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@hermusicofficial  Part 2 is available on all digital outlets now! #IUsedToKnowHerEP Contact: jeanine@mbkentertainment.com


4 days ago

BLESSED. Thank you @fender for the PERFECT TRANSPARENT GUITAR!!!!!!!!! (That thang was heavy as hell lmao) and Thank you @coach @therealwourivice and @theDanlife!!!!! The amount of passion the whole team put into this look is unmatched. Love you guys so much!!!! And THANK YOU THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES to my fans that have been rooting for me and keeping it about the music!!!!! Thank you for praying for these moments with me, coming to my shows, and going hard for me! Thank you so much Jessie Collins and Ken for believing in me and my vision and allowing me to perform! And @tanishascott @iamjuszo @bassmanfoster @beincarrington @jeffgitty my amazing band, we really made this song come to life!!!!

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6 days ago

HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! NO WORDS!!!!!!! the moment i shared with my family when they made the announcement, was so special. Thank you to everyone who has been there since day one! And all my amazing fans that continue to come to my shows and put people on to my music. Mom, dad, Lil sis, i do this for you!!!!!! Thank you @recordingacademy also @bts.bighitofficial I LOVE YOU, THAT WAS SO SPECIAL!!!!!

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7 days ago

Last night was such good vibes. A celebration of not just nominations but the long journey leading up to this point. I’m trying to just sit in the moment and be present in it so I can look back and say wow, thank you God. Thank you to everyone who came! Thank you @basic_magazine and my MBK family for putting it together @jeaninemclean @mmiisshhaa @emperorjefficusceasar thank you to everyone who came and jammed and showed me so much love. I’m so grateful!!!!!!! This is what Its about! These moments!!!!!

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8 days ago

THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND QUINCY JONES. He said I was special and he knows cuz he felt it. And that’s all I needed before I take the stage on Sunday 🙏🏽 at Los Angeles, California

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9 days ago

“Woo child” 😂

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11 days ago

MAJORRRRR. UP IN TIMES SQUARE!!!!!!!! #mtvpush @mtv

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16 days ago

“Could’ve Been” Remix featuring @ToneStith is out on all digital outlets now.

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