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It’s @alexhonnold’s birthday. He once told me he preferred that everything he owns could fit in his van. That is to say he doesn’t need anymore stuff. So if you want to give him a gift, donate the money towards his foundation @honnoldfoundation. They do good work in providing solar energy in places of need. Link in stories. Happy birthday Alex!

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2 days ago

Alpine dreamscape...Canadian style. Rock climbing? Alpine climbing? Mixed climbing? It’s all climbing. #wallsaremeantforclimbing @thenorthface Global Climbing Day coming up 8/24. Stay tuned...

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From climbing and ski trips to filming Free Solo, this van has been with me through it all. Stoked to announce my new collaboration with @Turo where it’s available to book for the next month. The van is waiting for someone in Jackson Hole, and I can't wait to see the adventures others take it on. Check it out in my bio link. #ad

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Coastal visions. Indian Ocean at Sri Lanka

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15 days ago

A couple days late but what the hey... Happy belated National Mountain Climbing Day! The act of climbing mountains is often misunderstood. It can mean a lot of different things to different people. The reasons for climbing mountains can be deeply personal or about sharing an incredible experience with your climbing partners. For some it becomes a meditation in being present. Life stripped to the basics - movement through the landscape with purpose. At its most raw, it can be about survival. @conrad_anker has made a career seeking out, exploring and climbing some of the most remote unclimbed walls in the world. Beyond his climbing, he has been a mentor to new generations of climbers and also worked to protect the wild landscapes he loves. But at the end of the day, he still loves climbing. Here in -20f degree temps, he ascends a new 4000ft route on Ulvetanna aka the Wolf’s Fang in Antarctica. Ask him why he’d spend a week on a wall in subzero temps and he might not be able to tell you...but he was surely present and enjoying this moment. @thenorthface

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@jeffjohnson_beyondandback on an outer reef bomb. I met Jeff aka “Sandalwood”, @thetorpedopeople and @the.rabbits.foot over ten years ago when we spent a month together in Chile filming 180 South. It was a life changing trip. We all stayed in touch and talked about doing a surf trip together some day. Ten years later it finally came together. This was my first surf trip w them. This is the first place they take me. Casual. @yeti

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Haven’t been home since April. Missing my Teton vibes...A lot of friends and family rolling through town staying at my house. Glad to have a space for everyone to post up as I’m still in karmic debt for all the people that have put me up over the years...

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Half Dome - Print - Link in bio

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Wall climbing at the end of the earth w my best pal @conrad_anker. I’ve faced some of my heaviest mind riots on big walls...many of them w Conrad. But walls also represent some of the best shared experiences I’ve ever had. Lucky to do what I do and to do it w friends like Conrad. 🙏🏼 Global Climbing Day coming up soon August 24... #wallsaremeantforclimbing @thenorthface at Antarctica

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