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2 days ago

Since going short, my personal style has definitely changed. I’m loving more linen based, flowy, boho lines. What else do you think I could pull off coz I be struggling 😂 . . . #kualalumpur #ootdsummer #barefaceselfie

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24 days ago

Saying goodbye to the blonde and need another photo to commemorate it before we start fresh ❤️ Enjoy the dramatic close up of my face 😂 . . #balddiaries #kualalumpur #malaysia

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2 months ago

It’s reached an age where I’m getting really excited about getting a job, getting my own property/place and decorating it to my tastes, getting some potted plants and definitely to stop living out of a suitcase. Really enjoyed the particular aesthetic of this air bnb. To capture the moment, I decided to stick myself in the photo 😂 Boleh relate kah ppl? . . . #brownbaldie #airbnb #malaysia #kualalumpur

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2 months ago

Finally ticked off another item on my bucket list. I know this look is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m happy with it and I feel bomb AF so if you’ve got nasty opinions, keep it to yourself 😘 . . . #balddiaries #blonde

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3 months ago

The last couple of months have been really draining mentally for me and it’s been a constant effort to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for. • After 3 years of studying in Bachelor of Science, I finally managed to get into medical school and as of last year graduate from it. Now it comes to the waiting period. Where you’ve just finished and you’re waiting for you posting. For me personally I’ve got to do SPM, which some say is easy but I find daunting especially since the last time I was in high school was a good 9 years ago. • It feels like as soon as I’ve got through one hoop another one is placed in front of me. Sitting and waiting for a posting also has led to a lot of doubt creeping in my mind as to whether I’d be a “good doctor”, will I have the skill and knowledge especially since these last months have made me realise how much I’ve forgotten. • I’m so thankful for the strong support group of family and friends that I have who listen to my worries and who help calm and distract me. • In a nutshell, here’s a reminder to sit, breathe, smile and reconnect with yourself before you let the self-doubt, fear and intrusive thoughts take control. . . #midweekreflection #bethankfulalways

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3 months ago

Currently in the midst of reevaluating myself, trying new things and reinventing my personal style. I just want to remind people to be kind. If anything anyone does is not your cup of tea but it’s not harming you, please be respectful. Thanks to @maryambayam for the styling and the JAMILA batik bow hoops ♥️ . . #betterinbatik #hijabifashion #peepthatglow at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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