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@jayandstuff  Direction steqhs 💍

12 days ago

First and only photo I’ve even taken of Nip. He was throwing his set up while performing with Dom, Hit, and Jay 305. Grainy, over exposed and out of focus. I used to be upset about how it came out. All I can do now is be thankful man, I’m blessed to have received his message. Blessed to say that it resonated with me. The spark he set in the universe just feels different bro. Powerful. Let’s all continue to manifest love and greatness. God bless family. #lln #35mm

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14 days ago

East x West #35mm

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15 days ago


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2 months ago

New blues #35mm

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2 months ago

Family! Just got some more 8x10 select prints in on Fujicolor! DM me if you’d like to support and grab one 🖤

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2 months ago

Late night #35mm

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2 months ago

Just float

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2 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day 😇 Feel like this 8mm short I created highlights how special what we have is. @steqhs 🖤 “Distance” Remix by my brotha @lophiile !

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3 months ago

under appreciated photo set on #35mm

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3 months ago

🖤 City moves on film #35mm

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3 months ago

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4 months ago


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