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@harvestfeast  Hooked on certified organic, biodynamic & ethically-sourced real food. Michelle, Paul & awesome crew #Saturday #SalamancaMarket #Tasmania #Australia

2 days ago

I thought I'd attempt a vegie lasagne today. This is my inspiration & aspiration, the, yes THE @sweetsassafrashobart delicious version made with their own pasta; but with the zucchini glut finally in full swing (a little later than usual), I'll be using zucch slices instead. I'm reluctant to ask chefs & cooks what makes their own dishes so special, so if anyone has any vegie lasagne tips to share, please let me know! Yum miam. And thanks for the beautiful post & stitching, as always @veronikapearson @sohostitch ❤️💕💜 #vegitup #Repost @veronikapearson Lasagne and stitching a little heart..... it's the little moments, the little things..... Thank you Isis and Maya (who are Sweet Sassafras cafe) . @sweetsassafrashobart @1000_hearts #sweetsassafrashobart #1000hearts #naturalfibres #eatingouthobart #goodfoodhobart #embroideredheart #naturaldyes #slowstitch #slowstitching #keepitsimple #mymakerlife #citylifehobart #slowliving #livesimply #smallmoments #momentsofjoy #nothingisordinary #littledetails at Sweet Sassafras

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5 days ago

This pretty as a picture edible @provenancegrowers posie has been lighting up my bathroom ledge all week. You can also enjoy edible pretties, beautiful cards, delicious preserves, healthy seedlings, plants, seeds & the fruits of their regenerative farming harvests: find these Lovelies just a few stalls down from us at market every Saturday, middle row towards the silos. Thanks for the super sweet gifts Paulette & Heidi! 🌼🌻🌼🐞 #marketcommunity #salamancamarket #fortheloveofflowers at Salamanca Market

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6 days ago

Well said @sprouttas! #Repost @sprouttas Seems appropriate to share something from the minds of the next generation, on National Regenerative Agriculture Day (move over Valentine’s Day), as it is our children who will feel the real and tangible changes that can occur for our human health and our communities, and the literal survival of our planet, if we act now! Support farmers and businesses in your local community who do right by their soil, who are innovating ways to regenerate their landscape, and who are driven by the passion to find a better way, away from industrial agriculture. Sprout empowers these very farmers here in Tassie through our #sproutproducerprogram so our ❤️ wishes go to you all today!!! #heartyourfarmer #regenerativeagriculture #supportyourlocalfarmer #soilhealth #soilislife #tasmania #community #regenerativefarming #carbon #charlesmassy #climatechange #grassroots #reverseclimatechange #ourlegacy

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7 days ago

We've enjoyed dealing with Ollie @ashbrittlefarm behind the scenes for a few months now, & pleased as punch to offer their pastured googies galore this week. And proud to support another #HuonValley producer farming regeneratively. #regenerativefarming #smallscalefarming #supportyourlocalfarmer #truefreerange #pasturedeggs #salamancamarket #Repost @ashbrittlefarm Packing eggs for @huonvalleyhealthfood - you can find our pullet eggs there and @unpackedbulkwholefoods as well as being used by @tmchugos @roughrice and @sweetsassafrashobart - and on Saturday @harvestfeast will have the first of our full size eggs on sale at their Salamanca market stall! #comingthickandfastnow

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9 days ago

There is indeed an unusually strong community bond in this beautiful valley, from which we source much of our local produce. Following the fires, this Satdee features a special market, with free stall registrations. Details & good vibes below. #Repost @williesmithsappleshed What makes our Valley strong? What makes a bunch of people stick together, show support and look out for each other? Come find out why this slice of heaven is a magical place at the Huon Valley Strong Market next Saturday 16th. During the recent fires our mate @matthewtack used the phrase #huonvalleystrong because of the endless support he saw around in such a tough time for many. This market is a small way of bringing the best of us together to show just why we’re a resilient bunch. Come meet the greatest producers, makers and artisans for this special market then head out to the valley and keep exploring! 10am - 3:30pm Sat 16th Feb Be a part of it! Stalls are FREE but registration is crucial so everyone can fit in. Email market@williesmiths.com.au ✌️

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12 days ago

Yummm, from our dear friends & fellow stallholders at market tomo. With the Wooden Boat Festival @mawbf2019 & the Hobart Regatta on this long weekend it'll be a busy one, so pop on down early. #seasonaldeliciousness #salamancamarket #woodenboatfestival #Repost @provenancegrowers The light in the van, once we've loaded up on summer evenings, is super flattering for these tomatillos. Grill them and make yourself some salsa, it's an excellent, easy and fun thing to do.

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13 days ago

Bunched beauties from Alex #GoldenValleyFarm this week, & beans. Beauties & the beans! And, as usual, his stunning basil & loose salad (not pictured) . A reminder that we encourage you to BYO bags & containers, just as the HCC does. I'll share more news soon about what @cityofhobarttas is doing to move @salamancamarket to being a more environmentally friendly market. Yay for that... & yay for the clearer, cooler market day tomo too. #salamancamarket #fresh #local #seasonaldeliciousness at Harvest Feast

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13 days ago

The resilience of these farmers through the fire emergencies surrounding them. Farming throughout, as well as sharing their experiences & insights & keeping us informed of what was happening on the ground. Yesterday much welcome rain brought some relief, coinciding with the start of the apple season. As usual, Matt explains well some general characteristics of early apple varieties. We'll have both the Vista Bellas & Akanes at market this week. Thanks Matt & Cor! #salamancamarket #Repost @ourmatesfarm 🍎Our second early apple Akane can be found @harvestfeast’s Salamanca stall this Saturday, alongside our Vista Bellas. Unfortunately, young graft production levels mean we only picked a few boxes of Akane this season. So this variety didn’t make it to Unpacked, but hopefully they have some Vista Bellas left! It should be a couple more weeks for the Gravensteins. There’s nothing like biting into a fresh apple picked from the tree. #certifiedorganic #apples #akane #earlyseason #howdoyoulikedemapples #heritage #notasupermarketapple #buylocal #supportlocal #geeveston #howdoyoulikedemapples #firstapples #earlyapples #appleorchard #vistabella #appleseason2019 #freshfromthefarm #straightoffthetree #treeripened #geeveston #huonvalley #appleisle #thisistassie #getfruity #tassieapples #hobartandbeyond #southerntrove #quietlittlecrunch #farsouthtasmania

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14 days ago

Wahoo. Apologies to our friends in the north of the Big Island who we know are suffering just as much trauma & huge losses due to the deluge, the opposite of what's being experienced here in southernTassie - where we desperately need this rain. And are very much enjoying it while it lasts. @abchobart

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15 days ago

Maybe if my generation had had more insight at their age, the world would be in far better shape. It's unbelievable that political *leaders* *still* have heads in sand, alongside big industry interests. Apologies to you marvellous yunguns.. & all strength to you for what you're aiming to fix. Repost @broadchurchecofarm Last night's sunset on the Derwent river towards New Norfolk. The mountain to the right is Mount Dromedary where our farm is located... We're both feeling very grateful to have found such a beautiful place to live, but we're also very aware of that pink fire hue and that there are plenty of people still fighting fires in their backyards after weeks of emergency warnings. We've been lucky this time but it's only going to become more & more common as Tasmania's climate changes. This is the driest hottest January Tasmania has ever seen, with fires burning in vegetation that has never seen fire before. Being both so young (20 & 21) it's frightening to think what we will be dealing with on our farm in 20, 40, 50 years time, be that fires, floods, extreme droughts, rising sea levels, peak oil, animal extinction & the list goes on. We can all be doing more to reduce our impact, fuck we all should be doing so much more! We're waiting for this 'illusive' solution from the people in 'power' that won't come. There is no quick fix, we need to be vigilant & take responsibility for our own impacts. We need to consume so much less & the things we choose to consume need to be locally made, ethically sourced, seasonal products. We need to reuse & recycle our existing things before creating more waste. We need to realise that as an individual our choices may seem miniscule but where we choose to spend our money shows corporations that we've had enough of mass produced, wasteful, pollution. It's easy to think that there are bigger battles to fight like mining & poor farming practices but as a consumer if you stop buying products that support these practices then you're already making a change. #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #fire #tasmania #australia #sustainable #permaculture #globalaction #sustainability #farm #farmlife #organic

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19 days ago

@herbalistswithoutborders Hobart chapter is responding to the bush fires - find them at the Evacuation centre in Huonville this afternoon to serve hot and cold teas and herbal infusions to support lung/respiratory health and support emotional health. They also have some Flower Essences, a Lung Tonic cough syrup and a Breathe Easy Essential Oil blend. That is all available at no charge, and they will have Naturopaths and Herbalists there to have a chat if anyone is having health issues associated with smoke exposure or emotional distress. #herbalistswithoutborders #communityherbalism #tasmania #australia #hobarttasmania #communityherbalist #volunteerpower #bethechange #hwbchapter

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20 days ago

What a week. Our Huon friends & producers affected by fire emergencies are still surrounded by so much uncertainty about their homes, farms & livelihoods. They've been evacuated, some have returned & then evacuated again. All have been stoic & pragmatic. Some have unexpectedly been able to harvest when they'd thought all might be lost. What does that mean for us? It means we've accepted everything we've been offered from our regular & also other growers (with weekend Huon markets cancelled we've been approached by other farmers with their own excess, sadly we can't take the lot), even when it means excess to our stall needs. And as usual, we'll pay them a good, fair price - & within a day or two. Your support for local farmers & small businesses during these anxious times is appreciated more than ever. We look forward to sharing their beautiful Summer bounty with you at market tomorrow, special mention for these super deelish bloobs from @jillygrows & #EatemOrganicFarm - amongst all the other beaut organic goodies! #salamancamarket #HuonValley #blueberries #localbounty #supportyourlocalfarmer #supportlocal #seasonaldelciousness at Harvest Feast

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20 days ago

Albeit temporary, what a welcome reprieve in the weather here in Hobart today, with a brief clearer, cooler, calmer change until Sunday at least. And we've made the most of it by doing such a plum job 😉 of harvesting the first of what is definitely a cracker of a greengage season. From chez nous on Saturday! #plumjob #reineclaude #greengage #naturesownlollies #bumperseason #coolerchange #sendtherain 🌧️🌨️🌪️☔☔🌧️☔🌨️☔ at Harvest Feast

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