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9 days ago

Red Bull-dozer. Pailolo was messier than last time, but the boys still won and were only a minute or two behind the record they set last year. #RedBullWaa #Kaleilanakilaohawaii #Pailolo

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12 days ago

Happy Birthday Pops! You're one of the few people who can view the world from a lens that lets you see its true beauty. For some reason most people only ever see dollar signs. Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy life always. #JellyLens

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18 days ago

Swipe to see the pano of my first experience with glaciers. Icy blue tables, waterfalls, green lakes, spotted moraine - I never knew such beauty existed. Sometimes it’s good to dry the gills and fly up mauka. Giànakatsi Kathryn for flying us up there 🚁 #Mea’gula #Glacier at British Columbia

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1 month ago

What an experience to see this beautiful nu’un, or grizzly bear, feeding on mussels at low tide. 🐻 Even more beautiful when you know her and her brother’s story (brother not pictured as he was above feeding on berries). She is only three years old; first seen with her mother and brother two summers ago as a year-old cub. Shortly thereafter their mother was killed, presumably from defending her cubs. Miraculously, the next summer the two were seen in the same place they were the summer before - managing to survive their first winter together without their mom. Keep surviving you two ❤️ #Nu’un #Grizzly #Bear at Great Bear Rainforest

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1 month ago

Every other time I’ve seen you it’s been as koholā in Hawaiʻi during the winter.. 🐋 It amazes me how you can inspire different native people an ocean apart, and I’m grateful to have seen you in your summer waters up north. See you in a couple months. at British Columbia

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1 month ago

The we’eux, the master of the skies, the messenger, the traveler between realms 🦅 at Great Bear Rainforest

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2 months ago

It’s shark awareness day! Are you aware of how the inside of a whale shark’s mouth looks? Swipe to see - this guy was so intent on getting fish he didn’t even notice me, I had to dodge and pull my #Aquatech housing out of its mouth several times. It’s awesome to see the numerous rows of small teeth on the upper jaw, although it is unknown how they are used in feeding. The pictured method of feeding involves opening its large mouth to cause a vacuum that sucks nearby plankton or nekton in as they continue to swim through their prey.

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3 months ago

Te tiro atu to kanohi ki tairawhiti ana tera whiti te ra kite ataata ka hinga ki muri kia koe || Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. I’ve always loved this Māori proverb and enjoy learning new tid bits of Polynesian culture. So much knowledge both shared among cultures and individually, it’s amazing. #Maori

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3 months ago

Happy Father’s Day! Pops, thank you for giving me an appreciation for all things big and small in the ocean and in life.

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3 months ago

The aeʻo or Hawaiian stilt is an endangered waterbird that has one of the longest legs relative to its body - there is just as much leg below the water as there is above in this shot.

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4 months ago

Happy #WorldOceanDay!! We can all strive to be more like the Hawaiian cleaner wrasse - taking care of our oceans and keeping apex predators healthy and parasite free. No fear, simply coexistence 💙

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4 months ago

The Green Flash, or as Jules Verne writes: the incomparable tint of liquid jade 💚 #GreenFlash

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4 months ago

Hawaiʻi is more than just pretty views - Beneath the surface of this picturesque scene lies a rich yet solemn history. Visit @kalaupapanps for more insight into some of this view’s history.

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4 months ago

Happy World Turtle Day!! This big mama Loggerhead was taking a break on its way up the beach at midnight to nest.

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