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After three long years of filming, I'm proud of the cast, crew, and First Nations that brought the #GreatBearIMAX to life. Thanks to everyone who contributed their time, talents, and voices to this massive undertaking. Special thanks to @heiltsukcouncil@spiritbearbc@spiritbearresearch, and @gitgaatspirit, for their contributions and for the continued stewardship of their territories, in which they have allowed us to work. Thanks to @vancityreynolds for lending your voice to this project, and to @hanszimmer and @anze.rozman for #BleedingFingersMusic for the moving score that is woven through the film, which is produced by Jeff Turner and River Road Films, edited by @penparc1958 and mixed by Tim Archer. And a big thanks to Kyle Washington and @SeaspanULC for making it all happen. Join me on February 21st for a special presentation of the film at the @royalbcmuseum in Victoria. Details are in the link in my bio. Looking forward to seeing you there. @macfreefilms #GreatBearRainforest . . . #ExploreBC #ig_discover_wildlife #wildlife_seekers #wildernessculture #conservation #wildlifephotography #pnwonderland at IMAX VICTORIA

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Happy Valentine’s Day. For all things wild and free. #valentines

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Cutting edge camera technology played a huge role in allowing us to film the wildlife and special moments in the #GreatBearIMAX, including the high speed #PhantomFlex, which we used to capture this great moment. It's not always as easy as it looks, being a bear...The film is coming to theatres in two days. Looking forward to seeing the cast and crew tonight for the premiere in Victoria. Thanks to the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai'Xais, and Gitga'at First Nations who have sent representatives down for the premieres. This shot by Sam Ellis was captured in Gitga'at territory. @heiltsukcouncil @spiritbearbc @spiritbearresearch @gitgaatspirit Music by @hanszimmer and @anze.rozman for #BleedingFingersMusic. #GreatBearRainforest @macfreefilms @hellobc @vancityreynolds @pacificwild at Great Bear Rainforest

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“Going out on a limb” definitely means different things to different people but mostly I love the saying because it means stepping away from protection and safety. It is here, in this kind of environment, that progress and change are most often found. However, being able to sleep so comfortably out on that thin limb, so far off the deck, is something we may just have to learn from bears. #sundayramble

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Fresh out of LA - here is the very first 70mm film reel to be made for the Great Bear IMAX film and i have to say, it looks pretty damn good. Opening here to public on Feb 15th. @ontariosciencecentre. Image: @d.leowinata

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Deciding on a favourite image, especially when selecting for a book, is such a subjective process. I am always amazed how so many photo editors can have such varied opinions about my images but when I think of the process that is involved in making certain images and how that influences my own view of them it is understandable. For example, I spent a week in the pouring rain watching this spirit bear family fishing for coho salmon on the other side of the river but there was no way that I could get to them because the river was in full flood. On the last day of my trip I couldn’t wait for the rains to stop any longer and I decided to put my camera gear in a pelican case and swim for it. I managed to get to the other side of the river and later in the day the bears walked down the fallen tree, mom bear jumped in the river and just as she swung around with a fresh coho salmon in her mouth I pulled out my camera and managed a few frames before the rain covered the front of the lens. So is it a favourite image because I sat in the rain for a week and swam a flooded river to make it happen or does it stand on its own? My friend @thomaspeschak gave me some great advice a bunch of years ago. “Forget the editors, if you love the image that is all that matters.” Now this advice might not always get you published but at the end of the day it should be what matters most. #conservationphotography @ilcp_photographers @natgeoimagecollection @pacificwild #spiritbear

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There may be only 200 hundred Spirit Bears in the world, making them one of the rarest bears on the planet. To see two in one day, and to have them in the same frame for an IMAX film is a dream come true for all the crew that worked on the #greatbearimax film. With so much gratitude to the Gitga’at Nation and to @gitgaatspirit for this opportunity. Coming soon to the Giant Screen. @hellobc @gitgaatspirit @pacificwild @macfreefilms #greatbearrainforest www.greatbearrainforestfilm.com

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The #greatbearrainforestimax film crew and the Kitasoo Xaixais First Nation grizzly bear researchers take a moment after a super fun and productive couple of days shooting the grizzly bear sequence. This was the magical day that a grizzly bear wandered into the middle of our rainforest set and of course no one needed to be told to keep rolling the cameras. So stoked to see this on the Giant Screen soon and also to see young @mercedz_jade light up the screen with her infectious smile and in-depth knowledge of her culture and territory. #greatbearimax @macfreefilms @pacificwild @spiritbearresearch @spiritbearbc www.greatbearrainforestfilm.com @hellobc

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Over the last three years, I was part of a crew that spent over 400 days through the BC central and north coast filming the Great Bear Rainforest IMAX Film. Over 7000 nautical miles, nearly 200 dives, 400 terabytes of media, 9 broken propellors, 5 hurricane force events, 2,400 feet of 70mm film, 22 different deckhands (all of them amazing) and a whole lot more. Now the #greatbearimax film is getting close to hitting the giant screen and somehow I have been convinced to talk about it on camera. Actually kinda looking forward to it. Today at 2pm PST I’ll be doing an Instagram Live on @pacificwild talking about making of the film and answering any questions you might have. See you there. #greatbearimax #greatbearrainforest #explorebc #wildernessculture @macfreefilms @hellobc Photo by @d.leowinata

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Clearly, as wolves disappear, so does much of the wild nature that wolves signify and that people depend on for spiritual nourishment and physical sustenance. Wolves and people are both understood to be victims of unrestrained industrial progress. From this perspective, wild wolves living in wild areas of the Great Bear Rainforest provide hope for many that not all has been lost. Ironically, the species once regarded as a threat to our survival is turning out to be a test of how likely we are to live sustainably in the natural world. From #lastwildwolves @greystonebooks @pacificwild #savebcwolves

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Every spring, one little silver fish brings life back to the coast after the quiet of winter. From salmon to humpback whales, wolves to bears, shorebirds to raptors, herring feed the coast. The countless schools that make their way to inshore waters to spawn every year attract myriad creatures that feed on the fish themselves and their roe. This is the coast's #BIGLittleFish. And their last spawning population still open to the seine and gill net fishery is in the Georgia Strait. Do we really want to risk all of this for a fishery that reduces almost 90% of its catch to fishmeal? Or is it time to let these little fish recover, and our coastal ecosystems rebound? Sign the petition at @pacificwild (link in bio). Thanks to @d.leowinata for the beautiful herring video. at British Columbia

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