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12 hours ago

Spending the next three days in a remote valley of Tyrol on the event "Get closer to Steinberg am Rofan" with a group of people motivated for the first hikes and climbs of the season. We expected super bad weather but so far it has been really nice. w/ @haglofs and @sporthausschuster #getouttheregermany at Steinberg am Rofan

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1 day ago

When a burst of light breaks through the clouds at the end of a stormy day ❄️🏔️ at Swiss Alps

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2 days ago

🇮🇹 This morning at 5am on the summit of Cima Solda (3376m) in Italy. The mighty Gran Zebrú half illuminated by moonlight and half by the first light of the day must have been one of the most stunning views I have ever come across. at Gran Zebrù

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5 days ago

While coming down from the last pass after a 2000m-day, we saw the sky light up in dramatic colors. This ski crossing is called Große Reibn and leads through the mountains of Berchtesgaden and Steinernes Meer. The mountain in the first shot has the most beautiful name, Großer Hundstod which means "Big Dog's Death". The second shot shows the imposing East face of Watzmann and the ice-filled Königssee below. I have climbed the traverse via the Watzmann-ridge that you can see (which is a classic), but I hope to soon climb this impressive face as well. Stoked to start the next winter adventure tomorrow. at Berchtesgaden Alps

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12 days ago

It is one of my favorite things to spend the sunset on the summit of a mountain like here in the Zillertal Alps. But the temperature can often drop below zero after sunset - in winter and also in summer - leading to frozen fingers, especially when I am shooting photos. Anzeige | On the last few cold mountain tours I have started using the Stormtracker Heated Gloves from @outdoorresearch. They keep my hands warm with a rechargeable battery that heats up the whole glove. At the same time they are still flexible enough so I can operate my camera or grab the zipper of my jacket. Like that I can watch the sunset without having to worry about my fingers freezing off. Swipe through the series and go to my STORY for more details about the gloves and my sunset ski tour to Rosskopf (2845m) 👌 Are your hands sometimes almost freezing off in the mountains, could you use gloves like these? Let me know your thoughts 😉👇 #outdoorresearch #forthejourneyahead #or @outdoorresearch at Zillertal Alps

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13 days ago

This is what a perfect day in the Italian Alps looks like to me. From high up in Vinschgau you can overlook three countries - Italy, Switzerland and Austria. at Vinschgau

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14 days ago

Winter is not over! Yesterday @monacolenze and I skied to the summit of Seeblaskogel (3235m) in awesome conditions. We stayed in the comfy winter room of Westfalenhaus and got up at 4:30 for an early start (see last shot). The views on top were great, especially the cornices on the ridge line leading to the summit ❄️🌊 - Everybody seems to think that ski season is over because it seemed to us like we were the only people in the mountain range. But a few meters of ski-carrying won't stop us 😉 Go to my STORY to see how winter still has its grip on the Alps 🏔️👌 at Hoher Seeblaskogel

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15 days ago

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18 days ago

Sunset vibes from the top of Schartlkopf (2829m) in the mountains of Sellrain. When @fabian_kuenzel was looking for the best vantage point to shoot this awesome scenery around us, I took this picture of him. This two-day ski tour with @jonasfunck and @fabian_kuenzel was an awesome trip. Now I am sitting at home, editing pictures and working on content from 2.5 months in Patagonia. But when I see how much it has snowed again, it is hard to stay inside and I want to go back on the next skitour like this right away! at Sellrain, Tirol, Austria

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19 days ago

On the last day of our Silvretta ski crossing we climbed the beautiful summit of Silvrettahorn (3244m). This shot was taken close to the summit of Knoten (3190m) where we left our skis to continue along the pictured ridge on foot. See how heavily corniced the ridge is by the strong winds blowing the snow over it? These cornices (Wechten) can have an overhang of several meters, which makes winter climbs very dangerous if you walk too close to the edge and break through. On the other hand they are natural wonders that just look really fascinating to me ❄️🌊 Anzeige | If you are fit you can actually reach this peak with a normal day-tour from @silvretta.bielerhoehe, which is amazing to me considering how high up and remote it felt to stand on its summit! Stay tuned for my story about the last day of this adventure 🙌 The link to the full blog story is in my bio - check it out! #silvrettabielerhöhe at Silvrettahorn

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20 days ago

Anzeige | Awesome winter views of the Karwendel mountains during last weeks "Explore Mode" trip with @thenorthfacede. We hiked to the summit of Benediktenwand twice because it had snowed overnight, which gave the whole landscape a beautiful new look that we didn't want to miss. And it was worth it 🏔️👌 #neverstopexploring #neverstopmunich at Bavarian Alps

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22 days ago

This winter has been full of awesome skitours, probably the best season I have had. And maybe it is time to take the skis back out of the basement (if they were ever down there 😉) because there will be some more snow this weekend. And when it is over in the regions around here, there are still the Western Alps 😜 Let's see what adventures this winter still holds. Let me know if you still have a winter project this year! at Silvrettagletscher

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23 days ago

The Karwendel is one of the closest mountain ranges to my home and it has so many wild places. Yesterday I flipped through my mountain books and maps and planned a couple of new remote tours and ridge traverses in there. The photo is from a ridge going up to Montscheinspitze last November. If you can guess the name of the lake you get nothing because it's easy 😉 at Karwendelgebirge

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24 days ago

I still have a few winter projects but it is also time to think about new adventures in summer. This shot is from our climb of Großvenediger (3666m) via a long glacier-route from Eisseehütte in October. When we looked back at sunrise this was our view. It took us 12,5 hours to fight our way up and down that mountain. If you want to know why, go to my profile, I have added the story to my STORY HIGHLIGHTS 👌 at Großvenediger

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25 days ago

Anzeige | On the first day of our adventure with @thenorthfacede we hiked up from the valley of Jachenau with nice waterfalls and beautiful forest along the way. The weather wasn't great all the time but in the spirit of #neverstopexploring everybody stayed really motivated and in the end we even got some sun and great views. In the evening we all sat together in the comfortable hut with awesome food and conversations about past and future explorations in the mountains - I could spend every weekend like this 😉 #neverstopexploring #neverstopmunich at Benediktenwand

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26 days ago

A few days ago @jonasfunck and I climbed this incredibly pointy looking peak called Gabler (3263m) in a lesser known part of the Zillertal Alps. When we saw the mountain like this the evening before from the winter room at Zittauer Hut, we thought "Boy, this is gonna be challenging to climb with ice and snow on the ridge and ski boots on our feet". Then, when we arrived at the summit ridge the next morning it turned out to be just as sketchy and hard as we had thought 😅. Swipe through the shots to see what I mean. After some super exposed climbing along the ridge with just a bit of adrenalin in our system we eventually reached the 1m narrow summit. The views over Italy, Austria and Germany were awesome. We were pretty happy when we managed to downclimb the whole thing again without problems and relaxed in the sun below the ridge for another hour. And then we got to ski down 1800m from the top to the car in the valley. Quite a day! at Gabler 3263m

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27 days ago

Anzeige | I am back from an awesome weekend with @thenorthfacede. Looks like hiking season has begun. Together with a big group of motivated people we turned on Explore Mode and broke trail in the Bavarian Alps. Yesterday morning we were rewarded with beautiful landscapes coated with 5cm of fresh snow at the top of Benediktenwand. Saturday evening I gave a talk about our expedition on Tocllaraju (6032m) in Peru. Thanks for the great time everybody. #neverstopexploring at Benediktenwand

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