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9 days ago

Someone finally let me in. The knocks on the door rang heavily against pale red knuckles. Bones crinkling against hollow boards a shifty locking mechanism that seems as old as the stars that made up my flesh. Someone finally let me in. Cold hardwood floors in the summer I’ll never see but the dirt from grey subway seats traverse my carpet repeatedly. Saying nothing at all, I colored my hair only to figure no one’s looking for pale face, dark eyes & light skin. I bought a shirt for one whole dollar but every time I wear it, I wear you again. Someone finally let me in. I read through an old notebook all the while thinking of blank sheets I haven’t written on yet. Looked in to a looking glass to see if I could shatter I saw nothing except blackness because I had left on the cover. Then I put the tea on, for us. I sat on a dirty bench just to see if the paint would chip— it didn’t so I left my destructive plans to rest against a peace that passes understanding. I don’t understand that phrase, yet I know the feeling. I could eat because I’m always hungry, but instead I’ll stick to my water & coffee. I think a lot about the cracks on the palm of my hand, I don’t think I’ve washed you free. Capitalized my “i” again, someone finally let me in. ——— You Won’t Understand (yet I wrote it anyway) at Bushwick, Brooklyn

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10 days ago

If someone tells you “you can’t change in a day”, do you believe them? Last Saturday something clicked inside me. My past no longer rode shot-gun beside me. I could live freely without fear, I changed in a day, just by having a listening ear. It’s so hard to determine what’s left & what’s right—when it seems like my whole life people have walked out on me whether by death, by choice, or by a silent killing—they each trickled goodbyes. Important people, people I still love. People I still scream my petty cracked throat to above. But, that’s not true—look at all the people still with you. My baby, Mama & Daddy, Mimi-my best friend-my brother, my sister & their two children. Living in the past is a trap, you wear the glasses & rip open the sores from beatings on your back. Some of those lashes you dug in yourself, some people left them without knowing how to help. It’s okay, it’s alright—since this past Saturday I’ve finally been sleeping at night. I let go, I became free—I can stand in the shower without crying. All this—look at that girl. Many, many moons ago she was kinda, very hurt. She kept it all bottled inside, letting her assumptions make decisions—a bad guide. Being trusting is hard, but being trustworthy is legit—you can’t run around your whole life remembering what they did. That’s on them!!! That’s what they chose. You can stand proudly without hiding your prose. You can smile & get wrinkles for the rest of your life, you need not live in the past— Run towards the light!!! The light will free you as it’s the Creator’s choice of illumination. She gave you a moral compass so it could sustain you, not to break you, not to restrain you...but to let you know— Girl, you’re quite different than anyone else they’ll ever know. ————— I used to hate her. Now I look back & see, I’m so blessed, I’m so happy. Even then—when I wanted to die— I kept going... & now look how I fly. 🌱 #myturn at New Orleans City Park

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18 days ago

This is personal. ——————— Everyone deserves to be loved. Especially those who do not deserve it. at Garden Hills

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20 days ago

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul She keeps & if I cry upon my wake Hate will not steal my joy today ————— Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness at Brooklyn, New York

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23 days ago

I just keep to myself these days, I’m not fading— I don’t like the games everyone is playing. Put on a facade then treat me like shit, cause I’m the friend that tells you the real business. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to, I used to lie a lot but now I just refuse. So, I sit quietly & observe, how y’all act quite absurd— for “clout” or whatever or more likes if IG & FB got deleted would you still be able to sleep at night? I’m so disgusted with this throw away culture, you deny environmental strain, when giraffes are now almost just a dream in your brain. You don’t care, running around like a dead chicken with no direction, your hypothalamus is there but your head is disconnected. I’m tired of defending myself, I’m tired of fake friends, I’m tired of making appointments that never come to fruition. So, please leave me alone, unless you want to pay me for my services, I’m fuckin’ going home. I value myself & I know my worth, only because I used to eat dirt. The dirt I dug from the holes in my soul, when I used to care about other people’s goals. I realize everyone is a user, but how do we differentiate between the wheat & the chaff? At least I can still throw my head back & laugh, life is tough but I’ve always bounced back— from a white-extremist ex-husband, abusers & tainted love, I’m a Phoenix from my ashes, I’ve risen above. I refuse to let my past define me, or the World Wide Web, I think it’s sad that I used to let all your opinions & all your thoughts cluster me up like “What have I done!?” —y’all don’t know me & mostly never will because you’re content with taking the blue pill. My vibrations are higher now that I’ve rested, that I took time to understand the heart I’ve been blessed with. This is not an attack— I just wanted to say real life is the best & the Internet is whack. at Bushwick, Brooklyn

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25 days ago

I could write a million captions. Would you read it? Are you listening? I don’t know—anything, actually. But, if I do know nothing at all, I do know one thing: Love is the answer. 💛 at Brooklyn, New York

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1 month ago

i’ll cook for us anytime you want to eat dinner in the park. 💛🌳☀️ #ss at Frankie Allen Park

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1 month ago

i could write a million pieces but all it boils down to: That ain’t me anymore. Never was. I was trying to break free. Eyes were shadowed so we couldn’t see. I’m finally free. Me recognizes me. How holy, full of Grace never thought i’d see the day where you & me came back to stay it’s strength to know you have a heart again. it’s courage to be my own & patient friend. never meant to be a blur, but now i harness the power to disappear at any time it’s the Brown G-d’s eye replaced in my third eye you will not snag me walking by this i cry this i cry: My vibrations have changed, will you all always remain the same? Take my hand, call my name. How holy, full of Grace took my blur to return my face ————— A Girl Will Know Her Face Again #flashbackfriday at Gasa Gasa

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1 month ago

i am the mirror! (she screamed, punching the reflect cause she hates what she seen) why, why am i me? i lament every day as i used to be queen blood, & anger yelling & strife brought all this hardly not hard times in my life ————— I am the mirror! (she sang, as they watched her arms dance on the walls of Time’s clock) why, why, I am me! I thank everyday my muddy eyes seen the green of the grass & the blue of my seas I’m finally free! I’m finally free! at That Way

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1 month ago

so this dude is hilarious... he said: “we’re so skinny when we walk by we look like 11” 😂1️⃣1️⃣ “if we rub together too fast we’ll start a fire” 🔥😇 ok, Sweets, whatever you say!🍬🍩🍭 at Cafe Sunflower Buckhead

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1 month ago

I could write a bunch of melancholy, in cypher text but you don’t read this anymore, or before, I think or actually, I really don’t know. I wanna fade away into an oily canvas, let my heart stains drip on to my next calculated risk. It’s working so far & I like it. However, I’d like for you to keep quiet in the corners of my mind. I guess you own that place now, I’m not sure I can evict you. I guess you still play the quiet game like when I was constantly with you. I’d like to have my mind back & hang my art in piece, peacefully. I have faith like a mustard seed but my logic tells me this, I cannot get rid of you. You now exist in me somehow & it makes total sense. I am a Leo to my bone’s core but my moons whisper this: Let it all go, you don’t deserve the pits. Let it all go, you are better than quits. Let it all go, you’ve another boulevard to traipse, one with lazy, daisy days, amongst the sunny rays, where we travaille. - My boulevard’s not lonely. Cause I’m on the street where we live. ☔️ at Piedmont Park ATL

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