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Shot one year ago in Baja California. A beautiful collection #billabongxsincerelyjules. In a beautiful location. This shoot was special in more ways than one. We were toured around the islands with scientists specializing in educating others on the expansive marine life that exists in this part of Mexico, which is protected to continue to keep the animals and the rest of the sea life safe and robust. 💙 Big congrats to you and your warm heart @sincerelyjules. 💖 at Playa Balandra

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26 days ago

We’re all a beautiful work in progress, processing and learning from those around us. Put yourself in a positive environment to grow to your best potential. 🥰 at Manhattan, New York

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1 month ago

Reimagined “Funny Face” // classic 1957 film with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Fred’s character is based on Richard Avedon. We retold the story here in NYC. With @krystal_bick & @igeeokafor 💗💗 at Manhattan, New York

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1 month ago

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul at Manhattan, New York

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1 month ago

Meeting new humans has always been a favorite activity, breaking past that initial small talk and discussing issues of depth. Talking about what failures have taught us, how to find a work/life balance, and how to continue to evolve every day. Fill your life with new experiences and take the time to reflect on what got you here. at Las Vegas, Nevada

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2 months ago

Rich culture, Art Deco, pastel pinks and greens, winter blue backdrop. Visual favorites from walking around Gueliz. at Marrakech مراكش

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