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12 hours ago

Feels so good to get back to work and see my lovely clients 😊 at Jing's Tattoo

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2 days ago

Sisters’ matching tat, first one since I’m back! Feeling so much energy! Brush stroke 曹 for the family name. Love it! at Jing's Tattoo

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4 days ago

We all should live free in this world, agree? at Jing's Tattoo

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5 days ago

Another “The Creation of Adam” at Jing's Tattoo

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6 days ago

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. good news!!! Jing is flying back today! She will start working soon... (jet lag) lol at Jing's Tattoo

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8 days ago

We should all “live in the moment” and enjoy everyday as our last day. Agree? at Jing's Tattoo

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9 days ago

Throwback to last year, when Jing did a Empire State Building fix. Time pass by so fast... can’t imagine the shop is almost 5 years old... at Jing's Tattoo

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10 days ago

vivre la v;e Hold on guys, Jing is almost back! at Jing's Tattoo

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11 days ago

Who else there is a stick shift fan? at Jing's Tattoo

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12 days ago

Jing is still traveling, so Yida is posting some of her work before she comes back to keep you guys entertained:) at Jing's Tattoo

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14 days ago

Typewriter is one of my favorite font! at Jing's Tattoo

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16 days ago

Be Brave/Love Life Thank you Caitlin for the trust! at Jing's Tattoo

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18 days ago

“I have always wanted this 3 tattoos! So I’ll just get all of them together and they are my very first tattoos!” Me “let’s do it!” at Jing's Tattoo

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20 days ago

Transformation. Thank you Harry for trusting me on the your first tattoo. at Jing's Tattoo

1k 12
21 days ago

Brush stroke—Libra Thank you Derence for getting the third tattoo from me in 3 month! at Jing's Tattoo

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