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29 days ago

Hot Shots worked hard this weekend - their hustle and toughness as athletes spoke for itself...πŸ–€ to watch them ball! Took 2nd in the tourney after a weekend of hard work! . #athlete #basketball #hoops #baller #bball #girlboss

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1 month ago

The last couple of months have been CRAZY. IG probably has character limits on the posts so I can’t even start to share....but this week has been a good week. Home gym is slowly being reassembled at the new house and I have been in it for a structured training session 4 of the last 5 days. Tried to get my nutrition on point this week too - I give myself a C grade on that. That will be what I focus on with prep this weekend to move the needle on that this coming week. Feels very good to have invested this time in myself. I needed that! Hunt the good stuff y’all .. it’s there. Some days you have to hunt harder than others, but it is always there. πŸ’™ . . #faithoverfear #athlete #gym #homegym #training #personaltrainer #lift #weights #fit #metime #renew #workhard #loveyourself

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