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Valentine’s Day glam!💘🥰 - - For this look I’m using @wetnwildbeautyuk’s limited edition Eyes That Shimmer & Slay eye shadows, which are perfect for night outs with friends or your special someone😉 - - I love how this look could work for a night out or for the day time! Available from @bootsuk @beautybaycom #wetnwild #megalast #limited edition #eyeshadow #beauty #makeup #makeuplover #Valentinesday #look #ad - - - product breakdown: - @wetnwildbeautyuk ‘eyes that shimmer and slay’ liquid eyeshadows in ‘sand castles’, ‘shells and whistles’, ‘goodie luxe’ and ‘ruby heist’ @wetnwildbeautyuk mega cushion green colour corrector @wetnwildbeautyuk foundation stick in cream beige and shell ivory @wetnwildbeautyuk ultimate brow kit in ash brown @wetnwildbeautyuk dual ended contour stick in light/medium @wetnwildbeautyuk contouring palette in dulce de leche @wetnwildbeautyuk highlighting powder in blossom glow @wetnwildbeautyuk liquid lipsticks in ‘Berry recognise’ and ‘rebel rose’ lots of love Xx

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-fall in love with creation - - -hey guys! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR 600K!!! That’s totally mad! Thanks so much❤️ - -this look was completely inspired by a face chart made by @judastape and @michelangelo (obvs)😂 I love @jud work so much, even tho the hands were soooo difficult to paint - - -lots of love Xx

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-Ombré Blue liner - - -song : I like me better - originally by Lauv, remix by Ryan Riback - - -Hey Guys! This was my first ever attempt at ombré winged liner and I actually love how it came out. Completely inspired by @makeupbyriquelle ❤️ - - -I have so many big things coming up in the next few days, firstly I’m so so excited to let you guys know that I am going to be attending my first ever VIDCON LDN 2019 from Friday-Sunday! Please let me know in the comments if I will see you there as I want to meet as many of you as possible❤️ - - -product breakdown: - - - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in dark brown - #oil @anastasiabeverlyhills hydrating oil - #base @plouise_makeup_academy rumour base in 01 - #eyeshadow @bperfectcosmetics @staceymariemua carnival palette - #whitebase @plouise_makeup_academy shade 0 - #lashes @unicorncosmetics lashes in Majestic AF - #primer @nycosmetics - #foundation @lauramercier - #concealer @narssisist - #contour @nudestix bondi bae - #powder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #highlight @bperfectcosmetics @mmmmitchell sub zero - - -lots of love! Xx

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-BABY ALIEN👽 - - -Hey guys sorry for being a little inactive! I’m really not sure how I feel about this look but never mind! - -I used a load of nars products as you can see from this video (I filmed this after I filmed my YouTuber first impressions video) but the YouTube vid is taking long to edit so that will hopefully be up in the next few days! - - -product breakdown: - - - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in dark brown - #eyeshadowbase @plouise_makeup_academy rumour base in 02 - #eyeshadow @plouise_makeup_academy - #liquidliner @nyxcosmetics - #lashes @unicorncosmetics ‘majestic AF’ (use code GLAMBYFLO) - #foundation @narsissist - #concealer @narsissist honey 3 and custard 1 - #contour @narsissist - #settingpowder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #glow @bperfectcosmetics @mmmmitchell sub zero palette - #lips @narsissist - -lots of love Xxx

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Swipe for a surprise of my day in London😌 @caspar_lee @abbyrobertsartistry - - --Rosehip (inspired completely by @mmmmitchell ) - -song : ‘sunflower’ (remix - Shaun Reynolds & Esmée Denters) - - -I realised after I finished filming this that I had already created a look almost completely identical a few weeks ago but I loved how this one came out and I worked really hard on it so😂 - - -product breakdown: - - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in dark brown - #eyeshadow @plouise_makeup_academy - #brushes @morphebrushes - #lashes @unicorncosmetics ‘majestic af’ use code GLAMBYFLO - #foundation @maccosmetics - #concealer @hudabeauty 12 - #contour @nudestix bondi bae - #settingpowder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #highlighter @bperfectcosmetics @mmmmitchell sub zero palette - #lips @plouise_makeup_academy holla - - -lots of love Xxx

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-Blue Monday Care💙 - - -is THREE face masks too many...? NAH!!!!! - - -okay so I know it’s not technically blue Monday anymore but I filmed this on Monday to try and banish that Monday mood... it worked😂 - - -product breakdown: - - - I use #coconutoil on my hair when I’m feeling particularly fancy and in the mood for a deep condition. This is just from the grocery store! I leave it on the ends of my hair for about 20 mins and then make sure I wash it out properly w shampoo - - #facemask @zelensskincare (got this in my glossy box advent calendar - #charcoalmask @lorealmakeup - #sandandsky #facemask @sandandskyaus - #unicornmask @masquebaruk - - #arganoil I ALWAYS use Argan oil on my hair every time I wash it! I got this bottle as a Christmas present last year! - - -lots of love Xx

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Flo Robertson, is a 16-year-old Instagram star with a passion for makeup - followed by over half a million people. Known online as GlamByFlo, she has been recognised for her unique talents by leading brands including Anastasia, Morphe and MAC. Flo diligently balances her social media ambitions, including her YouTube channel, with her Theology A-Level studies’ - - - - -I’ve been keeping this a secret for the past few months and you have no idea how excited I am to share that from now on I’m going to be managed by @margravinemanagement . I am so excited for Glambyflo and what 2019 and the future will bring, and I hope you are too! This is going to be big❤️

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-inspired by @_milliemilliams who was inspired by @gabxxrielle 🥰 I have done a look similar to this in the past but I just loved it so much I had to recreate it! - - -thank you for 530K!!!! Crazy times it means a lot! Alsooooo we just hit 21K subs on youtube, so if you would be interested in seeing more in depth content and getting to know me a bit better then make sure to hop over there an subscribe❤️❤️ - -product breakdown: - - - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in dark brown - #eyeshadowbase @plouise_makeup_academy rumour shade 2 - #eyeshadow @beautybaycom @staceymariemua carnival palette - #lashes @eldorafalseeyelashes - #lips @plouise_makeup_academy holla gloss - #highlight @sleekmakeup - #contour @morphebrushes - #settingpowder @hudabeauty - - -lots of love Xxx

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-Wedding glam💍🥰 - - -song : issues - Alan Walker remix - - -PLEASE TAG @hudabeauty IN THE COMMENTS! - - -if you haven’t already seen it a few days ago I uploaded a make up collection and room tour video on my YouTube link is in my bio if you want to go and subscribe❤️ or my channel is glambyflo - - -product breakdown: - - curlers sorry idk where I got them - #foundation @maccosmetics - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in dark brown - #eyeshadowbase @sleekmakeup - #eyeshadow @hudabeauty matte and metal eyeshadow - #eyeliner @wetnwildbeauty - #lashes @eldorafalseeyelashes H174 - #concealer @maccosmetics - #contour @nudestix bondi bae - #settingpowder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #lips @hudabeauty matte and melted shadows (this is SO good on the lips trust😍🥵) - #robe @hudabeauty - - -lots of love Xx

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-Glam for school😌💕 - -song : just the way you are remix - -hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! I wanted to create a more glam look which you could still wear to school. Personally I’m not brave enough to wear this much makeup to school everyone is different and this didn’t take very long at all! I don’t really like this look/video even so but I hope you do! - -I also tried filming this on a proper camera as well. Let me know if you can tell the difference and if you prefer when I film with my phone or with the camera. - -product breakdown: - - #headband @headbandsofhope - #primer @nyxcosmetics dropper primer - #foundation @wetnwildbeauty and @maccosmetics - #brush @realtechniques - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz in dark brown - #concealer @sleekmakeup - #settingpowder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #contour @morphebrushes - #highlight @bperfectcosmetics @mmmmitchell - #lipgloss @beautybaycom - - -lots of love Xx

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-500K!!!!!! - -song : back to you remix (found on trap nation on YouTube, original song by Selena Gomez) - - -hey guys! Oh my gosh I can’t even begin to say thank you for finally reaching 500K... half a million?!! That’s so insane. This coming so soon at the start of the year gives me such a good feeling about 2019 i’m so excited for what this year will bring. So many exciting things coming soon keep an eye out for announcements🤗 - -this video was kindly sponsored by @clutchnailsofficial but honestly these are the best false nails I have ever used no lie! No comparison to the primary ones I normally use😂💓 - -product breakdown: - - press-on nails from @ClutchNailsOfficial (use code “FLO15” for 15% off)💕 #ad - #brows @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in dark brown - #eyeshadowprimer @morphebrushes - #concealer @sleekmakeup 04 - #eyeshadow @morphebrushes dare to create palette - #yelloweyeshadow @beautybay EYN bright palette - #eyeliner @wetnwildbeauty - #foundation @wetnwildbeauty - #concealer #contour @sleekmakeup - #settingpowder @hudabeauty sugar cookie - #highlight @bperfectcosmetics @mmmmitchell sub zero palette - #lips @anastasiabeverlyhills - - -lots of love Xx #ad

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