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being in a city can have its perks but sometimes the hustle and bustle becomes too much. i’m looking forward to checking out to check back in as i like to say this upcoming week. .. . catch me tomorrow for a sunday am vinyasa flow at @satoriyogastudio at 10:30am. this will be my last class until next saturday! .. . see you soon, 🇲🇽 (also another plug for finding steadiness and ease: an evening of restoration with me and @jackworkmanyoga on june 28th at @lovestoryyoga—check out to check back in)! : 📷 by @che.holts at Love Story Yoga

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Constantly moving, going from place to place, with no time to slow down? If this sounds like you, you know it catches up with you. It’s not until when illness, injury, or burnout happens that you’re forced to take time to check in with yourself and and just be. .. . Restorative yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and Yoga Nidra can offer a recalibrating balance to all of the go-go-go and constant demands of day-to-day life. This 90-minute practice will explore many of the deeply soothing and restorative avenues of the yoga practice. These practices are a wonderful compliment to the more vigorous and athletic style of vinyasa yoga. In alignment with yogic philosophy and methodology, we will use the tools of these practices to help you cultivate optimal ease and steadiness in mind and body. .. . Join me and @jackworkmanyoga for an evening of restorative practices with plenty of hands-on love on June 28th from 7-8:30pm at @lovestoryyoga. Link in bio for more information and to register, and hope to see you there! : 📷 by @che.holts at Love Story Yoga

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“Hey men, it’s possible the abortion your female partner had was traumatic and painful for you. Or maybe it wasn’t. It’s likely you felt sad, conflicted, or guilty, and perhaps you still think about that from time to time. So I wonder, in these moments of abortion rollbacks in our country, do you think about your personal experience with abortion? Do you think about your role in impregnating someone, and your own privilege of having access to that abortion? Have you considered if you have taken that abortion access for granted? Have you told anyone about the abortion your partner had? Have you considered that without access to abortion you would never have been able to keep that pregnancy a secret? That your life would be unequivocally different? And have you considered that without your access to abortion your partner may have died attempting to perform one herself? Or that she could have miscarried and then been criminally charged for that miscarriage? .. . Your privilege as a man allows you to keep quiet about this because it’s not your body, but we don’t have that luxury. We don’t have that luxury because without access to legal abortions we will die trying to have them anyway. Now, imagine if that was you. Literally you. Not a hypothetical you. Not your mother or your sister or your daughter. Literally you. Imagine if you were the one performing an illegal abortion on yourself and risking death because someone told you that your need to have this abortion did not hold enough value to how they hypothetically feel about the subject- completely dismissing your health, your body, your feelings, your autonomy. Now you exist in a world without free will. (But don’t worry, when you die, your corpse will have more autonomy than you will alive so at least you have that to look forward to.) .. . Don’t leave this up to us to share our stories and remain silent while we scream our abortions. We don’t have the luxury of staying silent. Imagine if you didn’t, either.” — annika mossberg .. . if you’re not mad by now, you should be. shame to alabama, shame on governor ivey. they have effectively told all women that our lives don’t matter and we have no right to autonomy. at Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial

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4 days ago

“if you look at your circle and don’t get inspired, you don’t have a circle. you have a cage.” —nipsey hussle : 📷 by @che.holts at Alonzo King LINES Ballet

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i wrote about the concepts of high-level and low-level suffering, and how i see that applied in real life and towards my depression journey. have a read on @medium and via the link in my bio. : 📷 @che.holts at Alonzo King LINES Ballet

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to all the mothers, mother-figures, some of our greatest teachers; those who are with us physically, far away; those who our relationships are strong, distant, close, or strained; those who were the first to show us true love: there aren’t enough words in any language to describe the gratitude and appreciation for all that you’ve done, will do—from the diapers, to the laundry, to the dinners, to the talks of body changes, heartbreaks, drama of friends, and everything else in between—mothers are the ones who hold up the world for us. .. . happy mother’s day, however it means to you. 💕

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12 days ago

your own internal dialogue is your relationship with yourself. this is comprised of three parts: 1️⃣ how your speak to yourself reflects your reality and thinking—which may not necessarily reflect actual reality 2️⃣ internal speech can remain the same for years, becoming cyclical. this gives way for difficulty in challenging thought or changing as it is deeply embedded. 3️⃣ it exists only in your mind, impermeable to outside influence. .. . all this said, intrapersonal communication is just as important and valuable as interpersonal communication. what’s going on internally right now? : 📷 by @mauriceberbano at Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial

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truth is a matter of perspective. perspective is the willingness to see another reason (or reasons) acknowledging your own biases. irrespective of perspective and biases, the truth transcends. : 📷 by @youngmoneyjazzmoney at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

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✨ upcoming workshops .. . may 14, slow flow + reiki pop-up with @flokolsk from 7-8:30pm. hosted at @satoriyogastudio with limited space! take time to reset, move to a juicy slow flow, receive all the 🖐🏼-on love from us with reiki from lauren! we will bring essential oils with us too for a sublime experience 😌 .. . june 28, finding steadiness and ease: an evening of restoration with me + @jackworkmanyoga from 7-8:30pm. hosted at @lovestoryyoga and signups are live. join us for pranayama, nidra, and gentle, restorative yoga for ultimate relaxation. .. . need more info? tap on the link in bio or message me or my partners! hope to see you there. : 📷 first two snapped by @che.holts at San Francisco, California

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recalling a time in my life i am proud of, i thought of college. i had to take two semesters off for hospitalizations, and this meant i would fall behind. i took all the classes i could to stay current with my credits; online classes, winter school, summer school, community name it, i did it. .. . in the end, i still graduated on time within four years. two semesters would’ve put me a year behind. i graduated with a minor, which meant i took on a responsibility to fulfill more credits. writing this now it seems that i might value acknowledgement more (ie look what i did) but i actually value accomplishment more. it would’ve been so easy to quit school altogether or to gain credits without the internal pressure, but when you’re driven, you’ve got the momentum going. .. . i don’t care about people knowing what i’ve done and seek their recognition. i care about setting goals for myself and crushing them. if you’re with me to share the success, all the better. .. . when you think of something you’re proud of, what matters more to you? acknowledgement or accomplishment? : 📷 @che.holts behind the lens (he’s rad—work with him!) at Alonzo King LINES Ballet

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18 days ago

when someone tells a blatant lie about you, do you: . a. confront them, clarify the falsity b. let it go c. examine the context, then decide between a or b d. see that it was told purely for self-preservation and go from there .. . what do you value more? standing up for yourself? or maintaining peace—outwardly? to clarify: in this context, this is when you hear it from the source, within earshot. .. . we’re all liars. statistically, we tell about 2 lies at a minimum, either to ourselves or to others. lying happens whether you want it to or not. : 📷 by @iseidthat at Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu

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may is asian pacific american heritage month. it’s a time to celebrate, remember, and learn about the contributions and impact of asian americans and pacific islanders had on the united states. .. . this is a photo of my paternal grandmother sitting with her brothers in san diego. she was born in 1911 and grew up into a time with anti-chinese sentiment and racism. she received an education, it is said she was the first asian woman to graduate from san diego state, became involved in church (and was the first organist), and raised my two aunts, uncle, and father. her involvement with the chinese mission (later chinese community church) influenced my dad’s involvement. i have memories of growing up with both chinese and taiwanese cultures from both of my parents. .. . i am proud of my has given me 茶叶蛋 🥚, matriarchy, a strong sense of family, a rich language, and strong identity. : 📷 from at San Diego, California

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our lives are full of suffering and it will continue up until we die. i never really understood this until returning home. .. . i’ve returned home to better understand my depression and answer whether this is a lifelong ailment or a period exacerbated by different life events. and the truth is, is i don’t know. i’m not sure when i’ll know. i do have a better grasp on suffering, and how we make choices that dictate how we suffer (this is not to discount the small minority afflicted by depression whose brain chemistry forces them to be in a constant state of suffering). .. . my grandfather is dying. there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, or to buy him more time. he is suffering, my family is suffering, but ultimately his death will be liberation and freedom from his suffering. all of us who will live on will suffer after, whether that be short-lived or longer. but we can all choose the duration of said suffering. .. . i am not being dismissive of any feelings that arise as they are always valid and an uncontrollable response to your environment—but we can have low-level or high-level suffering in the sense that we have the power to dictate how the suffering will end. : 📷 by @che.holts at Hawk Hill

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🆕 class alert! .. . i will be teaching the 10:45am class on mondays and wednesdays at @yogatreesf castro starting 5/13. excited to join the castro community! : 📷 by brandon jernigan at Hawk Hill

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