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@iamunwinewithtashak  But you can call me Tasha K.🤣 👑Queen of Real Talk Lover or Gossip &🍷 Link to New Videos🔻🔻🔻


11 hours ago

This will be an extravaganza! I may put some Winos on the Private Venue list. We'll be serving 🍷 inside 🍼. 🤣Babyk🍼👶🏿 #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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1 day ago

I gotta Name Brand to build. Bad publicity is just as strong & goodt for the numbers. I don't care if you YouTubers dont like me, just drag me with facts. Email me, we will give you names, numbers, etc... you can verify everything....next stop reality show🍷 #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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1 day ago

Mannnn y'all will Never guess which 2 men, a Married Celebrity & LHH Star @briannaamor is sleeping with. Let's just say 1 allegedly gave her an ____! But why is sis living in an ATL apartment catching ___ and sleeping with other people's husbands?? Sis was scamming in Dubai, & now this??? STAY TUNED... interview coming soon. This Wine is Expensive🍷🍷🍷 #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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2 days ago

@briannaamor Why did you waste this man's money on this botched surgery??? The community peen got your head messed up. Stay Tuned.. Winos! We got a story that's unwinding every plastic surgery she's had and the cat she's sold in Dubai, well tried to sell, they gave it back when she arrived.... 🤣 #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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2 days ago

If you got info from another channel, ask that same channel to update you. Dont ask me nothing. It's only fair they give you all the news since you got the shat from them.🤣 I met my goal for 2018! 2019 goals are on track. So are the money goals. 1 million this year in cash & subs! Let's Go! 🥂 Google pays a bitch goodt! #focused #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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2 days ago


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3 days ago

#Babyk👶🏿🍼is healthy and preparing for its grand arrival!🙏🙌 Feels goodt to be able to plan and afford for a baby to come. Stay Tuned, New videos to start dropping tomorrow on my Main channel. Also my 2nd channel will be developed into a Podcast. We will be casting for local Atlanta Talent in the coming months. Be on the lookout for that notification if your intrested.🙏🙏🙏 Love The Kebes....

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4 days ago

It's been 3 weeks! Doc said she'll give me clearance on Monday during the gender reveal! This probably explains my recent outbursts! 🤣🍷 #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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8 days ago

(Link in BIO) We're back Winos🍷at 7:30pm EST! I told yall 7pm but internet has been really slow today.😫 Grab your 🍷 we're in business! Road to 500k! #unwinewithtashak #Nowigottagobye

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