2 days ago

Happy Earth Day!! 🌏🌍🌎 Over 70% of it’s covered by ocean and I’m blessed to be born and raised on an island in the middle of the largest ocean #Hawaii #EarthDay #Mantas

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6 days ago

Red Bull gives you wings to ride mountains #RedBullWaa

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12 days ago

I already miss these 40 ton ballerinas 🐋 Safe travels up north, see you next winter.

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19 days ago

I will take the sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air alive with closed eyes to dash against the darkness.

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27 days ago

Heʻe there buddy, sorry I’ve been so octopied lately. First #TakoTuesday of 2018 🐙💙

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29 days ago

We’ve gotten a lot of rain the past few days.. Some still manage to be cute while they’re soggy and grumpy like this pueo. Others seem irked at being soaked like the ʻio. Then there are those who are usually wet to begin with and seem to enjoy dancing in the rain and surf like the ʻaukuʻu. 🌧🦉

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1 month ago

Happy World Water Day! Take a break from your busy day on land and turn up the volume to escape to my happy place 🌊💦🐋 There’s nothing more serene than watching rain fall on the surface of the ocean from below while a whale sings it’s beautiful song 🎶 The video is slowed down but the audio is real time, no editing. I could feel the whale’s song reverberating in my chest like I was standing next to a speaker at a concert.

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1 month ago

'A'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana || He cannot be caught for he is an ulua fish of the deep ocean. (Said in admiration of a hero or warrior who will not give up without a struggle). #Ulua

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1 month ago

Happy Birthday Angel🐠! I miss you and wish you were here.. Soon 🧡 #MantaMonday

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2 months ago

Good mana following women’s day and SB2079 advancing to the house, we have even more good news: The two entangled manō that we’ve been trying for months to free are BOTH finally FREE! 💙🦈 The weight that has been on my heart since seeing these sisters entangled together last year and failing to cut through either rope despite multiple attempts is finally lifted after seeing them both together again and free. It is illegal to chum and to fish for tiger sharks in West Hawaii, now lets make the purposeful catch and harming of sharks and rays illegal statewide so nothing like this happens again! The first crossover hearing is set for Tuesday, so please go to http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/submittestimony.aspx to submit testimony supporting SB2079! #MalamaMano

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2 months ago

Happy International Women’s Day! I’m lucky and grateful to know so many wonderful wahine both above and below the water that have made me into the person I am today 💙🦈 #Mahalo #MalamaMano

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2 months ago

Manta Monday! #Squadron 🖤 Note the bottoms ray’s missing left cephalic fin and scarred pectoral fins, most likely from fishing gear. To help protect other rays and sharks from purposeful catch and killing in Hawaii please send an email to WAMTestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov with the subject “I support SB 2079”.

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2 months ago

Mai kāpae i ke aʻo a ka makua, aia he ola malaila || Do not set aside the teachings of one’s parents for there is life there 🐋 How lucky to witness a mama koholā demonstrate how to breach and peduncle/tail slap and to see her calf learn and copy the behaviors 💙

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2 months ago

Happy World Whale Day! Check out the old shark bite on this humpback’s pectoral fin 🐋 #Kohola

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