6 days ago

Ok everybody! The Resynator Documentary Kickstarter is launching very soon! This film is near & dear to my heart and I’m so proud of Alison for discovering her father through music in such a beautiful way. If you’re digging what you see here, click the link in my profile to view the full teaser and sign up to be on the waiting list for discounted rewards if you pledge early! Also...I’ll be joining Alison for some fun rewards and they are very limited so jump on it and you can help us to bring this beautiful story over the finish line with a BANG! @resynator

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10 days ago

Finishing up the record at home:)

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25 days ago

If the song doesn’t work with just me & a guitar, it doesn’t belong on this record. at Los Angeles, California

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1 month ago

My vocal coach 💡

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1 month ago

Rainy season? Leaky roof? Drippity-drops getting into Stevie Wonder’s piano? Not to worry! Eric’s on the case🤟🏼🤓@barefoot_recording at Hollywood

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1 month ago

Vocal booth vibes at Hollywood

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