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7 hours ago

Another stunning photo by @alessandro.cinque, who was featured in our Emerging Photographers series in March, depicting the life of miners in Espinar, Peru. “My work intends to investigate the living conditions of miners and above all the environmental and social impact that this sudden industrialization by foreign multinationals is having in this small country and in the ‘Campesina’ community.’” Check out his full photo essay at in the “Projects” section.

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1 day ago

“In the Qayyara Jaddah camp for the displaced, children play with sticks sharpened to points, poking each other whenever possible, wrestle on the dusty streets, and slap each other after insults. Over 16,000 people are crowded into the tents—over half of them juveniles, only 2,250 of whom are registered to attend the under-supplied school. Kids grow up fast here, according to the camp manager Laith al Jiboury, all while carrying the trauma of their past.” @alexkpotter visited Mosul one year after the city was liberated from #ISIS following the children who lived through the occupation as they try to adjust to a country that shuns them. Read the full story at #everydayiraq

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16 days ago

📷Photo by @nicholesobecki, a former GroundTruth Fellow who took this incredible shot while reporting on the effects of climate change on the environment and security of people in Somalia. See the story and the photos in our Living Proof project at ・・・

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22 days ago

Sharing the work of Report For America corps member @manny_ranks, who is reporting at the Chicago Sun Times. Congratulations on making the front page with this incredibly important story. Learn more about the Report For America program by following @report4america.

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27 days ago

GroundTruth Films' @bethmurphyfilm has been out in the field working on a documentary called #CameraKids. Stay tuned. Here's her update: ・・・ "What a week! These guys... my heart is full from the love and humanity they bring to this world. They are asking us to see the world through the eyes of children and teaching kids photography so they have the skills to show us their world. Stay tuned for our upcoming filming and photography adventures on the Cape and Islands and in Boston!"

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29 days ago

📷Photo by @manny_ranks, a Report for America corps member: "Protestors marched through the South Shore neighborhood tonight following the fatal police shooting of Harith Agustus."

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1 month ago

A #worldcup2018 moment in France, photographed by previous GT Fellow 📷@hannahreyesmorales: "I've never experienced anything like this in my life. 😭 The sun was shining, the streets were dancing, strangers were embracing. By the end of this my camera and I were covered in beer, firework ashes, and infectious joy. 🎆🎉☀️ Allez le bleu!"

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1 month ago

📷Photo by previous GT fellow @nicholesobecki: "Here, a mother bathes her young son in the port of Mogadishu."

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1 month ago

Head of GroundTruth Films @bethmurphyfilm gets ready to shoot some footage!

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1 month ago

📷Photo by @sofia_jaramillo5: "A bull is silhouetted by the sun in central Washington."

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1 month ago

From 📷@farshadusyan: "An Afghan labourer works at a brick factory on the outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif."

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1 month ago

📷Photo by @heidi_levine/Sipa Press: "Thousands of Palestinian women of all ages, many with childre,, marched towards the border of Gaza and Israel east of Gaza City on July, 2018. The protest was the first mass women’s demonstration to take place in the strip since the protests calling for Palestinians’ right of return began on March 30 as part of the Great March of Return protests. Israeli forces responded with tear gas. Palestinian reports also said that three people were wounded by live Israeli fire and wounding several ".

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1 month ago

From photographer Silvia Alessi (📷@silvia.txs): "Afghanistan, Kyrgyz girl. Kyrgyz people live with their herds in a harsh environment in afghan Little Pamir."

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2 months ago

Our @report4america corps member is a Mississippi native and has recently returned to his state as Mississippi Today’s first ever photographer. His work gives us an intimate look into one of the most undercovered and poorest parts of the USA. Follow him and bear witness. #Repost ・・・ Farmer Joe Thomas smokes a cigar in one of the cotton fields at Maud Farms near Tunica, Miss. Wednesday, June 20, 2018. #tunica #rural #mississippi #ruralsouth #south #mississippitoday #reportforamerica

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2 months ago

Happy Eid to all celebrating. 🌟 #Repost @heidi_levine with @get_repost ・・・ Celebrating the diversity of cultures in Jaffa. One beach, two different cultures, a common love for the sea 🌊 Photo by Heidi levine / Sipa press Palestinian Muslims at Jaffa beach during the Eid al-Fitr holiday in Jaffa on June 16, 2018.Many came from the West Bank cities of Ramallah,Bethlehem and others cities and villages, some for their very first time because they have to have a permit . 🌊 #MediterraneanSea #DailyLife #OnAssignment #EidAlFitr #Jaffa #sipapress at Jaffa, Israel

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2 months ago

And that’s a wrap... for now. Caffeinated cheers to our incredible @report4america dream team — 13 corps members who will return to their host news organizations to help restore local journalism and democracy. We can’t wait to read/see their work! at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

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