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Good Matcha Latte morning lovers ☺️🍵 Made simply with delicious matcha (my fave is from @organicburst 💚), homemade oat milk, stevia & a pinch of salt - super nourishing & energising start to your day! Here’s how to make the oat milk & matcha yourself: 1. Rolled oats x 1 cup. Soaked for 1 hour in filtered water 2. Drain, rinse & add oats to the blender 3. Add filtered water x 1.5 cups first & blend it well 4. Once you have a good fine blend, to minimise the amount of pulp, add the remaining 2.5 cups first & blend it all up well 5. Sieve the milk into a bowl with either a nut milk bag or fine mesh sieve to remove the oat pulp. (Save the pulp for oatmeal, smoothies or baking) 6. Pour into your milk bottle and keep for around 4 days in the fridge 7. In the saucepan and on a low heat, add the following: 8. Water x a small splash to start 9. Matcha powder x 1 slight heaped tsp through a fine sieve 10. Whisk by hand with your chasen (Japanese bamboo whisk) or a regular whisk, to make a smooth paste first 11. Water x 1/2 cup 12. Oat milk x 1 cup 13. Stevia x a couple of drops or a small squeeze of coconut nectar. If you want it sweetened 14. Sea salt or river salt x a tiny pinch. 15. Whisk all briskly together to create a lovely frothy foam I adore the ritual of making matcha, first thing in the morning. Once you have it, there’s something about holding the warm curves of your matcha bowl and slowly sipping away, that’s so very satisfying. You feel me? 😏 Matcha love 💚 at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Sprouted, savoury, vegan, GF breakfast bowl! Simple and satiating! This combination is full of texture, umami & tart flavours, protein, fats, healthy carbs, and nutrients! Some of you know I’m a savoury breakkie girl and I like to force that on my friends - especially my French ones who only eat sweet stuff in the morning 😉 So I tried it with this little bowl and it was a hit! 1. Red rice x 1/4 cup (nutritional powerhouse, full of antioxidants and cholesterol lowering) 2. Buckwheat x 1/4 cup (similar benefits to red rice and a great source of protein) 3. Soak the two together with 1 tsp of ACV (to break down the physic acid) and water overnight 4. In the morning, rinse well and cook until tender with a little salt (in a pot or rice cooker) 5. Carrot x 3/4 medium shaved 6. Radishes x 8- 10 sliced 7. Quick pickle them together in ACV, stevia and salt for about an hour before serving 8. Onion x 1/4 medium sliced 9. Carrot x 1/4 medium sliced 10. Cavolo nero x 1 small handful sliced 11. Baby spinach x 1 small handful 12. Sauté the onion and carrot together first in rapeseed oil, then add the kale and spinach until wilted 13. Cauliflower x 1/2 small head, broken into small florets 14. Toss in oil, season with garlic & onion powder, S&P and bake under a hot grill until golden and tender 15. Avocado x 1/4 sliced and fanned When everything is ready, simply arrange in your bowl, sprinkle with sesame seeds and a little miso or tahini dressing if you like. Eating a bowl like this in the morning is so stabilising, satisfying and a healthy kickstart to your day! Try it, you’ll like it 😘 at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Vegan, Keto, Choco Avo Coco Pudding Pots! Simple, decadent & delicious for any time of the day! Do it, and thank me later when you recover from this 🤤 It’s quite rich and flavourful so I made a batch to fill five small - medium glass jars worth. So here’s what to do: 1. In the food processor drop in & puree: 2. Avocados x 4 ripe 3. Raw Cacao x 1/2 cup 4. In a low heat, double boiler melt the chocolate, coconut milk & vanilla seeds: 5. Pure dark unsweetened chocolate x 50g 6. Coconut Milk x 1 can (400ml) 7. Vanilla pods x 2 scraped 8. Pour the liquid mix into the food processor and puree together well 9. Add salt & stevia in stages until you get the balance you’re happy with: 10. Sea Salt x in little pinches 11. Stevia x 10 - 15 drops (yeah it needs it!) 12. Pour out the mix into a bowl and stir in the nibs: 13. Cacao nibs x 25g or your preference 14. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving Top with berries for the tartness to cut through the richness, hemp seeds or anything else you like 🙂 You can keep them in the fridge - lids on the jars - for about 3 - 4 days. But good luck with them lasting that long! at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Homemade creamy, nutty, black sesame seedy milk-shakey sexy goodness! Mmm this is so delish and I love how dark & decadent this looks too 😏🖤 By using less water it’s creamier and more like a milkshake. Black sesame seeds tend to taste a little more bitter, so balancing that with a good sweetener is the key. But don’t over sweeten it! Check out my stories for a little pho-tut (photo tutorial). It’s simple to make but always feels like an epic achievement for the day 😉 1. Black sesame seeds x 1 cup into the blender. 2. Stevia x 2 - 3 drops or a small squeeze of coconut nectar. 3. Cinnamon x 1/2 tsp. 4. Sea salt or river salt x a pinch. 5. Add filtered water x 1 cup first & blend it well. This is to achieve a fine blend, and try to minimise the amount of nut pulp. 6. Then add the remaining 2 cups of water blend it all up good. I use 3 cups instead of the usual 4 to keep it creamy. 7. Sieve the milk into a bowl with either a nut milk bag or fine mesh sieve to remove the pulp. (Save the pulp for smoothies, baking or making cauliflower sushi rice). 8. This makes about 500 - 600 ml of milk. 9. Pour into a glass jar and store for 4 - 5 days, if you can resist for that long! If you’re not sure, just smell or taste it to check - if it’s sour then it’s off - and no it won’t hurt you to taste it 😉 Serve chilled and just as it is... easy! at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Hot Vegan-Chilli-Superfood Chocolate! Always cosy on a Sunday. 1. In the pan add oat milk x 1 cup homemade or use @oatly (not GF but very low) 2. Cashew milk x 1 cup homemade. This plant milk combo makes it creamy and frothy 😋👍🏼 3. Hot water x 1/2 - 1 cup 4. Heat gently do not bring to boil - that will be too hot for the superfoods! 5. Pour into your blender and add the following: 6. Raw cacao x 1 - 2 heaped TBS 7. Stevia x 2-3 drops 8. Brown rice syrup x 1 tsp 9. Chilli powder x to your taste 10. Mucuna Prurien x 1 tsp (@moonjuiceshop) 11. Pearl powder x 1 tsp (@moonjuiceshop) 12. No problem to skip 10 + 11 if you don’t have them 🙂 13. Vanilla pod seeds x 1/4 or essence 1/4 tsp 14. Cinnamon x 1/4 tsp 15. Sea salt x small pinch 16. Blend together until creamy & frothy! We are totally immersed in gorgeous Spring sunshine here, enjoy your cuppa and your day! 😉😘 at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Savoury Miso & Sweet Berry Oatmeal bowls! Vegan, GF, & refined SF. Clean, satiating & a healthy whole food to kickstart for a stabilised day ☺️ The Dutch cold means warming comfort food for cosy weekends in - gezellig!! Having grown up on #Congee (Chinese) aka #Bubur (Malaysian), savoury breakfast is more my thing. Traditionally, Bubur is a simple dish with few ingredients but distinct flavours. With oatmeal, I like having a whole lot more action in the bowl! SAVOURY 1. Veg stock x 1 cup, either homemade or stock cube in hot water 2. Water x 1 cup (use only as needed) 3. Oats rolled (more chewy) x 1 cup, add to your pot and stir in the stock bit by bit 4. Start to develop the consistency to your preference and whilst this is cooking - do steps 5-8. 5. Pak choy x 1 small, halved, seasoned with S&P, garlic & onion powder and sautéed in coconut oil - don’t toss, let it charr on each side 6. Oyster mushrooms x 2 large, sliced, salted and sautéed in the same pan as the pak choy 7. Smoked tofu x 50g, diced small 8. Hijiki seaweed x a few strands, soaked in hot water and finely sliced 9. Mung bean sprouts & Fried Garlic Flakes x a sprinkle 10. Once the oatmeal is at the consistency you like turn off the heat 11. Miso paste x 1 heaped tsp, stir well into the oatmeal 12. Season oatmeal with a bit more salt if you prefer & a sprinkle of chilli powder 13. Pour the oatmeal into your bowl and arrange ingredients from 5 - 9 14. Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil, chilli flakes and hemp seeds 15. Toss it altogether and chow down! SWEET 1. Oat milk x 1 cup, homemade or I like to use @oatly (not GF but very low) 2. Water x 1 cup 3. Oats rolled x 1 cup, cook in the pot adding the liquids in portions until reaching the consistency you like 4. Salt x tiny pinch 5. Vanilla seeds x 1/2 pod or use extract x 2 drops 6. Coconut sugar x 1 tsp or Liquid Stevia x 2 drops and stir through 7. Toppings of Homemade Sun butter & Red Berry Jam, Blueberries, Golden Mulberries (dried to soaked), Pomegranate, Cacao Nibs 8. Finish with hemp seeds, of course 🙂 9. See point 15 above! Close ups in my saved stories & happy eating lovers! X at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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New Retreat Announcement! I will be giving workshops about detoxing and cooking classes this May 20 - 24, at the incredibly stunning @mandali_retreats in the mountains of Italy! 😌 My dear friends at Mandali have invited me to join their yoga and meditation experiences, with a Healthy Happy introduction to detoxing and to teach a delicious selection of recipes and practices for cleansing the body and mind. You’ll learn about the basics of fermentation, sprouting, healthy alternatives to common processed foods, nourishing vegan & gluten free cooking, wellness practices and a whole lot more to easily continue at home! Yes you’ll be very well fed ☺️ I love teaching & learning, so I’m totally excited to have fun and inspirational sessions with you! The magnificent mountain location and centre is already a huge cleanse for the mind, body and spirit - you’ll love it! These are days to rest, reset and revitalise your system in a nurturing environment. For more information click here @healthyhappy.biz for the link in my bio. And check out my saved stories for more location photos. Come take a well deserved break from your daily grind with us! 📸 Mandali at Mandali Retreat Center

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Savoury Breakfast Soup Bowl filled with miso, smoked tofu & loads of veg to toss together! Vegan, Keto, GF & wholefood nourishment 😋👍🏼 It’s been a long, sun drenched summer, filled with lots of our delicious, traditional family foods and good times! I’m finally back home in Amsterdam but my belly cravings are still in my Australian & Eurasian family modus. So that means another warm, savoury, wholefood breakfast which keeps me totally satiated until my next meal. Dive in and take a look around 😉 *Makes 2 bowls SIMPLE STOCK 1. Bring 3 cups of water to a soft boil then reduce to simmer 2. Add a 1/4 tsp of garlic & onion powder - you can also use dashi and/ or shiitake powders 3. A pinch of chilli powder & salt 4. *Optional - add a small handful of wakame (seaweed) & finely sliced spring onion 5. Simmer gently together for about 7 minutes (steam veg during this time) and turn off the heat 6. Add 1 tsp of sesame oil and coconut amino acids or tamari and stir together 7. In a separate bowl add shiro-white miso paste x 2 - 3 TBS and add a small spoonful of the stock to form a slurry. Don’t add boiling water or drop the miso directly into the pot as the heat will kill off all of the lovely fermented nutrients! 8. Then pour this into the stock pot, whisk together and put the lid on to keep it hot BOWL FILLING 1. Spitskool cabbage x 1 good handful thinly sliced 2. Broccoli x 6 florets halved (keep the stems long if you can) 3. Steam the cabbage and brocc over the stock during the 7 minute simmer 4. Smoked tofu x 100g (per person) thinly sliced 5. Tauge (bean sprouts) x a handful 6. Fresh spinach x a handful 7. Toasted seaweed thinly sliced 8. Red chilli x however much you can handle and thinly sliced 9. Arrange the cabbage at the bottom of the bowl and pour over 1/2 tsp of sesame oil 10. Add all the other ingredients around it 11. Ladle over the hot stock, sprinkle with sesame seeds and dried chilli flakes Give thanks for the food you have, toss it altogether nicely and tuck in! 🙃🙂 at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Everyday I’m waf-fel-in 😄 Savoury Sprouted Buckwheat, Spinach & Kimchi Waffles - Vegan & GF goodtimes! I make these as pancakes all the time (scroll down my page 🙂) and have been wanting to waffle them for ages, so I’m jumping on the little bandwagon here! My darling Eurasian family don’t eat sweet foods for breakfast, only savoury, so this was a perfect “western food” option for them! They loved the variety of toppings so they could build up their own waffle stacks - winning! Here’s the recipe again - go buck (wheat) wild! 😉 WAFFLE BATTER 〰 Buckwheat x 2 cups soaked overnight with a TBS of ACV 〰 Rinse the buckwheat thoroughly the next morning and drop into your blender 〰 Add to the blender: 〰 Spinach fresh x 2 big handfuls 〰 Garlic & Onion powder x 1/4 tsp each 〰 Sesame oil x 1 tsp 〰 Stevia x 1 drop for balance 〰 Kimchi chilli powder x 1/4 tsp 〰 Sea salt & fresh ground pepper 〰 Baking powder x 2 tsp 〰 Water x 1-2 cups - Add slowly until pancake consistency 〰 Blend together until creamy 〰 Paint a little coconut or rice bran oil over your waffle maker 〰 Pour batter evenly into each segment and allow to cook until crisp 〰 Makes around 6-8 large waffles TOPPINGS 〰 Sweetcorn pieces organic (fresh, frozen or canned is fine) x 1.5 cups chargrilled in hot pan (season with salt & chilli flakes) 〰 Sliced #avocado, kimchi, spinach, sprouts, chilli flakes, toasted buckwheat & sesame seeds TAHINI SAUCE 〰 In a bowl mix together tahini x 4 TBS, tamari x 1 tsp, toasted sesame oil x 1/2 tsp, fresh lemon or lime juice x 1, pinch of garlic powder, salt & pepper, a drop of stevia and add warm water to thin out the sauce until desired consistency (it will thicken & clump up beforehand!). Enjoy 😉 at Perth, Western Australia

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Coconut Chia Pudding with freeze dried mandarins, strawberries and floral tea mint by the clever chicks @hollyrayescafe 😍🍊🍓 Perfectly light & cooling for these hot & humid Perth days! Tucked away in the heart of Bassendean, HR is one of my fave locals to come back to. Their menu is always delicious, visually appetising and totally satisfying - the team are on it! 💯 They’ve just extended the cafe space so there’s even more room for the good vibes and me to load up my table 😉 Happy Friday lovers! X at Holly Raye's

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Another Vegan Keto bowl - Fried Tofu & Peanut Sauce aka “Tauhu Goreng Saus Kacang” in Malay, for my brother and you ☺️☺️ This is a super delicious, traditional Malaysian comfort food, regular in my family. I’ve posted it before - check my saved stories! For all of you Keto crew, the peanuts tend to be a bit higher in the carb count so consider it a guilty pleasure 😉 but it’s otherwise vegan, paleo & gluten free! It hits all the winning notes, crunchy golden tofu that's silky soft on the inside, with fresh, crunchy mouthfuls of cubed cucumber, crisp bean sprouts and then bathed in an umami, spicy, toasty, full flavoured peanut sauce! 😛 Here's how to make it: 1. Diced fresh, silken tofu aka “tauhu” x 2 pieces 2. Pour coconut oil into a small diameter pan to bring up the level of the oil, so it comes to halfway up the height of tofu pieces 3. Using a pair of tongs, turn over each piece so it’s fried evenly all over 4. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel 5. Cucumber cubed to same size as tofu 6. Handful of bean sprouts aka “tauge” 7. Mix all together when the tofu is cool 〰 The sauce is a family recipe and made by blending together the following: 1. Roasted peanuts (coat in coconut oil & bake) x 1 cup 2. Lime juice x 1 - 1.5 3. Garlic x 1 clove 4. Tamari x 2 - 3 TBS (a golden brown colour is what you want) 5. Green chilli x 1 - 2 small (depends on the heat level you like) 6. Salt (to your taste) 7. Stevia liquid x 2 drops (to your taste) 8. Water 9. Blend all together until you roughly have the fluidity of pancake batter 10. Pour the “saus kacang” over the salad generously and sprinkle with chilli flakes & fried onions 11. Keep the sauce in the fridge for approx 4 days. This sauce is so freaking delicious I pour a ton of it over my everything - no shame! 😏 Happy Valentines Day Lovers❣️ at Perth, Western Australia

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Vegan Keto bowls filled with Curry Spiced Cauli bites and a variety of baked, steamed & raw goodness! My bro is a committed Ketogenic diet follower but has recently cut out dairy and minimised animal products. He’s focused on the balance of carbs, fats, protein and avoiding sugar. He doesn’t do it for weight loss, the lucky B has always been slim and fit 💪🏼🙂 He does it for mental focus, discipline, increasing physical endurance and minimising risk of disease. He loves eating vegan too so I made these for us to chow down. I took inspo from Lau’s @thefirstmess buffalo cauli bites - yeah girl! So for that meaty, umami’ness the cauliflower, was my starting point 😛 Ok leggo! CURRY CAULI BITES 〰 Make a creamy paste with your curry spice blend, garlic & onion powder salt, a little water & a squeeze of lemon juice 〰 Break up the cauli florets into bite-size pieces 〰 Give them a good rub down with coconut oil - um, who doesn’t love that?! 😉 〰 Then coat in the paste and leave to marinate for 10 minutes in the bowl. The lemon juice will help to tenderise them. 〰 Spread out over a lined baking tray/ sheet or skip the baking paper so the cauli gets a little charred from the hot metal 〰 Bake in the oven on 180 C, on the top shelf 〰 Toss a couple of times for evenness 〰 Takes about 20 - 30 minutes depending on your oven 〰 They’re done when the bites are crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and your curry blend doesn’t taste “raw powdery” - know what I mean? More in my stories! REST OF THE BOWL 〰 I lined the bowls with rocket/ rucola 〰 Avo sliced, sprinkled with hemp seeds, pistachio nuts, lemon juice S&P 〰 Fresh cherry tomatoes, S&P 〰 Zucchini/ courgette & broccoli stems tossed in Avo oil, garlic & onion powder, S&P and sautéed until golden 〰 Broccoli florets steamed, cooled and then dressed in a light olive oil, lemon juice & sesame seed dressing 〰 I included a little mashed sweet potato and cashew cream blend in my bowl It was super satiating, full flavoured, textured and just good for you! Eating with family is a total blessing and not something I take for granted, and I adore my brother 🥰 at Perth, Western Australia

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hokkien Mee in celebration of my Mama and Chinese New Year 🥰 For my Mama’s birthday I cooked traditional long life noodles (secret family recipe) for her longevity and for our family to celebrate her life well lived so far 🙏🏼 And as it’s Chinese New Year it’s a beautiful non-stop noodle fest (and all the rest!) amongst our family! 🥢🥢🥢 For the family, their noodle bowls were filled with what they love, seafood, meat, egg, veg & sambal. In mine, I had marinated tempeh, egg- free noodles, more veg & sambal 😍 I’ve taken this last month off - in the space of one new year 🎉 to our next 🧧- to devote to my family and be really present in each day with them, and just with myself. Together we are reminded of how precious the cycle of life is and the importance of always expressing your love for one another! Loved ones first always. ❤️💙💜 at Perth, Western Australia

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Hey, wanna root?… vegetable 🥕🍠Parsnip, Purple & Orange Carrots and Sweet Potato good times! Btw, the “wanna root” thing is an old (lame) Aussie joke - which I couldn’t resist and totally cracking myself up #sorrynotsorry haha. So, I marinated all of these veg and roasted them off in the oven to create this colourful plate as part of the New Year celebration 🎉 Let’s go! 〰 Wash and peel the veg 〰 Cut up into even sizes and lengths 〰 Watch out for those awesome purple carrots as they totally stain the hands! 〰 Add all to a large mixing bowl and pour over marinade mixture 〰 Leave to absorb for 10 minutes 〰 Spread out over a large baking tray 〰 Bake in 180 degree heat until well roasted and caramelised 〰 Remove and leave to cool 〰 Dress plate with spinach, rucola, hemp seeds and fresh pomegranate Marinade: 〰 Avocado oil 〰 Fresh lemon juice 〰 Cayenne, garlic & onion powder 〰 Brown rice syrup 〰 Sea salt and black pepper I hope you all had super fun, soulful and memorable NYE celebrations, or at the least, that you caught up on a bunch of sleep, good movies and great food to welcome in 2019! Sweet thanks to all of you for following my little food loving posts here in the wild internet terrain. Much love and healthy happiness! Samantha 😘🥰 at Perth, Western Australia

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My Aussie Avo Super Green Vegan Smoothie Bowl! 🥑💚 Packed full with all the good stuff for these hot days here in Western Australia 😅 It’s so good to be back with my family and in the hot Aussie summer. It’s been freezing and rainy and grey back home in Amsterdam. So all I want to eat are cold and delicious smoothie bowls to hydrate, cleanse and keep me sustained all day long. Let’s get to it! 〰 Avocados - from the north of Australia 🥑🥑🥑 〰 Spinach fresh and frozen - the frozen version acts as ice blocks to chill and make the smoothie creamier 〰 Cucumber chilled 〰 Parsley 〰 Spirulina & Chlorella my fave is from my friends at @organicburst ❤️ I travel with the tablet form and crush them for my smoothies 🙂 〰 Coconut flakes 〰 Chia seeds 〰 ACV or Kombucha 〰 Hemp seeds 〰 Tahini 😛 〰 Filtered water 〰 Blend together until creamy 〰 Mine is topped with more avocado, toasted coconut flakes, raspberries, pistachios, hemp & chia seeds and a dusting of spirulina & chlorella powder 〰 Dive in and eat your way out! It’s so good for you, boosting, detoxifying, and freakin delicious! Love from Down Under 😉 ❤️ at Perth, Western Australia

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A little Avocado, Kale, Mango & Chocolate birthday brunch board to celebrate a brand new year for me and my darling super Mama’s birthing day too ❤️🧡💛 Starting from the top: 〰 Activated & dehydrated pecans, walnuts and an extra serve of pistachios from my clever brother’s stash! 〰 Green Goodness Smoothie with all the best stuff! Spinach, cucumber, parsley, avocado, hemp & chia seeds, tahini, ACV, coconut, spirulina and chlorella 💚 〰 Avocado toast on quinoa & brown rice cakes, with a smear of almond butter and topped with pink salt, black pepper, chilli flakes, lemon rind, lemon juice & hemp seeds. 〰 Fresh Aussie mangoes! 〰 Kale chips, dehydrated and marinated with onion purée, tamari & salt - made by my talented brother Jason and SO delicious!! He’s the best ☺️ 〰 Pana Chocolate, I mean it is my birthday right?! 😛 And my fave flave Wild Fig & Orange! 〰 Avocado halves filled with brown rice syrup, fresh lemon juice and later a sprinkle of salt - exactly how my Mama loves them and has been eating them since the 80’s! Living in opposite hemispheres and my busy schedule means I haven’t been able to celebrate my birthday with my family in a very long time. So today is an extra special one and I’m very grateful to be with them and here in Australia too! 💕💕💕 The sun is shining, the heat is dialed up, I’m about to hit our local beach for some deep cleansing - mind, body & spirit, and I’m in the company of loved ones, so I’m a very happy woman 🧘🏻‍♀️✨🥑☀️🎉 One love 😘❤️ at Perth, Western Australia

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I’m SO proud to share with you, GUIDED BY FOOD by @LesPetitesPestes !! Read on! 😍 Barbara Jacops, is the wonderful author of #LPP and her brand new baby Guided By Food - she’s incredibly passionate about food, and so committed to exploring the world for the love of an exotic dish, a colourful fresh produce market, a wild night of food culture or a tip to check out a cool hole-in-the-wall eatery! And from years of journeying she’s put together the most exciting, inspiring, mouthwatering and well curated guide of where and what time to eat in eleven selected cities across the globe! In addition to her recommendations, there are local food lover contributors for every city, giving up their itineraries for favourite spots and hidden gems, from breakfast through to bedtime. Check out @mynewroots for Copenhagen ☺️ I had the great honour of working for Babs as editor, copywriter, and collaborator for the book. I’m beyond happy (and humbled) with how gorgeously it turned out! It’s simply an awesomely cool food guide that will have you booking flights immediately 😍✈️ The book is available worldwide in retail & online: Lannoo.be Bol.com Mendo.nl Amazon.com /.co.uk/ .de Google Books at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Red Lentil Dahl Curry with Cauliflower & Green Peas - cosiest comfort food, made with love! 💛🧡❤️ Fragrant, full flavoured, spicy, pumpkin sweet with fresh pops of green peas! I made a big pot of this for one of my dearest, who’s resting up in hospital. She needed some good home food and I needed to express my love through my food ❤️ The thing is… this wasn’t a time I felt like photographing the end dish or going all out to style and get “just the right shot”. It wasn’t about that. It was about making food to nurture someone I adore, from the inside out, to share some healing energy and love through the medium of food. As I packed each box, of course I made the effort to make them look good - just for her. She totally appreciates food styling and design, she’s amazing at it herself! For that reason, I rushed out one quick photo of how I’d serve it at home. So it may not be the best photo, but it was super delicious (I totally surprised myself 😄) and she loved it! And that’s my little story that I wanted to share with you too ❤️ Happy Sunday lovers! at Amsterdam, Netherlands

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