1 day ago

Home cooking! Lamb from the hunt, homemade chimmichuri, hotdog taco, leftovers and salad! Tonight I’m at the @hollywoodimprov at 10:30 & 11:00!

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2 days ago

The new studio is looking good! Some lighting going in and some finishing touches and we will be rolling 🎥 the podcast and some other new things!!! #thruline

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3 days ago

Hands down one of my favorite comedians and people @debradg is on this week’s #thruline. Get it, share it, review it and love it! Link in bio.

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8 days ago

Dinner with the fan and then shows!

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9 days ago

If you missed this yesterday there’s always today! @mootecomedy is with me as we talk, Radio, leaches and getting your colon checked! This episode has a bit of everything! Please give a listen and share! Link in bio, #thruline

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10 days ago

The entertainment business is tough. I get told no on average 10 times a week! It’s a constant stream of highs and lows. This is a high. If you told 10 year old me that someday I’d have a baseball card I’d have punched you in the face, and I’ve never done that to anyone! I loved collecting cards as a kid! I got so much joy from opening a pack and sorting through to see who I’d got. And to think of kids across the country opening a pack, getting my card and the amount of disappointment they’re gonna feel is all worth the constant grind of this business! Thank you @topps! I never made it to the bigs but this is close enough!

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14 days ago

No where else these kids would want to be at the end of Mother’s Day than in your arms @realkatelarson listening to stories!

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14 days ago

Happy Mother’s Day to @realkatelarson You make our life better everyday! Except for those days when you want to ship us off to a deserted island, so I guess every third day! And Happy Mom’s day to all the moms out there including my mom! Without you who would undercook all the meatballs?!

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15 days ago

My wife @realkatelarson made up a welcome home sign for my son and me. She asked my daughter to color in some flowers but she colored me in instead. I’ve always loved her view of the world but I especially love her view of me!!! #rideordie

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16 days ago

I decided to change the spelling of my name for my appearance in Amy Poehler’s new movie “Wine Country” I also asked that they cut one of my scenes and trim the other to give more flow to the film. Team first you know? Watch it today on @netflix

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17 days ago

So stoked to sit down with the amazing @bethstelling and talk drama club, sex jokes in front of family and her pretend debate team! Link in bio, share with friends it’s a good one! #thruline

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19 days ago

Trips home always lead to gold! Not real gold! This bad bracelet was from 7th grade when my dreams of dancing back up for @officialbellbivdevoe were still alive! Missed out on that #suddenimpact train! Passing this one on.

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1 month ago

This week I sit down with hilarious comedian @ismaelyloutfi and talk about being married at 17, divorced at 17.5, posing as a Mexican and ...isn’t that enough??? Subscribe to #thruline podcast, link in bio!

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