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4 days ago

I am back with a quick doodle. Please someone help me out with how to be more regular with ig. Please please!!! For some reason I loose interest sometimes. Guys help! Please comment your suggestions.

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14 days ago

That is basically my favorite thing to draw🌱 #marchpattern

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16 days ago

A very different color combinations I hope you all like it. #marchpattern

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17 days ago

Mah new kind of buttercup pattern. Guys I have tried colors totally out of my comfort. Do lemme know how did you all find it??? #marchpattern

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19 days ago

Guys I was so confused about the colors of this pattern. What do you guys think about the combination? #marchpattern

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20 days ago

Poppies any one?

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21 days ago

So for this month I am going to make all floral patterns, it will give me enough time to practice and make composition I am excited to see my enhanced skills. Yay these patterns are more for practice. #marchpattern

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22 days ago

So my #marchpattern challenge has started and I am going to make a pattern per day. And I hope it looks nice.

460 139 8
24 days ago

It's been sooooooo long that I have embraced my ocean child.

380 13
24 days ago

Tomorrow my #iheartsketchbook challenge is getting over and I have started working on my next challenge for March so stay tuned to know about it.

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28 days ago

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