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2 days ago

How was everyone’s St Patrick’s Day?! Do anything fun? . . Ours was fun and productive. Checked out the Leprechaun Daze Classic Car Show at Hardware Sales, got some errands done (the fun kind, not the boring kind 😉), and then while Heath worked his BBQ magic I got my🍀GREEN🍀thumb🍀 on and re-potted almost all my houseplant babies. 🌱 . . Yo Bellingham, this whole week is supposed to be in the 60’s!!! 🌡 🤩 I intend to spend as much time outside as possible soaking up all that Vitamin D☀️ . . Hope your St Patty’s Day was super rad! Tell me about it.... at Bellingham, Washington

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4 days ago

I’m trying out a new photo filter, and I think I like this first one. Wanna give me some feedback? Scroll over and tell me what one is your favorite in the comments! . . Thanks! You guys are awesome! at Bellingham, Washington

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5 days ago

Sunshine, crisp air, park days, singing birds, breathtaking displays of clouds over blue skies...... Take it all in. Pause. Breath. Let the gratitude fill your soul. #timeisagift at Bellingham, Washington

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5 days ago

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7 days ago

I’m so amazed with my girls this semester. Especially Olive. Penelope is continuing to be amazing at being independent and being in her classes on her own, but this semester Olive is suddenly not only ok with being in her classes without me, but she is engaging in the classes so much more and even telling me about what was talked about in class after. I am blown away. This is a huge change for her. It’s incredible how much worry and concern we can hold for the future of our kids when we can’t see what is going to happen. Especially when you have a kid who doesn’t operate in a fashion considered typical (but really does any kid?) it’s amazing to see certain pieces of the puzzle falling into place when you had previously wondered when or if they ever would. I’m excited for this new phase. I’m so proud of my sweet Olive, and now my focus is on this guy. It is the strangest feeling to be hanging out with him alone while his sisters are in class. I have had to be creative in finding ways to keep him occupied. This little couch corner was a new try today. It worked well for the first hour, but the second hour he started rearranging the furniture and then the head butting started🤦🏼‍♀️ (Sorry @cassiabakke). We’re figuring it out one week at a time, but even with the new challenges I’m feeling so encouraged and excited to see these leaps in confidence Olive is showing. I hope any of you parents out there with late bloomers can feel some encouragement here. To be honest I don’t believe this is late. I believe our culture has that assessment all wrong. I believe our children show up right when they’re supposed to, to whatever degree they are supposed to and all us parents have the, sometimes challenging, job of remaining patient. Always offering new things, but never pushing them to dive in before they’re ready. That has proven to be very hard for me, but I’m learning as I go, as we all are, and as I see Olive make amazing leaps I also see myself grow as well. We are all learning and growing as we go. Remain open to learn new methods and as you give yourself grace in the difficult seasons never let it stop you from moving forward. at Bellingham, Washington

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8 days ago

3 years ago today you took your first breath in this very spot. For 8 whole minutes after you were born I watched as the midwives worked fast and hard to get your lungs flexing and get you breathing steadily before I was able to hold you in my arms, and once you were in my arms I never wanted to let you go. It was an incredibly intense 6 hours of my body laboring and you following your natural instincts to find your way into the world, and when you did you were exactly what was missing in my life. You were exactly who I needed, and I was exactly who you needed. . (See next post for birth photo💛) . Atticus Steele, you have brought such a unique element into our family. You are rough and tough, and you’re tender and snuggly. You’ve brought trucks and dinosaurs into our life, and with all the girls in the house this has been a fun change. You always want to do what daddy is doing. You feel music in a way that continues to fascinate me. Your sister absolutely adore you. And you are a piece of my soul. You fill my heart. . . Happy 3rd Birthday, my son. I love you to the moon and back. #steelebuddyson at Bellingham, Washington

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9 days ago

Those boots all the way up over her knees on those short little legs. She is my fashionista. She is going to take this world by storm. I am so proud to be her mommy. Penelope Clementine, you fill my mommy heart. Love you, my sweet Miss P. #pennypeppernelope at Hovander Homestead Park

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11 days ago

The right path isn’t always the obvious one. Be brave and follow YOUR path. . Sending love, light, and courage to you all. . 🌬💛✨💪 at Bellingham, Washington

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12 days ago

My Christmas Cactus is blooming for the second time this winter!! This has never happened before. This is new, but the cactus has no fear of the unknown. . . There is no fear that it will not fully bloom. There is no fear of risk with this second bloom. It just lives. It just soaks up the sun, drinks the water, absorbs it’s nutrients, it takes care of itself and trusts the process. Trusts that when the time is right it will bloom and when it is not the right time it will not. There is no hesitation. Only life. . . How much do we hold back due to fear? We do it to ourselves. If we stand tall and we do not blossom it just wasn’t our time, and that’s ok, but if we don’t stand tall, if we do not feed our minds, our bodies, and our souls with the essentials, if we don’t take proper care of ourselves, and remain open we can not bloom even when it is our time. . . There is not only one time to bloom. You don’t just get one shot in this life to shine. There is no “prime.” We bloom when it’s time. Again, and again, and again. Are you holding yourself back out of fear? Maybe it’s time to let go of that fear. Open yourself up to change. Taste the sun, drink in the water and allow yourself space to bloom when your time comes. . . Thank you, little Christmas Cactus for the thoughts on life. I appreciate your timing. #christmascactus at Fairhaven, Washington

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13 days ago

The first dandelion we have seen this year. Penelope saw it on our walk to school. She was so excited she shouted, “MOM! I found a dandelion!! I want you to have it because I know you will love it!” And I do. Now 5 hours later we have about an inch of snow on the ground. 😂 This weather lately has been wild, but I’m loving these little signs of the changing of another season. 💛 at Bellingham, Washington

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14 days ago

After a sick week we’re back to school and still loving all this sunshine. Olive is such a goof ball, and I can’t get enough. Seriously, she is such a cool person. #goldenhairandprettybow at Bellingham, Washington

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15 days ago

“Farther along we’ll know all about it. Farther along we’ll understand why. Cheer up, my brother. Live in the sunshine. We’ll understand it all by and by.” at Bellingham, Washington

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16 days ago

All the sunshine this week is getting me all excited for spring, for gardening, for warm days, my morning coffee on the deck, lake days, and so much more. I hope you locals enjoyed the sun today. We got a couple yard projects accomplished today (some videos in my stories), and I’m feeling antsy for more days like today. Hope you all had a lovely Sunday. 🌞💛🌞 at Bellingham, Washington

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17 days ago

Well, how about that? Woke up this morning to frost covering everything, and then in the afternoon this was happening and the kids were bagging to bring out the kiddy pool. Mind you it was 44 degrees in Bellingham today, BUT for some reason when the sun is in our yard it’s usually about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of Bellingham, but today it was a whopping 20 degrees warmer. It was nearly 65 degrees in our yard! 🙀 Felt like summer. Then the sun goes behind the trees and we lose 20 degrees. What a nice day. Felt like summer. 🌞 at Bellingham, Washington

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18 days ago

Two months post head shave / And three months without Kirra / Journaling my path Part Two: . . As the tears flowed I realized that the stresses of motherhood have been weighing heavy on me and I am angry that I don’t have Kirra here to help me. I’m angry that I can’t call her and tell her what’s going on. I’m angry that I have to find a way to get through these little challenges without her. I’m angry that she isn’t seeing how much Atticus’s vocabulary is exploding. I’m angry that she doesn’t get to see Penelope finish out her first year of school. I’m angry that she can’t see Olive start to write her letters and start trying to write her name. I’m angry that I can’t just call her and talk to her about the hard days and the good days. I’m angry that I’ll never answer the phone to hear her voice say “hi Jem, is this a bad time?” . . Once that hit me I felt guilty. Like I’m not supposed to feel angry. I’ve already been through anger. I’ve been through sadness. I’ve been through guilt. I’m not supposed to go through anger again, but then I remind myself that the path through grief comes with many emotions, they’re unpredictable, and. I. Just. Have. To. Walk. Through it. . . I do feel the warmth of the light more and more, but then a cloud comes and covers it for a time before it passes, and it does pass. As the light gets closer and closer I know that the clouds will still come and go. That is just a part of the path. I feel as much gratitude as I do pain. Some days the pain breaks me, and I have to just let the tears flow and then get myself back up again tomorrow and keep going, but some days I feel the pain is lighting a fire in me. I have a new respect for time. I have a new desire not to waste a minute of it. To love in the moment and to live freely. To release myself from all those limitations that we put on our minds. To spend these limited years of life truly living, and perhaps touch as many people along the way as Kirra did. . . Three months and it feels like an eternity. We love and miss Kirra every day, and every day I am thankful for all the years I had with her. ❤️💚 #withlovetokirra at Bellingham, Washington

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18 days ago

Two months post head shave / And three months without Kirra / Journaling my path Part One: . . Learning to flow with the unpredictable rhythm of grief is continuing to prove challenging. I want to ask myself if this is how it will be forever, but I resist the urge because I know it’s a question with no answer, and the only answer is to just keep moving and face each day, each emotion, each new pain one at a time. . . I have had a lot more days where I see the light, and not only see it, but feel it’s warmth on my soul. It puts me at ease and helps me feel that my new normal is starting to emerge. But just then I find that peace frightens me. Once my mind is quiet the reality of Kirra’s absence in my life’s path sweeps in and then peace turns to agony, yet again. It’s just another reminder that this path through grieving is far from over, that a part of my new normal is understanding that these emotions will continue to pop up unexpected and unannounced, and I have to continue to roll with the punches, so to speak. . . The last couple days I’ve had a very short fuse, and when the fuse is out I am immediately in a state of anger. At the end of the day, when everyone is asleep I sit and ask myself, “what is wrong with me? Why am I feeling so angry about every day things?” Even in the midst of apologizing for losing my temper I find a way to get angry while apologizing. Yesterday I confessed to Heath that I didn’t know what was wrong. That I was not ok, and I didn’t know why I kept getting angry. Just then it all hit and I fell apart. Cried harder than I’ve cried in several weeks. (See next post for part two) #withlovetokirra at Bellingham, Washington

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