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Parenting can be tough. This little one has stretched my patience lately. A few weeks ago, her demeanor quickly shifted from easy-going and happy to non-compliant and sassy. — Stages in childhood differ for each kid depending on personality, gender, and birth order, amongst other factors. There are many tactics moms can use to keep their sanity during each stage of childhood (self care being my favorite). My latest tactic? Rewarding good behavior with Starburst hidden in my purse! 🤣 — What’s your favorite tactic to use with your kids? at Charlotte, North Carolina

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When you put sunscreen on your kids this summer, choose is zinc-based formula. Why? — There are two different types of sunscreen on the market, those that reflect the suns rays (like zinc) in those that absorb the suns rays (like oxybenzone). As more and more research comes out about the chemicals used in sunscreen to absorb the suns rays, we find that these chemicals are not healthy for our bodies and that children are exposed to very large doses over their lifetime. — Some brands I’ve used and like include Alba Botanicals, Beautycounter, and Kiss my Face. ☀️ at Charlotte, North Carolina

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Do you have a mantra? Every time I feel overwhelmed with life, it is because I am trying (unsuccessfully) to make everything perfect. So, I’ve decided to make this quote my mantra and I’ll use it to remind myself to not chase perfection. — Anyone else chase perfection or have a mantra? ⬇️ at Charlotte, North Carolina

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With closing on a new house, moving, and unpacking, this week has been a little less-than-stellar in the nutrition department. I’m super thankful for these little ground up fruits and vegetables in a capsule. — Today’s snack was a 1-2 punch for my body...flooding it with phytonutrients! The ground up fruits and vegetables were immediately available to my cells and the whole fruits and vegetables were available as they were digested. Each giving me the energy I’ve needed to do all.the.things!! 💪 at Matthews, North Carolina

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What’s the deal with bulletproof coffee? ☕️ — Well, for one, it tastes amazing and is soooo creamy. But, it has other benefits. Studies have shown that starting your day off with healthy fats like the grass-fed butter and unrefined coconut oil in bulletproof coffee helps your body burn fat for fuel rather than carbs. And, that in turn gives you more energy to run around with your 🐥🐥🐥! at Charlotte, North Carolina

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Do you have a picky eater in your family? Try serving meals “family style”. Place everything in the center of the table and allow everyone to make their own plate. This way you are exposing your picky eater to new things, without forcing them to try them. 📸: @sarahremmer at Charlotte, North Carolina

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As babies, our brains are constantly forming new connections and pruning unused connections. The best way to nurture this growth is to feed your baby/toddler healthy fats and protein such as avocado and egg yolk and to PLAY! Yes! Just getting on the floor and playing with them is nurturing their growth. And, you don’t have to buy expense toys. You can simply play finger games or roll a ball around. My kids favorite toddler activity was banging on pots and pans with a rubber spoon! ‘Cause momma ain’t listening to banging with a metal spoon! 😜 at Charlotte, North Carolina

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Looking for a fun weekend activity? Last year I took a crack at dying eggs the natural way (see what I did there?). It was a fun experiment and the kids loved it! — Here is what we used: Pink Eggs - Beets Light Blue Eggs - Purple Cabbage Dark Blue Eggs - Purple Cabbage (overnight) Green Eggs - Turmeric then Cabbage Brown Eggs - Purple Cabbage then Beets Yellow Eggs - Turmeric Lavender - Grape Juice — There are lots of instructions, but in general, I boiled the ingredients for 30 minutes in a mixture of 2 cups water to 1 T white vinegar. Then, cooled the dye and soaked hard boiled eggs for different times to get different colors (1 hour up to overnight). It was fun to experiment! at Charlotte, North Carolina

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It’s legit! @charlotteangelsnonprofit is ready to start making a difference in the lives of kids! — Here is my amazing team switching our pin from white (upcoming) to gold with wings. — So proud of all our hard work getting to this point and SO excited for the future! 💗 at Buda, Texas

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🌸GIVEAWAY TIME!🌸 — Did you know that deodorant is one of the top ways you can add toxins to your body? This is because you put it on your body (right where your lymph nodes are!) everyday and leave it on, giving it plenty of time to be absorbed. If you are looking to decrease your toxic load, you should start with deodorant. — I’m excited to be partnering with @primallypure to giveaway one of their AMAZING CHARCOAL DEODORANTS! To win, simply do the following: 🌿Like this post 🌿Follow me and @primallypure 🌿Tag as many friends as you like in the comments. The more people you tag, the better your chances! — Giveaway ends on April 14th. Winner will be drawn live on my stories. Open to US residents only. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. GOOD LUCK! at Charlotte, North Carolina

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Did you have a romantic relationship when you were growing up that you just never got over? Maybe decades later, that person still pops into your mind now and again...even without prompt. This is kind of how my body is with sugar. The “sugar demon” is always inside of me. It never truly goes away. No matter how clean my diet is. Whether I’ve done one or four rounds of Whole30. It doesn’t matter if I eat a perfectly nutritious dinner, I will still want ice cream afterwards and not be satisfied. — I’ve been working on my gut health the past few months and have noticed a significant improvement...as long as I don’t indulge in anything like Easter candy or birthday cake. If I do, that sugar demon comes roaring back. 👹 — Anyone else feel like this? at Charlotte, North Carolina

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If you are anything like me, you struggle to eat a balanced diet. Do fruits and vegetables not appeal to you? Does your body crave carbs and fat? Me too. 🙋🏼‍♀️ — One thing that helps me is smoothies. I try to have one a day and sneak veggies into it. My favorite is this recipe: • Unsweetened vanilla coconut milk • 1/2 banana • Handful of strawberries • Vanilla protein powder • 1/4 of diced, frozen cauliflower • 1/4 avocado • 1/4 cup chopped frozen spinach — Blend and enjoy! 💗 at Charlotte, North Carolina

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Since it was snowing in #charlotte this morning, I thought I’d break out some warm oatmeal for breakfast one last time. You know, before the 90+ heat hits us like a ton of bricks! — This bowl of oats was made with my favorite vanilla Complete protein powder (contains ancient grains, probiotics, and ground up veggies!), organic blueberries, unsweetened coconut flakes, and a drizzle of honey. 🙌 at Charlotte, North Carolina

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When people look at these kids, they see two healthy, thriving (and happy) kids. — When I look at these kids, I see a nine year old that struggles daily with ADHD, but is no longer on Ritalin and is doing great in school. He also struggled with his gut for many, many years, but is now issue-free! And, the best part is that he has not been on antibiotics in YEARS! — I see a five year old who was born with a tumor and NOT thriving for the first few years of her life. Her hair and nails now grow long and strong. She no longer complains about aches in her legs, and she happily goes to the bathroom on a normal basis. And, just like her brother, she has been antibiotic-free most of her life (despite her less than stellar diet). — I owe all of this to 4 small gummies that these kids take every morning. That’s why I made it a mission to share them with friends and family! We are forever grateful for them. 💗 at Charlotte, North Carolina

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A mid-week trip down to Atlanta turned out to be quite the splurge for me and the littles. While these @simplydonedonuts were ah-mazingly delicious, I knew I had to follow them up with a healthy meal. Swipe left for the dinner I served to get back on track. 👉🏻 — This bowl of @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi, shredded chicken, and spinach is super easy to throw together and nutritious. Plus, my kids will eat it! 🙌 — Do you have a go-to healthy meal to get you back on track after a splurge? at Simply Done Donuts

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