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6 days ago

Posture assessment is very important for my protocol to find the dysfunctions and weakness to prescribe the best action plan. This is a example of one of my younger surfers: A beautiful scoliosis that don’t going to stop him but can generate back pain in future and be one of the reasons of poor performance.. #spine #surfer #surfing #capacity #energy #exercise #bjj #power #core #waves #performance #posture #correctiveexercise #mobility #surfmovement #holisticprohealth #breathe at Holistic Pro Health Performance

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17 days ago

You may notice your knees caving inward during your squat, jump and landing. That can put the knees at greater risk of injury... If you have tight or weak hips, ankle,and glutes. In especially your gluteus medius (glute muscle that abducts the leg). The gluteus medius play a great role in the stabilisation of the pelvic follow by gluteus max, piriforme and deep core muscles. The gluteus medius might be the most important for weakness causes such problems at ITB syndrome and patella-femoral syndrome. That will cause knee pain, lower back pain and hip pain.. The Superman Deadlift with Swiss Ball one of the best exercises I love to give to my clients to correct they stability and strength the gluteus. #capacity #power #performance #core #life #bjj #athlete #surf #surfer #surftraining #waves #surfing #holisticprohealth #breathe at CareClub Itaim

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17 days ago

At rest, the average adult takes 10 to 15 breaths per minute, with a volume of about 0.5 litres, producing a minute ventilation(Ve) of 7.5 L-min(15 x 0.5). The volume of each breath depends on body size and metabolic rate. Larger people have larger lungs and take larger breaths; they also require more energy and oxygen (O2) to support their metabolism; accordingly, they require a large (Ve). During exercise, the rate and depth of breathing in order to deliver a high (Ve) and oxygen uptake(VO2); this response is know as the exercise hyperpnoea, and requires the respiratory muscles to contract more force fully and shorten more quickly. At rest, expiratory muscles make very little contribution to breathing, but during exercise they contribute to raising Vt and respiratory air-flow rate. However, at all intensities of exercises the majority of the work of breathing is undertaken by the inspiratório muscles; expiration is always assisted to some extent by the elastic energy that is store in the expanded lungs and ribs cage from the preceding inhalation. This elastic energy is donated by the contraction of the inspiratory muscles as they stretched and expanded the chest during inhalation. Travelling for sharing and learning. Today I have a big opportunity for every time I’m come to Brazil, spend some time with my friend Doc Franz @fburini (sport doctor) sharing and doing some tests. #capacity #meditation #breathe #waves #surf #yoga #bjj #life #power at CareClub Itaim

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19 days ago

With The Holistica Movement method. You will became fluent in an approach that uses the simplest and most effective terms, movements and techniques to create optimum learning, freedom and flow of movements, and overall well being. Course objectives: Move Well, Move Stronger, Move Better for Your Whole Life. Holistica Movement method was created throughout my 20+ years as a coach training and rehabilitating high level athletes, and life athletes. The Holistic Movement is an introduction to the Holistic Pro fitness and well-being system for those who want to build a solid foundation to develop great physical competencies, movement and mental skills. The first course will be on 14th to 16th of June. We have a early bird price until 15th of May. For more info please www.holisticph.com/seminar.com #life #flow #holistic #motivation #movement #power #breathe #meditation #surf #bjj #yoga #mobility #performance #dream #athlete #capacity #waves #mind

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We want to teach your body to move correctly, fluidly and improve your overall strength. Head over to our website, signup for our newsletter and get your first group class free! This is valid for all first time students. at Holistic Pro Health Performance

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The layback is a surfing manoeuvre where the surfer literally lays back on a wave. One of the extreme tricks in surfing and high score in competition. The Layback movement is one of the movements I’ve developed to help improve the flow of the joints and strength the body on the position they have to be.. This exercise not only helps layback but also different movement with ankle, knee, hips and shoulder related. Please try do it,record yourself, post, tag us and send your feedback.

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