9 hours ago

“When I’m tired nothing helps me more than sitting in Times Square and enjoying a nice COCA COLA ADVERTISEMENT.” @cocacola please give me money. I’ve advertised for you. Your struggling business needed this. at Times Square, New York City

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1 day ago

Grounds for divorce.

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3 days ago

Happy to announce I lost my @chipotle virginity today. 💜 🌯 The perfect Valentine. They treated me with respect and love. 10/10 would inhale again/ make love to chipotle and not use protection. at Chipotle Mexican Grill

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4 days ago

I’m shhhtate side in New York City! 😃🇺🇸 Over here for @JOE.ie interviewing @bandpicturethis as they launch their new album #MDRNLV at the top of the Empire State Building. Ryan’s t-shirt looks like it’s reaffirming the “Cop on to yourself” message on my jumper here. Full interview up on JOE next week! at New York, New York

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7 days ago

The two possible reactions when you hear you have to drink 13% beer... We tried some Minnesota Beers on @thetrychannel . Check it out over on Youtube now! Big shout out to the Moist Boys too and their brewing xo . @modistbrewing

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8 days ago

Still can’t believe Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson saw and ENJOYED my “Rock Collection” puns whilst I was dressed with my head looking like a Christmas tree... Check out the full #TheBigReviewski on JOE YouTube now for lots more puns and shenanigans! @therock

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12 days ago

14 years ago Don Conroy showed my drawing on The Den and I got sent a Den jumper. Today I found that jumper and dear god the nostalgia!! 😭 The Den was a central part of every Irish child’s life. Kids today will never know The Morbegs or Dustin & Socky. BRING BACK THE DEN. . @rteone @rte2 at Memory Lane

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13 days ago

...Is this part 1 of 6 or something?

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16 days ago

She was some woman St. Brigid. I still have a brown withered one at home. #StBrigidsDay

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17 days ago

Great craic shooting #TheBigReviewski show in JOE tonight! 3 weeks in and I’m still super excited by our big red chairs... Catch the full episode on JOE tomorrow! Credit to my cameraman: @roarecashin 📸 👏 at JOE.ie

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18 days ago

I’m gonna stop you right there. It’s a no from me.

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24 days ago

My top tip this January. Who said salads had to be boring.

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