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4 months ago

harvest plentiful we will have a gay yuletide come belsnickel come . . . Photographic credit: @rebes_gwin

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6 months ago

little blessing today: the monkey shower made a whole rainbow in the backyard

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8 months ago

We laughed, we learned, we lost, we loved. We lived. at Camp Highland

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11 months ago

M O O R E 2 0 2 0 at Bomont

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11 months ago

Get Jameson on the phone and tell him we don’t need his investment

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11 months ago

So stoked the bro bro will be a bobcat this fall. Proud of you Jack. #aaahhhGC #bobsontop + who wore it better Mr Bishop v me

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1 year ago

glad i could see my boys off to formal

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1 year ago

I still think this phenomenon is just the coolest thing: “mercury” formed by air bubbles trapped against the cave ceiling. blue grotto, fl 4.30.17

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2 years ago

My heart is so full of joy after being a part of Camp Highland this summer, walking daily with children, loving on them, playing hard, enjoying the beauty of Creation, and engaging their hearts to share the good news of Jesus Christ. And doing it all with these amazing new friends. Thank you Jesus!

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2 years ago

I guess anything goes with naming for the AT at Gooch Gap

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2 years ago

🎉Happy birthday Libby🎉 I am thankful for such a thoughtful, goofy, pug-loving, clammy hands buddy. So glad my complete lack of laundry knowhow brought us together. Have an amazing day!!

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