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Here he is, the curious hippo from my previous post. In case you didn’t know that hippos breached... because I didn’t! #hippo #breach #nature #tia at Botswana

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3 days ago

This image isn’t going to win any fine-art awards, but it gives you some insight into how curious hippos are. They will inch closer and closer while your head is turned. Sometimes, this guy would leap out of the water, as if we’d forgotten he was there. I’ll be posting the “hippo-breach” later on today. #hippo #africa #tia #nature at Botswana

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5 days ago

By the time this pride of lions finally decided they were hungry and got up to hunt, it was too dark to take photos. This young male stood back as his two sisters did most of the work. They were successful, and the next morning we found them again... sleeping. The only difference was that their bellies were a lot bigger. #africa #lion #safari #tia #travel #wild #wildlifephotography #nature #cats at Okavango Delta

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6 days ago

One thing I was surprised about when viewing the first pride of lions that I’d ever seen in the wild, was how the prey animals were all around us. Impala as far as the eye could see. They would keep an eye on one another, but stay in a fairly close proximity. Imagine living your entire life having to watch your back. The focused eyes of a lion constantly staring at you. This is why nature is so astounding to me, the survival instincts and resilience of these animals is completely beyond us. #lion #predator #africa #tia #nature #thankful #safari at Okavango Delta

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7 days ago

It’s pretty lucky to witness a pack of lions hunting, feeding, playing... basically any behaviour that is not sleeping. Just like your cats at home, lions spend most of their time napping in the sun. Still, every movement from this lioness, whether scratching an ear or stretching out her giant limbs, had me in so much awe that I barely remembered to take photos. #lion #lioness #safari #africa at Okavango Delta

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10 days ago

“Take us home”. Each day we step foot on the dock is another day that we have arrived safely at home. The hand in this image belongs to ‘Chief’ Charlie Mason, and has seen more than 60 years of boat driving. That is 60 years of exploring the rainforest, tackling storms, watching the ecosystems and how they’ve changed over the years. How lucky I am to learn from such wisdom. #experience #chief #wisdom #hands #lucky #gratitude at Klemtu, British Columbia

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11 days ago

This strange creature is actually just the wide open jaws of a humpback whale. To the left is it’s upper jaw, full of baleen. And to the right is it’s lower jaw. In the middle you can see a few herring, jumping for one more chance at freedom. Thanks to all the bubbles that the whale created to “trap” the herring, I was able to tell exactly where the whale would pop up. #humpbackwhale #whale #bc #behaviour at Great Bear Rainforest

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12 days ago

Creativity sometimes means laying in a river to get the shot that you’re dreaming of. I imagined the image as a salmons perspective, swimming up the river. The grizzly bear, fortunately, didn’t see me as a salmon. But he did seem pretty interested in what the heck I was doing. #grizzlybear #bear #beautiful #bc at Great Bear Rainforest

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13 days ago

A humpback whale reaches its pectoral fin far out of the water. A split second after this photo was taken, the whale crashed its fin down to the surface of the water. A loud slap could be heard for miles as it echoed through the fog. No doubt this slap was heard even further underwater. I’m grateful for the beautiful white underside of the whale’s dorsal fin, otherwise it would have been very difficult to capture in the low light. #humpbackwhale #whale #blackandwhite #bc at Great Bear Rainforest

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14 days ago

Comparing a bear paw with my human paw. To be walking in the wilderness and come across some fresh tracks in the sand - it doesn’t get much more exciting than that. what do you think, Grizzly or Black bear? #bears #tracking #excited #nature #bc at Great Bear Rainforest

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16 days ago

In a few months, the herring will begin to spawn. Animals like this humpback whale will travel from all over to feed on the giant schools of tiny fish. Who would have thought that one of the largest animals on the planet would feed on one of the smallest? #whale #fish #turningthetide #nature #migration at Great Bear Rainforest

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18 days ago

Hours of waiting in the rain pays off as a young spirit bear wanders right by the camera lens. It sure is great to get action shots of natural behaviour, that’s when the best images are produced. But I won’t pass down a close encounter with the worlds rarest bear. #spiritbear #white #wild #pacificnorthwest #bc at Great Bear Rainforest

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24 days ago

Gorging on Halibut! This bald eagle is making full use of the treasures that the low tide brings. Eagles are deadly hunters, with tremendous vision and talons that locks like a ratchet. But, why waste energy when you can scavenge on a perfectly rotten fish carcass? #baldeagle #nature #wildlife #eagle at Great Bear Rainforest

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26 days ago

My Brother! Always one step behind you, Tom.

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27 days ago

This old chap gifted us with his presence one more than one occasion. It was easy to recognize this bull elephant as he has one missing tusk. I think this image captured his personality. Quite calm and a little bit shy. It’s hard to walk away from moments of awe, like this encounter. But it’s always good idea to leave before you’ve over stay your welcome. #africa #elephant #safari #giant #nature #instagood at Okavango Delta

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