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7 days ago

Mother mallard. (swipe 👈🏻) . A few stills from some wildlife filming I’ve been working on over the weekend - exciting things to come. Now just to process several hours of video... at Pensthorpe Natural Park

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2 months ago

Picture perfect chairlift views. . I’m currently on my way home from a quick trip to the Alps. Mountain scenery is just the best 👌🏻 at Megève

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3 months ago

Snowy scramblers up Scales Fell. . A fresh dump of powder turned Blencathra into a winter wonderland on Sunday. Heavenly. I didn’t envy these guys exposed on the edge though, the wind was seriously gusting! . (PS. If you zoom in super close, you can see the second guy from the right is really not enjoying the climb 😂) at Lake District National Park

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3 months ago

Misty mornings in Borrowdale valley. . I’m up in the Lakes this weekend for a very quick trip. Today I spent 8 hours in the rain... this was one of the last dry shots I managed to get. I do love moody weather, but I’m definitely hoping for a slightly drier day tomorrow... at Lake District National Park

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3 months ago

Eagle spotting! . These were from a trip to Finland to see bears last year. I got seriously distracted by this amazing bird, one of the most beautiful birds I’ve seen - he was huge! Apparently he’s a juvenile eagle - I think a juvenile white-tailed eagle. I’m no bird watcher (and originally thought he was a buzzard...) so feel free to correct me / teach me! at Finland

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3 months ago

Snow-speckled Trotternish. . Completely jumping on the snowy bandwagon this weekend and revisiting some of last winter’s snow shots. This is a view from the Quiraing - we spent a few hours perched in the snow waiting for the light to come. It didn’t for this shot, but the snow is still pretty nice. at Isle of Skye

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3 months ago

Light & layers. . This is a very old shot from a summer trip to Canada years ago. I vividly remember being blown away by the light and the shapes of the ridges (and also the wind at this viewpoint...). Need to plan another trip there, maybe when there’s some snow on the ground... at The Rockies

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3 months ago

Three of a kind. . This little elephant was really shy - we saw her in a herd of about 10 elephants, she kept weaving in and out of their legs to stay in the shade. at Yala National Park

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3 months ago

Feast for the eyes. . If one thing surprised me about Sri Lanka, it was the number of peacocks. Everywhere. Squawking. Really loudly. Every time of day. They are really beautiful though - we were luck enough to see quite a few males attempting to woo a partner literally by shaking their tail feathers. This one may have been slightly confused about our species... at Sri Lanka

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3 months ago

Layers of grey. . This is from a short trip up to Skye last winter - I loved so many things about Skye and the textures in the landscapes are stunning. Bring back the snow! at Isle of Skye

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3 months ago

Autumn wandering. . This is from a weekend trip to the New Forest last autumn. It was pretty miserable and rained 24hrs for both days, but the forest was still beautiful and had the benefit of being much quieter than usual! at New Forest

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3 months ago

Monkey bars. . This was a very lucky shot through the trees in the grounds of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. A pack of 10-15 monkeys were chasing each other through the dense trees and playfully swinging all over the place. at Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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4 months ago

Halo effect. . Rediscovering some of my older shots in black and white. I always love photographs of bears, but am particularly loving the angle of the light in this one. They’re glowing! at Finland

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4 months ago

Sunset streaks. . A pretty epic sunset over the forest in Martinselkonen, Finland, early last year. at Finland

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4 months ago

Swirling sky. . This is an old shot from a winter’s hike over the Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand. After struggling up the final pitch in crampons, we reached this plateau in the clouds where the wind was whipping them into flowing and circling shapes. at New Zealand

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4 months ago

After the storm. . Here’s one from my favourite UK trip of 2018 - you can’t beat a weekend’s wandering in the lakes. Looking forward to many more adventures in 2019. at The Lake District, Cumbria

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4 months ago

Start of the rut. . This was taken at the start of the rutting season in Richmond, earlier this year. The two stags tentatively checked each other out before locking antlers. at Richmond Park

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4 months ago

Headshot time. . I’ve been sorting out some photos from the year over Christmas and processing some that caught my eye the second time round. I think this guy looks pretty pensive - what do you reckon he’s thinking? at Finland

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