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@jaznet77  I wander around and take pictures w/ phone while playing Pokemon Go. Currently using Pixel 2. I use snapseed for edited photos. Member: igboston

3 days ago

#cy365 "where I stand" Sitting, not standing. Bought new shoes today, but needed to switch the white laces out with purple. at Quincy, Massachusetts

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3 days ago

Hello all! It's time for a new #photonouns challenge! This is a challenge I created, and that I would love for more people to participate in. I post a word about once a week and ask you to take pictures that involve that word...any interpretation of it that you want or that inspires you. If you would like to participate, just snap one or more pictures this week and post to Instagram tagging #photonouns. This week's word is "grafftti." I think I'll head to grafetti alley in central square soon. at Downtown Crossing

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3 days ago

Here are two #photonouns "rail" pics I really liked this week. Thanks for taking pictures of rails! The new challenge is coming up shortly. Also, keep an eye out later this week... I will pick some of my favorite photos that have been posted under the #photonouns hashtag and share them. TL: @adamsmoustachee "beer on railing" BR: @tomaho1999 "winter rails" at Quincy, Massachusetts

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