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21 hours ago

A day in the life of #beautyndabeast exploring Spain... to be continued

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1 day ago

Today at 2pm Cali Time 🖤 My #buildabeastexperience2018 class. Please go to my channel and watch some amazing dancers and story tellers🌻 Subscribe MissJanelleG Filmed by @beastnetwork

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2 days ago

This morning workout. Repeated 3 times plus 20min cardio. Trying out here cuz at Seville, Spain

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2 days ago

Painting a story in My Head🌷 what do you think the story is? at Seville, Spain

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9 days ago

With our incredible hosts that we are sooooo thankful for 💖 Strong Women. @shannon.natasha.hsu

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9 days ago

A letter @willdabeast__ And Myself received today. Reading this one really hit home with me. I am extremely grateful and thankful to God that I found a purpose that can change peoples lives. Honestly, it’s the best gift I could ask for. People think we are competing to make up the coolest dances or to have viral content - - It’s all amazing and so fulfilling, but it’s in these moments when I’m sitting & crying reading these letters that make me feel fully accomplished. Thank you to this beautiful human who shared this with us 🎀

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