules when it comes to expanding your horizons and living an abundant life. Despite what this world may tell you, even the little things bring joy.

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3 months ago

Ringing in the New Year right with lots of laughs and awkward photos 🥳 #2019

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3 months ago

Good ol’ 2018. You were an interesting one. I’m finally feeling settled and loving my new home, my gym family, my church, exploring the outdoors of Idaho, and making new friends. God brought people into my life who I needed to walk with me, guide me, make me laugh, and help teach me hard lessons. He redeemed some missteps and answered prayers/questions I’ve been waiting on for a long time. The biggest blessing truly was in the messy stuff; each time they refined me and showed me areas of my heart and mind that still need work. And a lot of that will continue into 2019, letting go of burdens, fears, and thought patterns that have been around for too long...and hit some new PRs in SBD too 🙌🏼 I am expectant and eager for what the next 12 months have in store, and I hope everyone else is too. If this year was hard for you, remember that there is a purpose for everything and grace for mistakes. We’re not guaranteed an easy life, but it’s our job to remain faithful and remember that in the big picture it’s about something so much bigger and more glorious than ourselves. It’s a short one so live, love, and serve well. #HappyNewYear, friends 🎉❤️

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3 months ago

This is our eighth Christmas without my beautiful mom. I miss her all the time, and this time of year it is especially hard. I want nothing more than to see her in the kitchen making ravioli on Christmas Eve, and sip coffee peacefully on the couch as she watches her five rambunctious children and granddaughter open presents. I know there are many people out there dealing with the loss of a loved one. Whether this is the first year without them or the 20th, we can’t help but long for their presence. And I just want to offer some words of encouragement to anyone who may need them right now. I understand the anger, guilt, or just plain sadness that overwhelms us upon losing someone we love. It’s not wrong to have those feelings. But during this holiday season full of jolliness, you can have that too - even in this struggle. God meets us right where we’re at in our pain. At Christmas we ultimately celebrate the birth of Jesus, the light brought into the darkness of this hurting world - and He will do the same for you in your grief. “God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:3-5) There is light in this. God shows love amidst our trials to glorify Him and bless His children who believe in Him. I’ve seen it and felt it over and over, even on the hardest days since mom left us. We may not understand it right now or in this lifetime, but that’s where faith and His fullness come in. As the song goes: “A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” His coming is our hope in all loss and disappointment. Mom is in heaven above with her dad, her sister, and other family, and with the God of all who makes things right, redeems, and brings peace. In this I can rest with beautiful memories, be joyous knowing that I will see her again, and be thankful that I have a God who gave us His son so that we could know light in the bleakest of times. And I will make it clear, I am always open fo anyone who might be going through this and needs someone to talk to.

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