6 days ago

When Karlie Kloss throws you a smile (not shown here) and then Jared Kushner’s brother throws you the “if you take another photo I’m going to break your camera” look... Photographed the finishing of a new Torah for NYU at @strandbookstore last night. at Strand Book Store

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3 months ago

Today marks 5 years with @mhslowikowski! That’s 5 years of her putting up with: (1) My bland (but growing) food pallet (2) Land Rovers (3) My inability to close a shower curtain (4) My inability to share a blanket (5) My inability to watch a movie without falling asleep. (6) My odd photography schedule and photography non-sense (7) My “off” pronunciation of common words (8) Posting embarrassing photos of you.... However, that’s also 5 years of unforgettable adventures, hours in the car together getting to know one another, meeting each other’s friends, and teaching each other new things. #HappyAnniversary

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