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8 hours ago

happy easter

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2 days ago

caption this.... 🖤

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5 days ago

it’s sunny af

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7 days ago

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9 days ago

i get bored in airports 🙃🚀

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12 days ago

i know it’s sad to say but i’ve been since sadurday 🙃💔

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15 days ago

hiiiiiii 🤪🖤 watch the last video to c the struggle of getting up there 🥵

224k 7k
18 days ago

just know i’m workin 🙂🖤

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21 days ago

i appreciate you all more than you know thank u for sticking with me i remember being 13 talking to u guys when i’d come back home from school after being absolutely destroyed from the bullies at school. i’d turn to you guys and you would be there and help keep me going and help fill that hole i’ve always had in my heart. over the past year i’ve been on a crazy ride mentally and i’d like to say thank u for still being here. being adopted, being bullied, being shy, anxious, and depressed, is all part of my journey and it’s all part of who i am. music is my therapy and i can’t wait 4 you to take a real tour inside my mind. all i can say is look out 2019 cause i haven’t even scratched the surface of what i’m capable of. THANK U THANK U THANK U 🖤

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22 days ago

do u fw the fit today ¿ ❤️🤭

229k 11k
24 days ago

My world turned upside down can’t sleep 🙃 I just wanna live in my dreams cause the real world ain’t the best place 💚🌴

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29 days ago

Do you fw the fit today ¿ 👑🎃💞🖤

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