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3 days ago

Here are SOME of mine: 1. Experience as much as you can. 2. Don’t short change your potential. 3. Take time for yourself EVERYDAY 4. NEVER stop learning 5. Marry the right person 6. Eat real food 7. Be where your feet are 8. Be kind to EVERYONE 9. Show up 10. Do everything with PASSION 11. Do more of the things you love to do with the people you LOVE to do them with. 12. Tell the truth. 13. Take care of the planet. 14. Have fun. What are some of yours? Let me know below and share with a friend if helpful. #SaveAndPrint

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5 days ago

Shout out to everyone that’s run a race..:and didn’t win it!!! In the 2009 NY Marathon I came in 14,365th place out of 36,863 runners. Come to think of it...I’ve never won a race? But I was a winner! I did my training with friends, ran the race with friends and had a blast. Your ROI (return on investment) isn’t always about winning or the bottom line. ROI comes in many forms. Friends, experiences, fun, how you feel, who you impact, etc. Of course I want to win and succeed...but sometimes the return shows itself in other ways that are just as important. #Facts #BuildYourLifeResume #Finisher #IDontCareIfYoureFasterThenMe #IDidBeat22,000😮

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10 days ago

Swipe through these cereal boxes and check the ridiculous claims @generalmillscereal @kelloggsus make...just to SELL product. It’s INSANE to me that corporate CEO’s and boards allow this level of bullshit. It’s deceptive, false and (in my opinion) unethical in the name of corporate greed. It’s one thing to sell fake’s another to trick people. Here’s what they say: 1). @generalmillscereal claims Cheerios help lower your cholesterol 10% in a single month. 2). @kelloggsus claims Cheerios may reduce your heart disease. 3). @kelloggsus claim that Frosted Mini Wheats are clinically shown to improve kids attentiveness by 20%. 4). @kelloggsus claim that their Rice Krispies help support your kids immunity. 5). Ummm, @kelloggsus makes Blueberry Mini Wheats that don’t have a single BLUEBERRY in them??? You’re mega billion dollar companies...put some real food on the shelves...with real ingredients and NO GLYPHOSATE...and then MAYBE start talking about health and children. #FakeFriday #FakeFood #FakeLeaders #CerealKillersTheDocumentarySoonCome

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12 days ago

BLUE COLLAR RUNNERS. We had no idea what we were doing at this race in 2006...we basically just showed up. Our game plan was simple...keep going until it’s over. I'm wearing cotton basketball shorts and a cotton shirt....the worst material for a 24 hour run. That day I ran 100 miles as did the big fella to my left. My two other buddies in the photo (my young nephew @yonyc and @friedoo33 ) have since ran 50 milers...all on heart. ⁣ ⁣ BOTTOM LINE: Don't overthink things. Don't be too fancy. Just be committed. It works.⁣ It’s the human...not the equipment. ⁣ #Runner #Heart #KeepMovingForward #SurpriseYourself #ShowUpAndGrind

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14 days ago

Ask me about August! I’m consistent with this. Everywhere I go I bring my BIG calendar. My whole year was mapped out months ago. Work, speeches, family vacations, trips, races...everything. I’m a big believer in REVERSE ENGINEERING the year. Decide what you want to accomplish and SCHEDULE it. You dictate the year...the year doesn’t dictate you! Now...I’m not saying this system is for everyone (the BIG calendar)....but...I HAVE A SYSTEM....and that’s the key. Winging it doesn’t work anymore. The competition is too talented. DO WHAT WORKS MENTALITY. #MultiColorSystem #ImVisual #WhyIsMyFriendHoldingAComicBook? #MyNormalHasAlwaysBeenAbnormal #ReverseEngineeringLife #BuildYourLifeResume #ImNotScrambling #TheProofIsInTheYearsWork

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17 days ago

Started a daily yin yoga practice today. It’s part of my “INTRODUCE ONE NEW WINNING HABIT A MONTH” regimen courtesy of @melissajoykong. Adding just one new habit a month is one of the fastest and easiest ways to jumpstart significant change and REAL life improvements. I’ve learned that you can go from NOTHING to amazing results just by staying with things over time and being consistent. I mean...i went from a goal of running 2 miles running 100 miles....just by putting in the time and believing. That said, I can’t even touch my knees (the above photo is my “before photo”)....I have a LOT of work to do. PROUD of everyone in my Build Your Life Resume course that have added (and continue to add) new habits! #GottaStartSomewhere #DailyHabits #OneNewHabit #BuildYourLifeResume

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18 days ago

Shake what ya momma gave ya! We got some work to do, but proud of the effort. My response at first was “It takes time cutie”....then after an hour of trying I switched to “Ya know what...YOU actually GOT IT....You just have your OWN WAY of doing it!!!! “. My time is divided into 4 buckets: Family, business, wellness and things that are important to ME. If it doesn’t fit into that’s basically eliminated. This is time well spent! What are your buckets? #DoTheTepper #DadLife #ICantHoolaEither

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THE CREATIVE PROCESS is like a rubik’s cube... it's hard, fun, challenging, takes time and is frustrating.  You get one side all right and then you screw everything else up.  But after a lot of twists and turns you start to figure it out. Then slowly but surely... it all comes together. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have found that writing things down is the best way for me to jumpstart things.  Things come to life for me when they are on paper (or a whiteboard). Just seeing words helps me.  But it is a PROCESS.  So many times what I initially set out to do... becomes something completely different. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "Living With A SEAL" was originally just one chapter in a life memoir I was writing.  Sara almost named @Spanx "Open Toe Delilah's" before she launched the company.  @29029_everesting was born out of a backyard race at my house.  You NEVER know where the process will take you until you START THE PROCESS. Other things I do to jumpstart the creative process...1) I DREAM without worrying about the “how”. I’ll figure out HOW to get it done later 2) I go to Whole Foods (or any store) and look at packaging/design/trends to get my juices flowing. 3) I spend more time in places I think best 4) I talk things out with people (human soundboards are important) and 5) I trust that good ideas will come to me...if not now...SOON. Tag an entrepreneur friend if this resonates!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #TheCreativeProcess #Creativity #MadScientist #WiresCrossed #InsaneInTheMembrane at Atlanta, Georgia

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