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3 hours ago

My badass girl with my lucky shirt that I purchased when I was 20 walking through Ireland. Now it’s her lucky shirt, torn and worldly and survived. It’s not mine anymore. I can tell by the way she wears it. I don’t know when that happened but it did. It works like that with your kids: they utilize what you cultivate. And it will happen with their kids. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your child while they utilize that thing you had or knew you were creating for a reason you just didn’t know exactly why. Most of what I think is mine, is now theirs. My heart first, then all the rest of it. #loveda @edenbrolin

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3 days ago

[metaphorically] “So we shall let the readers answer this question for themselves: who are the happier, he/she who has braved the storm of life and lived or those who have stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” — Hunter S. Thompson @brianbowensmith @willsmith

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6 days ago

There’s no day that stands out more than any other when it comes to my awe and love for you. You’re it for me. You are the root at the edge of the cliff I caught and there we are hanging out with that view thousands of feet up baby squished between us taking it all in. You are my sunrise, morning, twilight and star studded “bible black” nighttime. You are my multi-vitamin. You are my Anais prosean goddess. My defibrillator. I love you today almost as much as tomorrow and a little more than yesterday. #jbkbstucktogether #happyvalentinesday Thank you @brianbowensmith Love you too, brother ❤️💪 @kathrynbrolin

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6 days ago

Another adventure: “Dune” with Denis Villeneuve. The last was “Sicario”. Another adventure with Bautista. The last was “Infinity War”. Another adventure with Bardem. The last was “No Country for Old Men”. Brolin, Bautista, Bardem. Hahaha. Sounds bloody ominous. #dune

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8 days ago

This is what I feel my relationship with life has always been. It hasn’t always worked out so seamlessly in that what looks like impending disaster turns into a raucous dance of giggles. No, sometimes I’ve been horned right through the gut. But for the most part I have been blessed, deeply blessed by the people in my life. Those people who bring color and humor and passion and tap into a love that doesn’t care what judgments may follow its manifestations. In 51 years I have learned one thing: life is short so live it wildly and deeply when you can. And when you can help someone live a moment that they might not be able, for whatever reasons, to see at that particular moment, help them. We are a blip in time. This blip has been kind to me. And I hope that, for the rest of my days, I do well in paying back my debt to its kindness. As I sent my mother flowers every year on my birthday, I repeat: Thank you, mom, for this opportunity to live a life as colorful as you taught me to perceive it. Love you. ❤️✊️ Your Josh

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9 days ago

What’s it if it’s not open to question?Don’t paint is what Khrushchev said to Neizvestny (but in secret he befriended him, adored him). Why did this song resonate most? Question. Was Bob Dylan a bum? #Repost @failunfailunmefailun ・・・ This is Art... Don’t catch you painting up ... . The Lovers 2, 1928 by Rene Magritte . (Artist @failunfailunmefailun) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #art #drawing #painting #childishgambino #creative #thisisamerica #failunfailunmefailun #magritte @childishgambino #grammys

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11 days ago

James Dean. East of Eden you roamed through 50’s New York then LA and they found your adolescence ripe and so sweet spotted between gruff and softly existential. You danced and were cut by knives. You loved Pier deeply but were too young to know it wouldn’t come again. We’ve had our cools here and there but none since humanity decided that being was better than doing. More than once you prompted me to fly through hundred degree deserts shirtless on a Harley, or soar through NY alleywayed on winged booze when it worked, and philosophize each kernel the day after. I still step out acres on the ranch with your stride. Happy Birthday. Settled, and square toed.

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12 days ago

Next time I hear an actor with an opinion I’m going to shut him up with these. I’m first. #ronaldreagan #agift

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13 days ago

No bull, it’s astounding to me the heights these digital geniuses were able to reach beyond given their tenacity, work ethic, imaginations, and downright innate inability to take ‘good enough’ as part of their vocabulary make up. With this film and character there is no doubt that you are the best there is. Congratulations to all VFX and SFX participants involved. #teamthanos #anoscarhasneverbeensodeserved

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15 days ago

I stand behind the absolute fact that there is no performance this year that can touch this kid’s. Nobody even comes close. #oscarsnub #totalconviction #method

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