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12 hours ago

Are you a TEAM BLUE 💙 or TEAM GREEN 💚?! Or you just can’t resist both of these gorgeous shades 😏. . Featuring : Indira Bra + MW Leggings Solid in Indigo (Left) and Amala Bra + MW Leggings Solid in Jungle green (Right) at Bali, Indonesia

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3 days ago

A smile a day keeps the Doctor away 🙂. . Wish you all have a good Weekend ahead! ✨. . In frame : Gorgeous @livionara_liu in our Magnificent Bra Tank in Classic black paired up with Medium Waisted Leggings Solid in Jungle green 🖤 at Jakarta, Indonesia

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5 days ago

“The fabric is so soft, it feels like your second skin!”✨ One of many positive feedbacks We received about our Medium Waisted Leggings Solid ❤️. . So wait no more, grab and prove it yourself! There are 5 choices of colors for you to choose - Black, Indigo, Jungle green, Melrose, and Onyx 🌟. . In frame : Amazing yogi @yulianazhuo in Khanti Bra Navy and Medium Waisted Leggings Solid Onyx 🖤 at Perawang, Riau, Indonesia

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7 days ago

You’ll definitely FALL IN LOVE with our❣️Valentine’s Special Sale❣️. . DM /Whatsapp us for any enquiry ❤️

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8 days ago

Beat your ‘Monday blues’ with our Colorful Indira Bras ❤️💙🖤💚💖. . With a pretty back details behind, Indira Bra could easily be your prettiest sports bra 😍 Serve as dual function, Indira Bra could be your normal workout bra or even your bikini top when you are chilling on the beach 👙 What else do you ask for a sports bra? 😏. . DM or Whatsapp us for any enquiry! 🤓 at Bali, Indonesia

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11 days ago

Yeay, It’s FRI-YAY! 😏 May you all have a Sparkling Friday ✨. . Spotted @lijoy92 doing her cat cow variation in our High Waisted Leggings Daisy 🌸 If you are a blue kinda person, you’ll definitelg love the soft blue shade of Daisy leggings 💙 at Jakarta, Indonesia

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12 days ago

In frame : @deli4yoga in our Amala Bra and Medium Waisted Leggings Solid in Jungle green 💚. . Get this beautiful shade of green for yourself now! DM or Whatsapp us for any enquiry ❤️ at Jakarta, Indonesia

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15 days ago

Perfect weather to dip into the pool while enjoying the view of waves crashing against the shore 🌊. . Spotted @yessyyuliani in our Indira Bra in black 🖤 Indira’s pretty details behind make you look gorgeous instantly when you wear it! 😏 at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali

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18 days ago

Looking out for comfortable leggings/pants that feel like your second skin? Look no more! 😏. . Our Medium Waisted Leggings Solid is a staple leggings that every girl has to own in their closet! They are now available in 5 different soft colours : Melrose, Indigo, Jungle green, Onyx, and Black. Come and grab yours now! ✨ at Bali, Indonesia

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20 days ago

In a blink of an eye, We are coming towards the end of the first month of 2019. Time definitely flies 🤔 . Spend your time wisely and devote yourself to what matters ❤️. . Spotted @mars.ppta posing beautifully in our Amala Bra in Khaki and High Waisted Leggings Universe 💙 Thank you for sharing this picture, We are more than happy to be part of your Yoga journey 🙂 at Samarinda

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24 days ago

Introducing our NEWEST color to Indira Bra and Medium Waisted Leggings Solid, 💙✨INDIGO✨ 💙. . We love Indigo so much we think it actually matches Melrose pretty well, don’t you think so too? 😛. . We have size XS-M for Indira Bra and XS-L for the Medium Waisted Leggings Solid ❤️ DM or Whatsapp us for any enquiry! at Bali, Indonesia

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26 days ago

‘Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right’ ✨. . In frame : Gorgeous @sierlywijaya spotted in our best-selling Melrose color (Indira Bra and Medium Waisted Leggings Solid) ❤️. . Both items come with several beautiful colors too! Check them out in our website - the link is in our Bio 😉

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29 days ago

OH it’s Monday! Don’t forget to be Awesome guys 💙. . Featuring @eva_treize casually middle-splitting in our Khanti Bra Navy and High Waisted Leggings Mandala 🤸🏻‍♀️

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

‘Find an exercise you ENJOY and you’ll NEVER have to work out another day in your life.’ ✨. . Featuring : @zhou_cink in our Mantra Crop Top in Black and Medium Waisted Leggings Solid in Onyx 🖤

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1 month ago

Q: What’s better than having good friends? 🤔 A: Having good friends who have the same passions! 😉. . Thank you for sharing this gorgeous picture, @ako_taa & @sierlywijaya! 😘 We love how you rock those bras not only for yoga but also for beach fun time! 😋. . Our bras featured in frame (from left to right) : Amala Bra in Navy - Amala Bra in Khaki - Indira Bra in Red shown from the back ❤️ at Gorontalo

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1 month ago

Relax, Reflect, and Recharge ❤️. . It’s always good to be super active and filled your weekends with lots of fun activities, spend times with your family and friends ❤️ But remember to take sometime yourself to relax your body and mind, to take sometime yourself to reflect on what you’ve done for the past week, and to take sometime yourself to recharge your body and soul for the coming week 😉. . In frame : @sierlywijaya blends so naturally with her surroundings in our Amala Bra and Medium Waisted Solid Leggings in Jungle green 🌱🌿🌳 . Beautiful photo captured by a talented photographer @ardy_ahmaad

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1 month ago

Who else agrees that We’ll never get enough of black outfit?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ aaaand it is always a good choice to pair up with your colorful leggings ❤️ It won’t go wrong, trust me! 😙. . Spotted @livionara_liu in our Magnificent Bra Tank in classic black 🖤, and the flattering V-neck front design, who doesn’t love V-neck? 😉 at Jakarta, Indonesia

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