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COURTNEY BARNETT 🌝♏️ I’ve been lucky enough to see many shows this year but @courtneymelba had to be my #1 fave, front row with @gingerbeulah at the Wellington Opera House🤘🏼This was super fun to draw and I’ve been loving these colours together ever since doing the HEX tour poster. at Wellington, New Zealand

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3 months ago

Love this filter a lot! 🌜🍄🍃

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3 months ago

27 CLUB TEES ARE HERE 🥀🃏NZ$50, printed on AS Colour staple tees in pale pink. Available for pre-order (by Wed 21 Nov) on francinebesas.bigcartel.com or DM me if you want one 🌝 They will be available to ship from 4 December. This is my first time trying out pre-orders; this is to make it worthwhile for me when purchasing the materials. And this timeframe is in case anyone wants these in time for Christmas! If you can’t order within the week I will likely have more later, but I’ll have to see how I go 🌸 at Wellington, New Zealand

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6 months ago

Happy to say that things are coming along nicely for an amazing initiative that my friend & colleague Nadia began recently, endeavouring to provide free menstrual & personal hygiene packages to girls & young women from low decile schools/low socioeconomic areas. There are just so many opportunities, experiences, and education that girls can miss out on from not being able to afford these personal items. For now we are fundraising in various ways, beginning with a Givealittle page (link in my bio) 🌸 We have dreams for this to be a registered charity and also to become lobbyists for change on the taxation of these products in NZ. Who knows what the future holds! For now we are just trying to raise enough funds to be able to give packages to every single girl in at least 2 schools in Wellington. Please check out the Givealittle page and donate if you can, and keep an eye out for how we grow 💛 at Wellington, New Zealand

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6 months ago

It’s been a bit over a month since my birthday which means 1. my latest tatts are just about healed WOO, and 2. it’s been a month since the Shakti fundraiser that raised $2056 to help protect migrant & refugee women ♥️ Thanks everyone who bought my work. It doesn’t end there for Shakti so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve become part of another amazing new initiative that also helps girls & women so please stayed tuned for that too! 👯‍♀️ I need to update my sites terribly coz I’ve done so many more new things since July and with new projects piling up, sorry to anyone I’ve been meaning to catch up with for SO long but couldn’t bc conflicting schedules- u prob still won’t see me for some more weeks 😭 But big word vomit life update- I’m super happy & getting arguably enough sleep & I’ve got a honey who sends me food & flowers to work though he’s not even in the country. I’m going to like 4 concerts soon & my band @sangria_nights is back on the rise so that’s ANOTHER thing to watch out for 🌝🌝🌝 It’s like my birthday never ended and I’m in heaven. I think that’s everything sooo, thank u thank u at Heaven On Earth.

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So stoked to share the poster I made for HEX 🌕 I first saw them open for The Kills some moons ago and fell in love. They are absolute trailblazers of witch rock- come see them play Meow in Wellington with Waterfalls and Linen before they leave to set the USA on fire! 🔥 Tickets from Just The Ticket @justtheticketnz. Thank you @witches_of_the_hex. . . . . @meowedwardst @waterfalls_._._ #hex #thebesthex #hexband #witchesofhex #waterfall #linen #witchrock #witchmusic #gig #gigposter #gigart #wellingtongig #wellingtonband #nzmusic #nzgigs #nzmade #metal #metalgig #heavymetal #synthpop #experimentalrock #psychedelicrock #livemusic #tour #usatour #americantour #tourposter #tourart #meow #witchmusic #witchart at Wellington, New Zealand

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Not a yawn but the face of a cat who loves metal 🤘🏼🔪 @unamus.empire

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6 months ago

Ooowee, ink is juicy👅 How differently it behaves to anything else I’ve used before has been a big learning curve. Getting to know a new medium is my fave thing. I’m pretty happy with how my first go at ink turned out & can’t wait to do more! ❣️

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First draft in a series for my fave new band Unamus & their upcoming gigs 🐍🔪 Knife of Insanity is my favourite song. More song-inspired pieces to come. Thanks so much to the band @unamus.empire for letting me do some work for you, I fucking love the music. Check em on SoundCloud! #handpainted #gigposter #gigposterart

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I’m doing some dream work I can’t quite share yet.... here’s an oldie but goodie 💋

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7 months ago

It’s Leo season my dudes ♌️ I had been thinking of drawing star signs as flash sheets for a while & it’s great fun. Tag a beautiful Leo 🌞 I’m lucky to know so many!

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