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@jamescollier  Photographer, based in New Orleans. Lover of tacos, pirogues and awkward conversations about masculinity. Friends call me Road Biscuit.


13 hours ago

Happy birthday, Pop! He ignored the birthday wishes when I called him, but wanted to tell me that he‘d cooked some of the fish I brought him at Christmas. Took my advice and left the skin and scales on—says it was the first time ever trying it that way. “You were right, that’s where the flavor is.” Still learning at 93.

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4 days ago

It’s weird to peel back layers of identity that we tie to physical attributes. Two years ago, this was the longest my hair had been and likely my longest beard—a week later, it had all fallen out from chemo. That hit me harder than I wanted to admit at the time, but it offered a reminder that we are, in fact, more than our bodies and features. When treatment was over, I marked a fresh start with a hot shave, and I haven’t had more than a light maintenance trim (for either) in the 18-ish months since. Not that I necessarily want to look a certain way, but I have a hard time committing to cutting anything—part of that seems to stem from some deeper desire to get back to what I knew, how I saw myself then, before I could feel fully restored from the whole experience. Two years provides for a lot of healing and perspective, but when it’s quiet, I still feel these memories, especially around the anniversaries of my diagnoses. The body remembers. #tbt #cancerselfie #thewordsweuse #enoughofthisletsgofishing

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6 days ago

Tried something different the two deer I killed last Fall, breaking down the hind quarters into smaller, single-muscle cuts. Just coated this one in piment d’espelette and smoked it at around 180 degrees, then salted as it rested and finished with a little Fresno chili olive oil. If you’ve ever thought of venison as tough or “gamey,” come on over—I’d be happy to change that perception. #southernliving #meatbutter at Irish Channel, New Orleans

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6 days ago

“I want my beard To be as long as A road, As long as fifteen busses Lined up side by side To jump over. How long? As long As your arm, Ten feet long. I want it to be A truck. I want it to Run over your eyes. I want it so long You can’t resist. I want it back with Just a few rough places, Veined with grey. I want my beard To carry your load, hoe A field, tow A barge. Let my beard go Home with you.” - Robert Moses, Paris Review, Fall 1983 #thewordsweuse

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20 days ago

There’s a spreadsheet on my desktop titled “Ball Jokes Mostly,” created just before starting chemo, two years ago this week. After the initial shock of the diagnosis wore off, I found a lot of comfort in humor—I still do, though I’ve learned it also has its limitations. As some of those memories start to pop back up, this remains one of my favorites: my first trip to the fertility clinic. It was everything that childhood sitcoms had led me to expect: awkward eye contact, a black vinyl couch, a cabinet full of porn…and a bill, because none of it’s covered by insurance. Originally captioned, “Tree of life, potentially.” Still a solid joke, don’t @ me. #titleofyoursextape #cancer #itsokaytolaughinaspermbank

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25 days ago

Late winter palette. Rapeseed, I think - looks similar to canola in North Carolina, but I can’t find much info on it being grown down here. #woven #wovenwednesday at Franklin, Louisiana

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1 month ago

Southeast Louisiana’s coastline is beautifully complex (geographically, but also politically). There’s no hard edge to it—no sandy beaches, no highways tracing the waterline. Instead, there are two-lane fingers that push south until they hit the marsh. At the tip of each is a small fishing community, like Pointe-aux-Chenes, pictured here. I’m currently in a deep-dive of articles about the Houma and Pointe-au-Chien Indians who have called this area home, and trying to understand some of the ways these areas have changed over the last few decades—if y’all have recommended readings, please slide in to the DMs! at Point-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana

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1 month ago

Friends: “Do you miss NYC?” Me: “It’s February, strawberries and crawfish are in season, and it’s a high of 73 degrees today. What was the question?” #nola #staychubby #southernliving at Rusty Rainbow

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1 month ago

Reliving a few memories from four years ago, thanks to recent posts from @beardfoundation. Back in 2015, @jmcollie and I spent 28 days traveling through 23 cities around the country, photographing iconic restaurants and dishes for the USA Pavilion at EXPO Milano, and for JBF’s then-upcoming book, All-American Eats (Rizzoli, 2016). I often get asked about my favorite projects, and this one will forever remain at the top of the list. 
 #fbf #meatsweats #beardfoundation at James Beard Foundation

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2 months ago

My buddy @jakemayphoto set some big goals for the year, so I went to Michigan to learn more about them, and to make a few portraits. “This year, I am dedicating to finding myself and self care. It’s my mission to be kind to me, and to love myself. I will do so by treating my body well, through a health and fitness routine, eating well and treating myself to vacations, shows, theater, books, hiking, walking, visiting friends and family and simply choosing people and activities that I find joy in.” #wordsweuse at Flint, Michigan

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