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6 days ago

Oh haaaaaay! OK so as you know I’m the guy that started @forestandthefemme . Anyone who knows me knows that it’s my every waking moment and consumes me completely because it’s important stuff. Obviously. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We’re having a hell of a time funding our program this year. So if you haven’t already been FULLY saturated with this plea for support here it is: We need to raise $10,000 cash this month to be able to say that we can run our program this summer. We’ve raised $2500 so far. Arc’teryx has been super supportive and are helping us this year with funding AND have given us the ability to do a giveaway of one of their mega $$$$ rainjackets (beta ar) that you get to go and choose yourself. If you donate 40 bucks or more this month you’re in the draw. It rains here. You need this jacket. The link is in my bio. Share the news. Tell your friends. Send a message to your rich second cousin for us. Help us get the women out into nature again this year! #grantwritingistheworst #grantsarekillingus #whygrantswhy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Also haaaaay again! There’s a F&F fundraiser show at @spartacusbooks being organized by @weekdayyardsale and friends. This Friday the 19th doors at 7. It’ll be nice and you should bring your friends and family and outta town visitors 💚🦖💚 And @stephenhui took this photo of me as I tried to awkwardly relax and look chill. Never not awkward.

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14 days ago

There was pyrite in these rocks. I’d never noticed it before. I miss lava and high places and warm sun on frozen days and glinting cubes and Jewel.

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17 days ago

Clearing my head with ice and fire and stars.

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27 days ago

. Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Sorry just fixating on my environmental anxiety over here. Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Where’s the rain Glaciers filling my heart on my fave perch, circa fall solstice 2016 lemme know if you’ve got a cure for enviro anxiety k

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

My body is an enemy right now. So I’m looking through pics to help remember myself as a person who could get to tough places. Here’s a loose blocky scramble. The kind where you really don’t want a single thing to move otherwise you got a rock the size of a fridge that’ll take you out. It was such a lovely day with great people. @stephenhui 📷 took this shot.

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7 months ago

Walking and walking and walking on rocks. Let the rocks show you the way. Except for the fake cairns. Those fuckers will waste your time.

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7 months ago


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7 months ago

He’s eating all my hummus while I’m distracted 😂

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7 months ago

It was a double dip kind of a day ☀️☀️

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8 months ago

Soft. It looks like a painting for some reason. It’s not edited. It just caught the magic.

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8 months ago

Morning light

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8 months ago

When every move matters

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8 months ago

Big drop. Loose rock. Scree scaries.

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8 months ago

Mountain haze. I’m glad the smoke is gone for now but it sure makes mountains pretty

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8 months ago

It was so hot that my brain cooked. I fell so much. Many owies.

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8 months ago

A short drenching. The view of it after it passed was something else. Like the sky was blowing us kisses and winks.

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8 months ago

Fishing in the dark

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