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3 days ago

you can’t see it but it says ‘hello’ on my hand

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4 days ago

finally got around to doing a little bit of a Klaus Hargreeves cosplay and lemme just say that I already loved the druggie look but that tied w my boi Robert Sheehan I might have a new favourite~ I’m hoping to get a proper cosplay together at some point but I guess this will do for now

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14 days ago

my favourite memory from #katsucon was when I needed to chill a moment on a bench bc the shoes I was using for Julian were killing my feet and a Kylo Ren sat down beside me and offered me a flask w bourbon in it before getting into a heated conversation w his gf over a pack of cigarettes 🤷🏻‍♂️ at Katsucon

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14 days ago


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23 days ago


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25 days ago

“Do you think I’m a freak?” - - - - ** CHARACTER IS OVER LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT** Now whose hand is that? I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Recently I’ve gotten really into turning all the characters I cosplay into thots so I mean get ready for more of that.

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26 days ago

yknow that hot n bothered face Jules makes? I felt that.

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29 days ago

I love him.

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1 month ago

spare leeches? at Katsucon

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1 month ago

why does he look like he’s been waiting in line for four hours to see me? but fr this has to be one of my favourite photos from this weekend. this guy practically saved my life and I wish I could give him the world in return. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat and hang out w me for a bit, love, and I hope you get home safe and sound. @nyxrising #katsucon #cutie at Katsucon

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1 month ago

Day 1 of #Katsucon 4 hours of sleep, haven’t eaten and my feet are killing me but it’s so worth it 💕 I also got the pleasure of cosplaying my dream thanks to my lovely boyfriend so here’s a crappy edit for an otherwise perfect cosplay ❤️ at Katsucon

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