2 hours ago

Low-key trying to get my friends to move back with snack spreads and letter boards #noshame at Bluffton, Georgia

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2 days ago

Little baby white oak leaves beginning to emerge. Happy spring! at White Oak Pastures

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4 days ago

Thank you to my family, both chosen and biological, who came out to show their support and listen to my story. Definitely my first time being vulnerable about such a deeply personal event in front of a packed house. Luckily, some lessons learned from a life in #regenerativeagriculture helped me put it all into perspective. A huge thank you to Emma and Kellie for coaching me through the whole process ❤️ at Highland Inn & Ballroom Lounge

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10 days ago

Excited to be speaking at an upcoming Story Collider show on 3/19. The Story Collider is dedicated to true, personal stories about science. With shows throughout the year in 14 cities, producers Kellie Vinal and Emma Yarbrough are putting on the event in conjunction with the Atlanta Science Festival. If you’re looking for something to do Tuesday night, come listen to me tell the story of how regenerative agriculture helped change the course of my life after a major upheaval | tickets $10 | link in bio #storycollider at Highland Inn & Ballroom Lounge

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12 days ago

Found this incredible contorted filbert (Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick) in Atlanta this weekend at Atlanta, Georgia

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15 days ago

“U-R-A—Q-T. Is your dad a dealer cuz you’re drugs to meee.” at Atlanta, Georgia

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18 days ago

I might be smiling at this going away party, but I’m crying on the inside. We’ll miss you, Ban and Alli 😭 at Bluffton, Georgia

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22 days ago

Gonna miss seeing my sweet sugar bb Alena on the regular 😞. Busting in on her leather workshop during my breaks and slightly rearranging her meticulously-aligned tools brought me a joy like no other. The woman who can take a perfect selfie staring directly into the sun is off to start her own flower farm—and my friendship will haunt her like the subpar leather scraps neatly piled underneath her work station (they would’ve made perfectly good keychains). Can’t wait to plan my road trip to VA ❤️ #annoyedbyfloyd #stayforever #aretheseearrings at Bluffton, Georgia

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28 days ago

My sister came to visit me and I’m going to repay her by taking credit for these photos that I promise I took. at Bluffton, Georgia

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1 month ago

I was looking through my photos and found ~15k pics of this massive pecan orchard otw to Charleston what is wrong with me now I’m sharing them with you #pecanproud at Fatboys

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1 month ago

Sunsets in this sweet home of mine are something else at Bluffton, Georgia

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