1 day ago

Because I'm a nerd, studio overview video coming soon to my YouTube channel 🖖

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13 days ago

When a sound design element sticks out a little too much, sometimes a little formant shift does the job instead of a traditional EQ. Awesome plugin by @soundtoys

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1 month ago

Incredible show from Coldplay in Cardiff the other night 👏

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2 months ago

Gloomy tower 📡

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2 months ago

Dream monitors. Now to put these in a corner to burn in for the next 20 hours!

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3 months ago


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4 months ago

So incredible to watch all these talented people bringing my music to life - this kind of sound will never be achieved fully with samples. Next up is the mix!

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4 months ago

Tristan Noon sorting my ridiculous Cubase sessions into playable scores. Orchestral sessions next week!

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4 months ago


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4 months ago


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5 months ago

A huge privelege to be a part of the team telling the story of @jespervesterstroem and his dad through such a beautiful film. Link in bio and score coming soon! 🌊

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5 months ago

Working on a palette of custom libraries. Inspired by Harry Gregson-Williams and Hybrid's work on Unstoppable for this one

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5 months ago

One of my favourite pieces of work for my friend @andrew.studer in 2014. Would be fun to remaster some of these older tracks at some point!

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5 months ago

Sweden, November 2016

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6 months ago

With @jotto_ in the studio today. Excited to share!

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6 months ago

Found this shot from around 2009 of me sat at the Neve in Angel (haircut on point). I remember I demolished that tub of biscuits on the table and had a go on the Steinway over lunch break. Good times

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6 months ago

Chaos in the studio installing the new PC. So far so good...

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