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@justinhermann_  🔱 Arizona State Alumni ▫️Financial Services || Top Producer ▫️Create your own 🇷 🇪 🇦 🇱 🇮 🇹 🇾 📍 From AZ living in Dallas,TX

3 days ago

Grateful to have found a person who sees things from the same perspective. It’s not easy having a boyfriend through college, it’s not easy doing long distance for 7 months but we know it’s worth it! I Love you for who you are! I can’t wait for the years to come! #3years at American Airlines Center

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9 days ago

Eyes on the prize!! Committed to becoming the best version of myself personally and professionally. #75hard is the commitment personally this quarter! DM me for details if you’re trying to make a change. at Dallas, Texas

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13 days ago

We out here! Yesterday when listening to a podcast I heard them say Thursday at 5pm is the half way point of the week 🤯!! For all you doin the most out there let’s get this bread 🍞 as @tracejohnson_ would say!!

4k 45
17 days ago

No better feeling in business then winning with your friends! Shoutout to the whole AZ team! It takes a village to raise a child they say and in our business nothing is achieved without the help and mentorship of amazing people! So much to be grateful for!

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28 days ago

Learn the strategies of being happy and fulfilled. Our emotions dictate the caliber of our life. Become intentional about the emotions you wish you were experiencing. What lights your 🔥🔥 at Dallas, Texas

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1 month ago

We used to dream about playing in a dome like where the Stars and the Mavericks play! As we’ve grown we’ve faced life and what is considered to be reality. One thing we haven’t lost is the ability dream. The dreams have changed but the motivation is the same 🙏🏼 at Dallas, Texas

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1 month ago

Anything worthwhile comes with struggle, hard work & consistency. Be willing to accept temporary pain for permanent happiness. Have a why so big the how doesn’t matter 🔝 at Dallas, Texas

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1 month ago

Sometimes you just have to catch a flight to find out how your friends in San Jose are doing it @kim.jenny38 & @m.neilson. You guys are amazing and we are grateful for your friendship, mentorship and teaching us how to take everything to the next level!! at San Jose, California

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2 months ago

Always had a crazy vision on what life would look like. Not because I believe I’m better then anyone else but because I know it’s possible. at Dallas, Texas

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2 months ago

POSITIVE ATTITUDE - it’s everything. As we progress through our professional careers, I’m sure I’m not alone in recognizing how important having a positive attitude is. I’ve found that when I’m excited about my day and my life it brings up those around me. It’s amazing the energy we feel when moving through our day and the difference it makes telling everyone our day is AMAZING or GREAT ☕️ ➖ #entrepreneur #Business #Texas #Sales #Fitness #Financialservices #bigbusiness #mentor #Dallas #advisor #hustle #marketing #startup #motivation #realestate #money #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #love #businessman #startuplife at Dallas, Texas

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3 months ago

Grateful for this woman!! Almost 3 years in the books now. We started at ASU, have gone through my transition from school to the real world and here in a few months its your turn!! Excited to be in the same state again with you!! Very proud of your accomplishments and love you more than ever!!

4k 36
3 months ago

Yes we can fit into one picture 🇺🇸 Happy Saturday everyone.

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3 months ago

Birds of a feather flock together. Yes Kyle would be considered part of our flock. Shoutout to @kooswest for fitting him in! On a real note though I would do anything for these 3! Proud oldest brother!

3k 18
3 months ago

Getting after it this morning. Been following some @musclepharm workouts the past few weeks and noticing a difference. at Dallas, Texas

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3 months ago

Just a bunch of Arizona transplants running these Dallas streets ✊🏼 at Bottled Blonde Dallas

3k 26
3 months ago

“This is not a stop watch shit ain’t ever stop”. 2019 is here!! Some of us will talk others will act!! 2020 will tell☕️💥

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4 months ago

Some people are fortunate to be extremely talented - I admire those people. I’ve learned throughout the course of my life that my consistent focus and efforts to get better daily will force the result I’m seeking. Life isn’t a sprint, there is no finish line, & I choose to consistently become a better version of myself because I love the process. Video cred: @jaayfromthegram

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