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3 days ago

We’ll take any chance for a brekki date without kids! (Am I right!!) Getting ready to share my Jonesy out for another season. Thanks @franksmelbourne for the date ❤️ #FranksMelbourne

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28 days ago

Does 3 kinder ballet classes *asks for Pointe shoes* 🙈🥰 (check out the toes in pic 5!)

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30 days ago

If you care about people and about our planet, you should care about how you’re consuming and what/where you buy from. The fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world, after oil and responsible for countless human rights violations. I’m becoming more and more aware of my own footprint on our planet and it’s people. Feeling a lot of social responsibility, as we all should, so I’m pausing to investigate how I can be more responsible. My @jerrijones_thelabel leather pieces are crafted in Turkey with surplus designer leather, utilizing existing leather and made in extremely small runs, I stock some beautiful ethical labels on my site like @natalijaofficial_ and I’m researching how to make all aspects of my label and business more considered and gentle on our environment and people. Have you seen @truecostmovie on Netflix? Highly recommend if you havent. Loving this ethically hand crafted bag from @raelasydney

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1 month ago

Finishing the weekend with an evening beach dip 👌🏾 @nathan2jones #Grommets (reality in my stories 🤪)

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1 month ago

It’s nice seeing so much love, whether you’re into Valentine’s or not! Thanks #loveintimo for helping me pay forward the #selflove message to my sister today ❤️ Whilst it’s nice to have a special someone in your life, looking after yourself should be a priority too. I was so lucky to be spoilt with some self-love goodies this week ✨

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1 month ago

B’s first ballet class ✨ & Messy b.chinos

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2 months ago

Welcome home Jonesy. Who’s the most tired? 🤣 he thinks I’m not well but I cannot sleep without my new fav lavender eye mask (thanks @silk_only!), easy air oil and delta waves on insight timer. What are your sleep essentials?

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2 months ago

He’s home! This lot hate being apart from each other 🥰

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2 months ago

Sending our big girl off to pre-prep! 🥰 (why they so cute and lovey when it’s time to split them up? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣) @nathan2jones

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2 months ago

Friday night at the ‘G! Looking forward to watching A Star is Born again this Friday night at Cinema at the ‘G, presented by @bankofmelbourne at the @mcg. Tickets for the outdoor cinema evening are on sale now - Head to the link in @bankofmelbourne bio if you want to come along ✨ #Astarisborn #Cinemaattheg

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2 months ago

Butter wouldn’t melt! Fam break has been great (slash also challenging AF - 🤪👧🏼👦🏼), Rem off to ‘Kindy’ this morning, bobs starting pre-prep tomorrow, @nathan2jones off to training camp (👱🏻‍♀️😰) Looking forward to getting into some routine and work in, around the kids 🤞🏾

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2 months ago

🎾 Nath’s first time to the AO, wowee what a way to experience it - thank you @tennisaustralia @australianopen Craig & Ali Tiley for having us. Amazing! ( & Sitting a row behind Anna Wintour 😱) 🎾 at Australian Open

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2 months ago

YUM! Treated to a little taste of luxury at the Australian Open with the Häagen-Dazs’ Infinity Room (the room is actually scented like ice-cream 🍦😱). Pop by for an ice-cream and experience it for yourself at the AO until Sunday 27th Jan @haagendazsau #haagendazsau #collab at Australian Open

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2 months ago

Happy birthday to our 🤴🏼 We love you @nathan2jones

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