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3 months ago

Candid pic of when you made everyone wear white but rocked a gray dress t-shirt instead. Happy birthday, although we missed ballet class Alex and Camilla would be proud of how well we behaved 😘 at Cleveland, Ohio

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5 months ago

Finishing up 2018 and starting to set those 2019 goals. Starting to hit the gym is one of them 😜 haha Very grateful about this year, about my friends (especially @benmcilwain and @moonstonemoomin for putting up with me on a daily basis), my family, Cordelia (shout out to Milo, Tati and Fluffy, the full crazy cat lady pack), managing grad school, taking care of myself, and Alex and Camilla, for making sure I don't skip leg day with our ballet classes. Next year will be even better, although I can't complain about going home twice to escape MI weather. #instafit #instaboy #peteralexander #balletboy #abs at Ann Arbor, Michigan

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1 year ago

This cutie right here is my new baby, Cordi P (Cordelia the Puss). Despite of her tiny size, she's not a baby anymore. She's over a year old, and so far lived on the streets so she never got the proper nutrion she needed in order to grow 😿 She's very sweet and is currently thriving. Some of her favourite activities include: playing endlessly with a laser pointer, over eating wet food, and falling in the toilet. Thank you @humanesociety for all your hard work for making sure these pets get the home they deserve #adoptdontshop #kitten #catdad #catsofig #instacat at Ann Arbor, Michigan

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