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On their #AfricasLastGlacier expedition, ambassador @brodyleven and team arrived at some of their mid-mountain camps to discover them burned to the ground, likely by arsonists from Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo, since the mountain they were climbing was on the border. When the guide’s satellite phone died and they were three hiking days away from the nearest village, a @garmin InReach and some Venture 70 power packs were the only thing keeping them in touch with the outside world and the ability to remotely hire more porters to bring up additional supplies. More importantly, armed National Park rangers came to protect them.

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GIVEAWAY TIME // @andshesdopetoo , Goal Zero and @bigagnes_ have put together an incredible giveaway just in time for ASDT’s Rendezvous in the Mountains going down September 8-10 in Ogden Valley, Utah. Enter to win two tickets to the Roo, exclusive ASDT apparel, a collection of Goal Zero gear including a Venture 70 Rechargeable battery pack, Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel, Lighthouse Mini Lantern, Rock Out 2 Speaker and a Big Agnes Tufly SL2+ backpacking tent! And fellas, this is also the perfect opportunity to win your special lady an outdoor adventure, along with some gear that you’ll be able to benefit from, too! • 
How to enter: 1. Follow us: @bigagnes_, @andshesdopetoo , @goalzero 2. Like this photo & tag 2 friends. 3. Go to the link in bio to enter to win! • Contest ends August 18, 2017. . PC: @jeremylato

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Skiers, bicycles, and lots of gear through the Arctic Norway. @brodyleven sure knows how to have an adventure . PC: @joeyschusler

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@footloosefotography //"Every year during the short summer climbing season, the Denali National Park service in Alaska relies on volunteers to help their rangers patrol the upper slopes of North America's highest peak. Denali, at 6,190 m above sea level, is a significant mountaineering objective and while it's not a technical climb, the dangers of hidden crevasses, extreme cold, changeable weather and altitude illness can take their toll on those who approach the peak ill prepared. I have just completed a stint as a voluntary medical ranger on the first patrol of the season and it was a physically and mentally challenging few weeks. It felt like an 'arctic work camp' as we towed sleds up the lower glacier on skis and then spent a number of days establishing the park service infrastructure at 14k camp (4300m). Once established there we were on stand by to respond to any accidents or significant illnesses faced by the climbers as they began to arrive in increasing numbers. It was a low winter snow year in the Alaska Range and of particular concern were the crevasses along the route from Base Camp. Luckily there were no major incidents for us to respond to but soon after we left the mountain the next patrol were involved in an incredible rescue http://bit.ly/2rMGiLz. As a photographer preparation is the key to taking on a role like this and so having the right gear was paramount, I needed to be able to charge the batteries for my Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon M5 and a Goal Zero solar panel and charging kit was one of the most important foundations for my photography kit" #getoutstayout #solarlife

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@BasilLynch // "Southern California has some of the most diverse ecosystems around, you can go from the snowy mountain tops, to the beach and back to the desert all in one day. One of my favorite areas to explore is Mojave National Preserve, with 1.6 million acres of land you could spend months there and not see the same thing twice. I’ve spent a good amount of time in the area exploring, I pick a new road on the map and just drive down it until I find the end, trying to not drive the same road twice." . We love that our products keep you powered even in the most remote places. #BeReady for your next adventure go to www.goalzero.com for more info on our products #getoutstayout

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Bolivian Amazon 4 of 4 // "Shooting photos and making movies in the jungle - it's not easy. Humidity, sand, water, and lots of bugs have an easy time finding their way into every space, including electronics. A challenging environment indeed, but thanks to the ruggedness of the goal zero battery packs we were able to keep everything juiced up, day after day." See the amazing film at vimeo.com/provobros . PC: @flylords #getoutstayout

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We love #VanLife here at Goal Zero. Check out the full video of Christian Fernandez and Ayla Arreguin's sweet van they call home by clicking the link in our bio

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Bolivian Amazon 3 of 4 // "To bring one of these golden slabs to hand for a close inspection, where one can truly appreciate the natural beauty and sheer mass of such an animal, requires equal parts of luck and skill. After an energetic battle the fish is released unharmed, to continue its brutal assault on the bait-fish that swim through her jungle domain. Catching a trophy is very good and all, but its the experience of the pursuit, the environment, that leaves the biggest impact, for you might be left feeling as though you've unlocked the legend of El Dorado - a lost city of gold." See the amazing film August 3rd at vimeo.com/provobros . PC: @neilprovo #getoutstayout

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Bolivian Amazon 2 of 4 // "The Golden Dorado, a true apex predator and indicator species only to be found in the most pristine regions of the Amazon, is an absolutely exhilarating target for the fly-fisherman. The hunter, who feasts relentlessly upon schools of baitfish, becomes the hunted. One only needs to cast their fly in the vicinity of a feeding frenzy to initiate an attack, which is always a display of raw power and precision. The rain forest, along with the character of the river, make for an otherworldly fishing experience." See the amazing film August 3rd at vimeo.com/provobros . PC: @ianprovo #getoutstayout

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