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Oh how sweet a little peace and calm can be. If only vacations could happen how and when we need them most. Life is beautiful chaos that is at times challenging and exhausting and also tender and lovely. There are moments, particularly when every area of life seems to demand our attention at once or when the world in general seems to be at a disturbing tipping point, that an ability to stay grounded can seem difficult to grasp. Knowing how to stay calm and centered during stressful times is a bit of an art form that most of us have had to teach ourselves - continually. Stress patterns are taught and often passed down for generations. But one of the loveliest things about being human is that we each have the capacity to grow and strive toward a healthier existence. *** A few minutes of yoga, a long run, some quiet time sitting outside, watching a favorite comedy; coping tools are essential when it comes to easing the stress of the everyday. As a parent, sister, friend, coworker we can 100% change the energy in the room by owning our own stress and working to alleviate it in healthful ways. *** In today’s fast paced society 1 in 3 will go to a doctor’s office about overwhelming anxiety or stress – and walk out with a prescription in hand. Collectively we’re not doing very well when it comes to managing stress. Short-term medicated help is never an issue and can truly be a lifesaver for some but the problem that we have in this country is an overprescribing of long-term medication that doesn’t address the root cause. *** Anxiety and debilitating stress are complex but they can be conquered with a comprehensive approach. Extensively used in Asia and Europe, even with children, L-theanine (the amino acid found in Green Tea) is something that we should all have on hand when stress is all consuming and a downward dog, massage, or vacation just aren’t in the cards. Our clinically validated, Non-GMO L-theanine works within 15-20 minutes to promote a state of calm and centered focus, without drowsiness. *** Create new stress pathways and make a list of what you’d like to put in your stress response ‘toolbox’. Stock it and practice using it regularly. ✨💕🌿🤸🏽‍♂️👊🏼

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Kindness. There’s a heck of a lot of noise in life that simply doesn’t matter and amidst it all please, please, please: stay close to kindness. ✨✨✨ In this important month of mental health awareness and in each and every one of our days, kindness needs to be at the top of our to-do lists. By showing kindness to ourselves we expand and grow. Kindness in and of itself is warming and it pushes out stagnation and flows through us with life. When we are kind we dissolve the toxicity that detached cruelty perpetuates. ✨✨✨ So often kindness is the missing ingredient in our modern health care model. Profit before people permeates the prescriptions, the bills, the careless advice, the absolute disconnect of not properly working in conjunction with the body’s innate healing mechanisms, and the void of sound nutritional wisdom. The beautiful thing about approaching health and life – approaching yourself and others with kindness – is that good happens. ✨✨✨ To measure each day by how much kindness you’ve shared with yourself and others is the truest way to amass a priceless fortune. What if each day you awoke and said to yourself: my singular responsibility today is to breathe in and behave in kindness. ✨✨✨ To be on the receiving end of a kind gesture is one of life’s yummiest feelings, but something quite profound happens when you consciously decide to share kindness with others – you receive copious amounts of care and good turns. ✨✨✨ Sometimes in order to be kind we need to pause before we speak, pause before we react, and sometimes we simply need to pause. ✨✨✨ Charge forth and surround yourself with kind people, spend time in kind places (nature of course), support and promote kind companies, follow kind influencers, and always, always, always: stay close to kindness. This is how we win. ✨✨✨ #wisdom2share #womenshealth #mentalhealth #hervitalway #energizedliving #kindness #strongertoday

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Time. Nature runs on a different clock and everything we need to know about health and wellness can be found by studying the seasonal, root to rise flow of her steady measure. When you’ve been gardening for years you learn that everything has its time and that calendula will bloom when she’s ready to – and not a minute before. You also learn that the most profound changes happen underground and that when quiet attention is given to the bounty below, the above can truly blossom. ✨🌱🌸💫 Schisandra Berry takes her time and quietly restores. She assesses the situation, listens very carefully to all sides and then patiently gets to work with a loving resilience and unflappable resolve to right the wrongs, while doing no harm. We like to say that she collects the pieces that have been forgotten and mends the tears while firmly showing the door to all that does not serve harmony. All that she asks for in return is one’s trust and patience. 🧘🏽‍♀️🏔🌬🐛 Schisandra berry alone has balanced our hormones, calmed our cares, reduced our viral load and silenced viral outbreaks while strengthening our constitution, awakened fertility, energized digestion, and restored productive rest cycles. Over time, this favorite adaptogenic herb, has become our greatest plant ally. 🌿✨⏱When we spend more energy nourishing what can’t be seen and trust that goodness will arise, we acknowledge both a respect for the ways of the earth and a respect for ourselves that is sustainable and harmonious. Each of us can decide which clock we choose to live by. Study nature, stay close to nature, follow the pace of nature, and always, always, always - root to rise. 🥕☀️👏🏼💕👊🏽 #wisdom2share #proactivesupport #strongertoday #truehealth #nature #roottorise #womenshealth #adaptogens #hervitalway #schisandraberry #schisandrala

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Care. There is a magical splendor in getting to know how to care for your being. It’s an empowering, exhilarating, often humbling – and sometimes giddy journey toward realizing the unique care that you as an individual on planet earth require. To say that you care is a vulnerable, brave, simple, and yet very active expression that shows a genuine commitment towards protecting and proclaiming all at once. ✨🌿👊🏽 Each of us requires a certain amount of care and no two of us are alike in just what that special care recipe is. Amidst all of the noise, advice, well-intentioned friends, family, experts – you owe it to yourself to find your unique kind of care. 🌱🌝💫 Of course this comes with a warning: once you find your special care you’ll become wildly protective of it – because it’s yours and you worked hard for it and because finding your care is a wholly worthwhile, liberating endeavor that has heightened and enlivened every area of your life. 🤸🏽‍♀️🥦🧘🏼‍♀️🌟🍐❤️ #wisdom2share #proactivesupport #energizedliving #strongertoday #hervitalway #womenshealth #care

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Balance. It’s everything. The body constantly strives to keep all systems working towards a harmony that is vital to our wellbeing. In everything that we do, think, feel - we either help the body in its quest for equilibrium or hinder it. In this moment-by-moment capture that the world is currently fixated on it can be a struggle to remember that the body is multifaceted and approaches life with a resilience and forgiveness that can teach us all about full-picture living. ✨⚖️ Play and enjoyment are important components of energized living. All work and no play makes for a dull life indeed, but too much indulgent play for far too long and we create a host of work for the body that makes balance difficult to achieve. In one month we can run the gamut on the wellness spectrum. That’s life. Everything in moderation as my wise Grandmother used to say. Like it or not alcohol is hard on the body, particularly if it’s consumed every day. When alcohol gets into the bloodstream it impacts the heart and the brain, our hormones, and it creates a heck of a lot of work for the liver. 🙁👎🏼 What’s worse is that a lot of people turn to Ibuprofen and Aspirin when they’ve had too much alcohol the night before or consume a big fatty meal for breakfast to ‘absorb’ the alcohol. Egads all are extremely hard on the liver so you’re just compounding the problem from the body’s point of view. 🤢😓 Liver support is what’s going to get you back to feeling like your best self. So counter indulgence by stepping up your move and groove routine, filling your water canister multiple times, noshing on cleansing foods, and each morning and evening reaching for some extra plant medicine support from one of our favorite detoxifiers: Milk Thistle. 🌿🥒🍋🍎 To see a milk thistle growing in all of its glory is to know that it holds great medicine. It’s stunning and fierce with sharp thistles jetting out all over and milking white veins that contrast strikingly vibrant flowers. Cherished for its detoxifying properties, we love how milk thistle makes us feel more energized. So how does it do this? Well milk thistle helps to increase glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is the body’s ⬇️ cont'd

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Diversity. It’s a vital and beautiful thing. The body responds to diversity in blissful ways and as health practitioners we love reminding our clients to expand their thinking and grab an array of different greens, fruits, seeds and whole foods that challenge the norm. Think color and lots of it! The exquisitely brilliant thing about nature is that each color represents an abundance of different phytonutrients that offer unique healing attributes to our cells. Colors that feed the eyes, the heart, the skin – colors that help detoxify – colors that improve energy – colors that fight inflammation – colors that provide digestive energy, challenge our moods, fuel our thoughts – and yes, even awaken compassion (it’s true). ✨🌿💓 It’s easy to forget and it seems to be part of the human condition to fall into routines, but it can be a trap. Buying the same items week after week, simply because we’re familiar with them, limits our existence and our vitality. What we expose ourselves to everyday we become. Think of the body falling into a regular routine of unpacking the same nutrients and actives day in and day out. Yikes. The last thing we want is for the body to become stagnant and sleepy without access to the bounty of diversity that exists in nature. 🥬🍓🥝🍠🥑 Every system in our being needs energy, circulation and F L O W and that is achieved by an infusion of diverse thoughts, movements, and nutrients. Green, orange, red, black, yellow, brown, purple, white, blue – and every shade thereof - it’s kind of awesome just how colorful and energetic real food is. See how colorful your plate can be and commit to eating this way at every meal. Then pay attention when you start consuming these colors and feel which foods are grounding, cleansing, or which ones give you sustained energy or an improved outlook. 😉✨🤗 The next time you go food-shopping set an intention to not buy anything that you’ve eaten recently. What?! Yes, go crazy and awaken true cellular potential. Normally eat spinach salads? Grab arugula. Are you an apple every day person? Grab pears. Pick up a dragon fruit instead of kiwis or yucca instead of potatoes. Ever swap purple cabbage for green? ⬇️ cont’d

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A body body body is a beautiful thing! Love it up and shower it with glowing goodness and gratitude. We’re always perplexed at just how much fear and ‘sick talk’ there is in our society and for the most part we think a lot of companies would like us to run around feeling like we’re just not that well. How we feel about our body, our health, our Self is everything. At her vital way we challenge the notion that sickness abounds and we encourage every person to come from a place that says “I am fierce and vital and I stand in amazement at what my body can do – I am here to unleash the best version of myself”. So listen you crazy rebels who celebrate wellness and work with the body to achieve giddy energized living through patience, love, respect and determination– keep up the great work of striving and listening to yourself and pledge to ignore the naysayers!!! ✨✨💪🏼👊🏽🙌✨✨ #wisdom2share #womenshealth #proactivesupport #energizedliving #hervitalway #healthexists #wellness #listentothebody #strongertoday

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Love that we get to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay every day with our stupendous clients and customers and our fierce she-rocks-it-everday collaborators @thefprojectco @heymamaco @spiritedmarin. Here’s to the instigators and champions of the #fierceandvital #strongertoday #wisdom2share #community that celebrates #inclusivity #diversity #womenshealth and #nextgenerationofgirls @chelsealovesyoga that is the blissful reality of today, tomorrow, and forever! ✨✨✨✨✨ To every woman out there: Take this minute to picture you, as you are right now, and then acknowledge your own fierceness. Now let a massive smile spread across your entire face. We spend a lot of our lives wanting something more – more love, more acceptance, and more acknowledgement from others; acknowledgment of our worth – when in reality we are the only ones who can give that. 💕✨ When we take the time to look back honestly and with great understanding about our journey, we allow ourselves to see the growth, and the tremendous perseverance. 💪🏼✨ Let’s set out to admire more, love more, and care for more, the very person that matters most - and then let’s enjoy the peace, gratitude, love, acceptance, giddy joy, humility, and good health that imbues our days. ❤️✨🙌🏼👊🏼😘🌿

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Showing up for our cells – it’s not something that most of us are ever taught to think about and yet each day it is the most profound thing that we can do to stay energized in our thoughts, actions, health, emotions, and awareness. When we are energized we are more likely to show up as our best self for the world. Now more than ever the world needs our best cells and our best selves to show up. // The greater our understanding is of the body and what our cells need in order to express vitality and longevity, the easier it becomes to fight for total wellness. There is a magnificent community that exists within each of us and it’s humbling and inspiring to think about what our cells achieve everyday on our behalf. Each of us represent a beautiful, collaborative, diverse, creative, loving and functioning community of the most staggering proportions!! // As if everything in our life depends on it, we need to find the foods, the people, the work, the causes, the actions, the wellness protocol that together make us feel most alive and work every day to make our cells wildly happy and energized. // Vitamin C simply doesn’t get enough credit; it has a hand in just about every function that the body needs to perform. We call it the happy vitamin because it merrily helps our cells gobble up harmful bacteria and viruses while energizing cellular function. What types of cellular functions? Well it works to enhance collagen formation, maintain healthy cartilage, bones, teeth, boost exercise benefits, accelerate wound healing, prevent scurvy, improve iron absorption, support optimal blood pressure, combat free-radicals, improve eye conditions and it helps our cells defend against a host of environmental toxins – just to name a few!! ✨👊🏼🍊 Now the body doesn’t make its own Vitamin C. Thankfully, some of the tastiest vegetables and fruits that exist like berries, greens, citrus, apples, brassicas and peppers satisfy our cellular need for C. But what about during times of illness, extreme stress or when we are recovering from injury or surgery, or simply not close to an adequate supply of fresh food? Does the body benefit from Vitamin C supplementation? You bet! Continued⬇

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True health’s a many-splendored thing and how lovely that it can happen by making small changes each day that surprise our cells out of their foggy slumber. The best way to wake up sleepy pathways that are burdened by the repetition of inflammation causing routines is to replace harmful ingredients with wholesome ones. When we commit to working with the body in respectful, multi-benefit ways that encourage a balanced microbiome, beautiful changes emerge. 💫👊🏼🌿 Made from 100% Oregon Cranberries with the highest levels of active proanthocyanidins (36 mg PAC’s) - Cranberex has been confirmed by two clinical studies and is recommended by urologists, naturopaths, and pharmacists nationwide to promote urinary health. Working via a powerful anti-adhesion activity that prevents bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract wall, Cranberex is safe for long-term usage and is a highly effective, whole fruit, supplement alternative. ✨🤗💪🏼 Imagine for a moment that disruptive UTI’s will affect about a half of all women in their lifetime and a significant number of athletes, diabetics, men, the elderly, and the vast majority of dementia patients worldwide. That’s a staggering number of individuals who all deserve an affordable, validated solution, without harmful side effects. ✨🌿❤️ At less then $0.30 a capsule and with a multitude of benefits that also support gut, eye, and heart health, what’s not to love about our affordable, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegan, 36 mg PAC Cranberex? Keep a bottle on hand and tell a friend to use code CRAN20 and enjoy 20% off our already reduced pricing. #wisdom2share #proactivesupport #urinaryhealth #oregoncranberries #womenshealth #bladderhealth #uti #strongertoday #hervitalway #cranberex #vegansupplements #gutmicrobiota #wealthshouldnotdictatehealth

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Here’s to the strong and passionately determined heart. Expanding and contracting 100,000 times and over 2,000 gallons a day – carrying oxygen, nutrient-rich blood, and hormones throughout the body, and serving as the center and very pulse of our emotions. The heart is an electrically charged powerhouse of perfection deserving of the utmost respect and attention. 💪❤️✨👊🏽 At her vital way we feel strongly that the heart is never to be ignored and that heart disease, the number one cause of death in women, is entirely preventable. So in this month of the heart and beyond, and in honor of dear friends in their prime that died too young, here is our loving outreach: // ❤ ❤ Let’s live by love and listen to our own rhythm because the day we stop listening to our own pulse is the day that we begin to slowly fade away into a less charged, less vital existence. Stay connected! Stay charged! // ❤ ❤ Heart function can become greatly compromised as hormones change, and yet so few women know this. Every woman after the age of 35 can benefit greatly from daily CoQ10 supplementation along with a commitment to natural hormone balancing lifestyle changes, and herbs like Schisandra berry and Chaste berry. // ❤ ❤ Reducing stress needs to become the number one priority for all women. Stress alters hormones and burdens the heart. Get honest about the cause of your stress and then create a plan to reduce it. // ❤ ❤ 1 in 4 women die from heart attacks every year and yet most women ignore the symptoms. Let’s commit to listening to our bodies and let’s get the word out to our friends: if you’re feeling winded, not sleeping well, or you feel pain in your shoulder or jaw or a tightness in your chest or back – don’t delay and see a doctor right away. // While the usual advice to engage in regular joyful exercise, consume mostly whole food nourishment, practice mindfulness and gratitude, take heart protective supplements, and make sleep a priority is all true; let’s not forget to love, love, love up our lives a heck of a lot more!! 💓✨❤️💕🌿🤗😘 #hearthealth #womenshealth #proactivesupport #hervitalway #CoQ10 #vegansupplements #energizedliving #heartdisease

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Our USDA Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil is our first omega product and one that we're wildly excited about. Providing an ideal profile of naturally occurring fatty acids, with a uniquely high proportion of Omega-7, Palmitoleic acid (31%-42%), Sea Buckthorn Oil is clinically proven to support healthy cholesterol levels, promote nourished skin, hair and nails, and to improve lubrication of dry tissue - including vaginal tissue. In fact, it is this ability to revitalize and restore tissue function that makes Sea Buckthorn Oil a must have for any woman wanting to be proactive about her health. ✨🌿✨ We love that plant omegas are a vegan and sustainable way to 'stay juicy' and full of life. As tissues age and hormone levels fluctuate an overall drying out occurs in the body. Consuming ample amounts of healthy omegas keeps tissues properly nourished so that they retain their ability to remain vital and energized. Nourished tissues also maintain their structural integrity making them less susceptible to degradation and injury. 😯 At her vital way we use Hi-Omega-7™ Sea Buckthorn Oil that is certified organic, and extracted by a sophisticated super-critical CO2 extraction process that results in separation and purification without any solvents. This oxygen-free manufacturing process protects the heat and oxygen sensitive fatty acids giving a superior and potent product at a superbly affordable price.✨🙌🏼👊🏼 #womenshealth #proactivesupport #energizedliving #hervitalway #hormones #menopause #womenlibido #wisdom2share

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#Repost @thefprojectco ・・・ Whether with collagen, skincare, fashion, or nutrition, we love supporting brands that bring out our inner glow! This week's giveaway features female-founded brands @alpinestartfoods, @leotanewyork, @hervitalway, and @munskincare. MŪN Skincare will be giving away their 20mL AKNARI Brightening Youth Serum ($95), Her Vital Way is giving away their Stress Support Trio: L-Theanine, SchisandraLa, and TurmerZing + Bonus Surprise ($80), Alpine Start is offering up their Trio: Original, Dirty Chai + Coconut Latte ($30), and lastly, Leota is giving away their Celeste Dress in Diagonal dot ($148). Learn more about these amazing companies and how they all got started at the link in bio. The rules to enter are as follows: 1. Like this photo 2. Follow @alpinestartfoods, @leotanewyork, @hervitalway, @munskincare, and @thefprojectco 3. Tag two or more friends in the comments - more tags = more entries! 4. Sign up for emails at link in bio Good luck, friends!! US Residents Only, winner will be announced and contacted via DM . . . #whattheF #Founders #alpinestartfoods #leota #leotanewyork #munskincare #beauty #goodskinday #skincare #naturalskincare #hervitalway #femalefounders #femalefounder #womeninbusiness #girlboss #ladyboss #inspiration #femaleentrepreneur

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Rather than setting goals that limit and restrict joy or tie it to some outcome only existence, we like to encourage a renewed focus on energy. If we truly connect to ourselves in the way that nature beckons us to, we begin to become aware of something incredibly powerful: our energy. When we pay attention to our energy we also pay attention to what robs us of that energy and we find ways to activate who we are and how we wish to live in this world. ✨💫 Each cell in the body is 'digesting’ the world around us and what we say, think, feel, eat, do, even who we surround ourselves with, impacts our cellular energy. Cells want to be energized. Cells want to have optimal nourishment. Cells want to rid the body of toxins. Cells want to perform thousands of elaborate, energetic processes on our behalf. ✨💕 It’s astonishing just how much we can accomplish when we have energy. Imagine optimizing the energy of the over 30 trillion cells all working to maintain balance, harmony, and energized living inside the walls of our being! Most of us know this and try to incorporate a lifestyle that energizes our being to the deepest core, so that our outlook is one that can devote time to the people and causes that matter most to us. But we’re all human and prone to times of injury, illness - anxiety, overwhelm, and general fatigue. Our greatest wish is for everyone is to live an energized life and that is why we started her vital way. ✨💓✨ There are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t naturally turn to herbs or supplements. We have a nation that is largely devoted to pharmaceuticals and looking only to treat symptoms, not root causes. But herbs and supplements can be a real game changer, and the kind push and proactive support that the body needs to return to energized living. 🌿✨ When we talk to people one thing we try to impress upon them is that a body in balance, naturally has energy. So we need to listen when the body’s vitality wanes - telling us something is not right, long before something becomes very, very wrong. When our cells are energized, our life is energized. #womenshealth #energizedliving #wisdom2share #fierceandvital #hervitalway #proactivesupport #selfcare

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Being in good company should be a running theme for us all in 2019. Thank you Spirited Marin and EO Products for sharing true beauty in all that you do together. Yes, yes, yes - generosity of spirit is insanely beautiful ✨✨✨ . #repost We’re so lucky to have so many companies in Marin supporting our wellbeing and sharing their wisdom! ✨ Sooooo, continuing the weekend w/ #skincaresunday👸...because the Spirited Marin Beauty box would not have been complete without a inner-beauty element 💓 . Aside from simply liking to say Schisandrala, the schisandra berry stress support supplements in the SM Beauty box from @hervitalway help keep our hormonal pathways healthy and balanced which promotes better sleep, metabolism, immunity, and, of course, vibrant skin/hair/nail health. 💓 Not to mention, @hervitalway is incomparably knowledgeable and wise and should be everyone’s go-to for all natural, nongmo, affordable, and effective supplements! . Uplift is new and limited from @everyoneproducts. Refreshing and inspiring, it is a synergistic blend of Grapefruit, Orange, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Lavender that is created to brighten and elevate your senses. Essential oils inspire creativity, lift your spirits, and change the vibe in any space. Plus, anything from @eoproducts and @everyoneproducts is simply worth having 😎 . AND, 100% of the proceeds for these boxes went to the Spirited Marin beneficiaries, so there’s also that insanely beautiful aspect of it all ✨

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Our society puts a great deal of energy into suppressing, blocking, synthesizing, and misrepresenting female hormones. It’s astonishing that most women never even reach full hormonal maturity before medications begin disrupting their delicate balance. It can then take years - often fraught with stress - for the natural order and rhythm that a woman should operate from to return. How extraordinary that so many plants are here to help bring hormones into a state of balance, naturally. Nature knows how to work with the body to guide and to heal and restore. ✨🌿 Schisandra Berry is a friend to all women and in a quiet steady way she helps women return to where they need to be; while helping the body adapt to and respond to stress with an energized liver, strong heart, and nourished endocrine system. It’s no wonder that traditional women in China and Russia have long revered the numerous skin and hair health benefits from this 5 flavor balancing berry. A liver that is optimized to detox and digest and an endocrine system that is truly nourished will naturally support a renewed luster and vitality to skin and hair. 💫💕 And yet, there is still so much more to admire and revere about Schisandra Berry and only through a long journey with her gentle ways can women begin to feel the subtle and substantial changes that unfold. Stress pathways that have been in place for years like cold sores, shallow breathing, sluggish digestion, irregular cycles, acne prone skin, and restless sleep will diminish and soon balance will prevail. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent. Complex and beautiful. Schisandra. 👊🏼✨❤️🌿 #womenshealth #hormones #proactivesupport #energizedliving #adaptogens #wisdom2share #herbsforwomen #menopause #fertility #skin

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Come see @hervitalway this weekend at the most magical holiday marketplace in the Bay Area! The beautiful being behind @spiritedmarin, Leslie Lorillo, has lovingly created a unique and festive shopping “village” focused on the fresh voices of Marin-based vendors while raising money for remarkable Marin-based beneficiaries: @Beyond Differences, @ExtraFood, and @MarinCASA. ✨✨✨ Vendors are local businesses without retail stores offering premium products that make the perfect thoughtful gifts this holiday season. Each vendor will be donating 25% of their sales to Spirited Marin's fundraising efforts! Get a free herbal consult with our founder; enjoy music, seasonal drinks, artisanal crafts, and wholesome goodies! Please invite your family and friends - let’s do some local good together this holiday season! #marin #localmarin #holidaybayarea #hervitalway

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