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@joelharkin  Alt-Folk in Belfast, Northern Ireland ⬇️Rose Water EP⬇️


4 months ago

Happy new year friends! It’s been a lovely year! 2 tours and a wee EP and lots of personal growth! Myself and my good friend @oisinoscolai put together this wee mixtape on Spotify it’s gloomy and beautiful and uplifting if you have time at some stage over the next while, do give it a wee listen it’s very nice! Link in bio. Have a nice day and don’t stay up to late! Love you! 📷 - @aislingnicholla

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5 months ago

I had an absolutely wonderful time opening for @courtneymarieandrews last night in the black box! So so enjoyable to play to a packed room it was class! Today I am going home to Donegal at Convoy, Ireland

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6 months ago

Hi everyone! My EP Rose Water is our RIGHT NOW EVERYWHERE apart from Bandcamp because I have just woken up and you have to do that manually so I’ll get a wee shower and then il sort it out! This EP means a thousand things to me. It is so special to finally have our work out in the real world! I’d like to thank my friends for not ever telling me I talk about the EP and the tour too much, although it is 100 percent all I talk about and also for contributing their musical skills to the recordings I’d be lost without yous @niall_lamh @scottatron5000 @catfishhawkins @therenegademaster @aaron_crowther @halfbap_george and a big huge thanks to @deirdre_anna_rose for the same for always wanting to listen to me jabber on and also for being the best muse known to man! I love writing songs about you and I will do it til the day I die! I hope everyone enjoys the EP as much as we enjoyed putting it together and I hope to see some of your lovely faces somewhere along our tour I love you have a good one and god bless! Xxx at Belfast

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6 months ago

WE’RE GOING ON TOUR Myself and a few of my all time best mates are going to bus it about Ireland and sing songs and tell stories to people in pubs and we’d love for you to be there! 2nd Nov - Belfast 3rd Nov - Derry 4th Nov- Letterkenny 6th Nov - Galway 7th Nov - Dublin 8th Nov - Cork Hit the link in my bio for tickets and to pre save and pre order the EP! at Ireland Island

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6 months ago

It’s happening pals on the 2nd of November we’ll be releasing this little beauty into the world of the internet! It’s name is Rose Water and myself and my mates worked very hard to bring it to life! If you use Spotify you can presave it now by clicking the link in my bio and if you prefer cds well you can preorder the cd now aswell link in the bio! Much love to all can’t wait for yous to hear it! All the best pals! X at Belfast

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7 months ago

Back in Ireland and missing Charlie Harkin at Beach Cabo Roig

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7 months ago

A cute reading a book at Cabo Roig

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7 months ago

I miss my pal

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8 months ago

I’ve spent this summer living with this smol. Next week we are going to spend some time in Spain and when we get back she will be returning to Dublin and I will be very sad. It’s been an incredible summer though and a lovely wee peak into what the future holds! at Phoenix Park

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9 months ago

What’s happening in Belfast isn’t happening anywhere else in the world. What a pleasure it is to be part of this music community @wynonableach @cherymofficial and @thecouth where fantastic I had 1 pear kopperberg and got clean rote she was some night boys I loved it at Belfast Zoo

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9 months ago

I’m playing a wee show in the foundry tonight it’d be great if you could make it I’d really love to see you there it’s been such a long time since we’ve had a proper chat and tonight could be the night so let do it! Take care! All the best! @wynonableach @cherymofficial @thecouth

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10 months ago

A couple of days ago @deirdre_anna_rose and I met David Sedaris after his reading at the national concert hall. We waited 3 and a half hours to have a chat with the fella and get our books signed. It was perfect. He’s the best go and read some of his books it’ll make your life so much better. Whoever said that you shouldn’t meet your heroes couldn’t have known about David. I am happy I am happy I am so very very happy. at Phoenix Park

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10 months ago

Last week I went for a wee jaunt down the town with @betsybailieart to do a bit of chatting and get my picture taken. It was a lovely lovely day! Today I’m at home in dear ol Donegal and I’m going to play my acoustic guitar all day long. Polaroid by @betsybailieart at Cathedral Quarter Pub Crawl

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10 months ago

A tiny princess picks wild daisies near the West link at Rise Sculpture

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11 months ago

My best gal @deirdre_anna_rose is more talented, funnier, nicer, lovelier and better looking than everyone else on the planet just so yous all know at Belfast

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11 months ago

‘Makes Me Cry’ t-shirt COMING SOON! Dm me fam. What size you gunna need? I NEEDA KNOW! at The Palm House, Botanic

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11 months ago

I have nothing important to say except for ‘repeal the 8th’ that’s really important #repealthe8th

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