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14 hours ago

'With a matching top and skirt you always have an extra "dress" in the closet. That's conscious shopping!” @saranuru @ilonasmet #HM #HMConscious Dress: 0745306001 Lyocell-blend top: 0735496001 Lyocell-blend skirt: 0770658001 Long lyocell-blend dress: 0758784001

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1 day ago

The future is yours. Let's take care of it together. #HMConscious Cotton twill dress: 0754979001 Short T-shirt: 0762048003 Lyocell shorts: 0754492001 Off-the-shoulder top: 0766028002 Cotton twill skirt: 0745312001 Loose-knit cardigan: 0679854007 Top: 0756400001 Lyocell shorts: 0754492003 Top: 0756400001 Pull-on lyocell trousers: 0746518001 Sandals: 0710056001 Dress with buttons: 0742090002

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1 day ago

What would you call this orange hue? Sunrise, tangerine or warm apricot? #HM Make-up bag: 0755659001 Sandals: 0737432001 Sunglasses: 0749968003 Ribbed jersey dress: 0676979004 Cotton shirt dress: 0795772001

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2 days ago

It's all in the little things. #HMConscious Top: 0756400001 Pull-on lyocell trousers: 0746518001 Earrings: 0696793001 Off-the-shoulder top: 0766028002 Cotton twill skirt: 0745312001 3 pairs earrings: 0775198001 Dress: 0732729001

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2 days ago

Warming copper tones and sweet apricot hues β€” the heat is on! Get in on the new beauty trend with flaming colours! πŸ”₯ #HMBeauty Eye colour palette: 0641349002 Eyeliner: 0273784007 Mascara: 0306998001 Lip gloss: 0618661003 Contouring Brush: 0629926001 Nail polish: 0616638002

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2 days ago

H&M is one of the world’s biggest users of recycled polyester made from PET bottles, like this top from our latest Conscious Collection. And this is just the beginning. By 2030 all of our materials will either be recycled or sustainably sourced. #HM #HMConscious

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3 days ago

Our new perfumes Florious and Noite Carioca have notes of melon, peach and mango! #HMBeauty Eau de toilette: 0690290001 Eau de toilette: 0690289001

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3 days ago

It is something beautiful in having your old garments turned into something new again! Do you recycle your clothes? ♻️ @rosariodawson @saranuru #HM #HMConscious #HMGarmentCollecting Lace tube top: 0735533001 Lace skirt: 0735541001 Bohemian top: 0735532001 Wide trousers: 0735539002

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3 days ago

When fabulousness meet sustainability. πŸ’–πŸŒ± Read more about our Conscious Collection online! #HMConscious Lyocell-blend top: 0735496001 Lace skirt: 0735541001

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