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5 days ago

Ready for surgery no 9! Thank you Mediclinic for the frequent visitor gown😁 Onwards and upwards. Whatever challenges you face this year, keep your eyes on where you want to be not where you are! #im_possibletour18 #im_possibletour

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12 days ago

Over the past 14 months I have had some major setbacks. But I kept my faith, I stayed focused and committed to my plan, preparing for 2018...turning the setbacks and challenges I had last year, into lessons learnt, and growing in faith and perseverance. 2018 is going to be a breakthrough year! With plans bigger than I ever imagined possible. Because nothing is impossible! 👊🏻 @laureussouthafrica • • #im_possible18 #pyrenees_alps18 #nolimits #perservere #cycling #velo #pyrenees #alps #laureus #sportforgood

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13 days ago

‪Can you spot the problem in the x-ray? 🙈🤣 Very sore today but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger! I’m more miserable at not being able to ride my bike in this glorious weather! 😞‬ • • • ‪ #capetown #acjoint #accident #shoulder #sad #cycling

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14 days ago

2018 will be the comeback year! For me 2017 started with recovery from cancer surgery, my #im_possible17 ended with hypothermia and then on 30 December I crashed hard dislocating my left should and AC Joint. So my 2018 starts with surgery and rehab. But I believe 2018 will be my best year yet! Whatever setbacks you have had, see them as opportunities for a bigger comeback. Stay focused on where you are going, not where you are, and never lose sight of the bigger picture! You have it in you to be a overcomer! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 • • • #keepclimbing #nevergiveup #im_possible18 #lifeisbeautiful

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15 days ago

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17 days ago

My ride with my mate Hayden Wroughton turned bad for this morning, both of us crashing at the bottom of Redhill near Noordhoek Hotel. Hayden has bad roadrash. Unfortunately for me my left shoulder (the healthy one) dislocated and so too the AC Joint, and I will require surgery in January. Huge setback for my #im_possible18 plans but we going to do it!! Its only a delay, not a fullstop. Thank you to samaritan holidaymakers from Pretoria, Christo and Petro Rautenbach who stopped and also drove me to Constantiaberg Mediclinic casualty. Bless you for your unselfish behaviour! Thank you to my love @lieseloberholzer for racing to casualty to assist me and Hayden. My front @maviccycling Carbon Ksyrium Pro wheel disintegrated from the impact. In serious pain but still nothing compared to what I endured in 21 July 2013. Onwards and upwards looking forward to 2018! 💪💪. @mavicsouthafrica #nevergiveup #keepclimbing #im_possibletour

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18 days ago

Another dreary and boring 5 hours that the meat has to work 😂. With Hayden Wroughton, just wish he could find a scenic ride here in @capetown.southafrica

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