4 days ago

Almost perfect weekend in Portugal 🇵🇹 🤯 Crashed while going for second in the last Lap at Race1 had a massive get off but somehow didn’t feel any problems in Race2 where I finished 2nd for 4th overall.. again🤷🏽‍♂️ Thanks to my team @fhracingteam / @jeremie_paynel_55 / Marc and @marczalmstra PC @shotbybavo

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11 days ago

There’s not much to say. In the first race someone just caused a Startcrash where I was stuck and burned under 3 bikes. Thanks to @calvinvlaanderen for lifting the bikes off me. So I fought really hard to come back to 11 without a front brake 2nd race went better I started 6th and as I was 3rd with one lap to go my bike stopped because of clutch issues. We’re still 3rd in the championship but this is not what we’re aiming for. Next weekend we’ll be back for some action in 🇵🇹 @shotbybavo

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18 days ago

Woop woop 🎉🥇🏆 🇳🇱 Dutch Masters @resaxel Got the overall win with 2-2 and was able to extend my points lead. Thanks to the Greencrew @fhracingteam PC: @huubmunsters

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1 month ago

Schönes Osterfest bei der Familie🐰💚

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2 months ago

Again a good but not perfect GP in Italy 🇮🇹 struggled a little bit Saturday but turned it around with 4/5 on Sunday again 1 point off the podium 💆🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♂️ 3rd in the world championship. Grande Team effort @fhracingteam @marcdereuver PC: @shotbybavo at Arco di Trento - Circuito Ciclamino

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2 months ago

Great weekend for me and the @fhracingteam and @kawasakimxgp in Matterly Basin 🇬🇧 I was battling for the win in Moto1 and got 3rd in Moto2. 2nd in the Championship now but still a long season. There’s so many people I actually need to say thank you to. Starting with my whole Family especially Mama&Papa / Christoph and Gina for the past years. @marcdereuver who’s been with me on track since I am the first day on the Kawasaki and also the whole Team including my teammates and Davy we work together and became a good group of people who are fighting for the Top. #ADACHTH #GTindustrieservice @rynopower @officialleatt 📸 @mxgp / @shotbybavo at Southampton Airport

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2 months ago

The impossible starts to get possible. 🔥

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3 months ago

Caption Time. What did @marcdereuver tell me there ? Comment with the most likes gets a 1month follow 😂 PC: @conwaymxphoto

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3 months ago

3-5 for 5th overall. Little bit bummed about being tied on points for 3rd but 19 more rounds to go. Thanks to the whole @fhracingteam and @marcdereuver @jeremie_paynel_55 Super Wochenende Leute ich bin erleichtert, dass das Training sich ausgezahlt hat und wir vorne mit dabei sind🔥🔥 Danke auch an @mjacobi29 und @chrispo322 fürs vorbei schauen war ja nicht weit und das 🇦🇷🥩 ging auch gut rein❤️ PC @shotbybavo

3k 39
3 months ago

RaceDay here in Argentina 🇦🇷 3rd yesterday. Let’s see what we can do today 🔥 @fhracingteam PC: @shotbybavo

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3 months ago

One week until we sit in a ✈️ to Argentina 🇦🇷 Can’t wait🔥💥 @fhracingteam PC/ @richkphotography

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